TUV SUD Test Report: Effect On Engine Noise Vibration On Using HOCEN Engine Treatment

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TEST REPORT: 7191025566-01 7191025566-01-CHM12-CYT -CHM12-CYT Date:

16 MAR 2012

Tel: +65 68851214 Fa F ax: +65 67784301

Client’s Ref :

Email: [email protected]

Note:  This report is issued subject to the Testing and Certification Regulations of the TÜV SÜD Group and the General Terms and Conditions of Business of TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd. In addition, this report is governed by the terms set out within this report.


Verification of the performance of a petrol powered vehicle before and after using Hocen Engine Treatment (350ml). CLIENT

Lasaf Technologies (S) Pte Ltd 64 Sungei Kadut Loop Hocen Building Singapore 729493 Attn : Mr Daryl Lim


29 Feb and 01 Mar 2012


One unit of “Hocen Engine Treatment (350ml)” claimed to be effective on the reduction of vibration and engine noise of a vehicle is submitted for the verification test. A petrol powered vehicle with the following particulars was used to carry out the performance test of the “Hocen Engine Treatment (350ml)”. Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle No Engine No. Engin ine e Capacity Chassis No. Year of make Fuel

Laboratory: TÜV SÜD PSB Pte. Ltd. No.1 Science Park Drive Singapore 118221

: Nissan : Sunny 1.6EXA (Auto) : SGG 6543 R : QG16400421 : 40 litre tank : JN1CFAN16Z0097324 : 2006 : Petrol

Phone : +65-6885 1333 Fax : +65-6776 8670 E-mail: [email protected] www.tuv-sud-psb.sg Co. Reg : 199002667R

Regional Head Office: TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. 3 Science Park Drive, #04-01/05 The Franklin, Singapore 11822 118223 3

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TEST REPORT: 7191025566-01-CHM12-CYT 16 MAR 2012


A comparative study on the performance of a petrol powered vehicle was test carried out using before“Hocen and after using of “Hocen Engine Treatment (350ml)”. The initial performance before Engine Treatment (350ml)” was carried out on 29 February 2012 after driving for 237.4 km. After  the initial performance test, the vehicle was parked at T ÜV SÜD PSB’s carpark. The driver then added 350ml of the said additive into the vehicle’s engine oil compartment. On 01 March 2012, the vehicle was driven by the same driver on the same route for the a distance of 244.1 km before conducting the second performance test. The performance of the vehicle was evaluated as follows : Vibration The vibration index of the vehicle is determined by a vibration meter provided by Lasaf Technology (S) Pte Ltd. Noise The measurement of the vehicle noise is done by using a calibrated sound level meter provided by TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd.


Table 1 : Vibration Index Test conditions

Date of test Time of measurement, hr Front of the vehicle, v ehicle, vibration vibration index Back of the vehicle, v ehicle, vibration index

Before using Hocen Engine Treatment (350ml)

 Af  After ter us in g Ho cen Eng in e Treatment (350ml)

29 February 2012

01 March 2012

1600 hr

1615 hr  





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TEST REPORT: 7191025566-01-CHM12-CYT 16 MAR 2012

RESULTS (Continued)

Table 2 : Noise measurement Test conditions

Date of test Time of measurement, hr Sound pressure lev el, dB(A)

Before using Hocen Engin e Trea Treatment tment (3 (350 50ml) ml)

 Aft er u si ng Hocen Hoc en Engin e Treatment Treatment (3 (350 50ml) ml)

29 February 2012

01 March 2012

1615 hr

1628 hr  







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TEST REPORT: 7191025566-01 7191025566-01-CHM12-CYT -CHM12-CYT 16 MAR 2012

Please note that this Report is issued under the following terms : 1.

This report report app applilies es to the sam sample of the specific specific prod product/equ uct/equipme ipment nt given at the tim time e of its testing/calibration. The results are not used used to indicate indicate or imply that tthey hey are applicable applicable to to other similar iitems. tems. In addition, addition, such results m must ust not be used to indicate indicate or imply that TÜV SÜD SÜD PSB approves, recommends or endorses the manufacturer, supplier or user of such product/equipment, or that TÜV SÜD PSB in any way “guarantees” the later performance of the product/equipment. Unless otherwise stated in this report, no tests were conducted to determine long term effects of using the specific product/equipment.


The sam sample/s ple/s mentioned mentioned in this report report is/are is/are submit submitted/suppli ted/supplied/m ed/manufactured anufactured b byy the Client. TÜV SÜD SÜD PSB PSB therefore assum assumes es no responsibility for the accuracy of information on the brand name, model number, origin of manufacture, consignment or any information supplied.


Nothing in this report shall be interpreted interpreted to mean mean that TÜV TÜV SÜD SÜD PSB PSB has has verified verified or ascertained any end endorsem orsement ent or marks marks from any other  other  testing authority or bodies that may be found on that sample.


This report shall not be reproduced reproduced wholly or in parts and noreference shall be made by by the Cli Client ent to TÜV SÜD SÜDPSB PSB or to the report or results furnished by TÜV SÜD PSB in any advertisements or sales promotion.


Unless otherwise otherwise stated, the tests were were carried out in TÜV SÜD SÜD PSB PSB P Pte te Ltd, No.1 Science Pa Park rk D Drive rive Singapore 118221. 118221.

July 2011

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