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TVS Motors Technical:
1. Ball bearing material? a. chromium 2. Necking? b. groove is a cylinder 3. Size of lathe specified by c. swing 4. Power transmitted from lead screw to carriage through a. half nut 5. Left hand tool of lathe - ? Ans: Feed from Head stock to tail stock 6. Using HSS tool in lathe, max speed will be given in b. mild steel 7. In which operation in lathe, cutting speed will be minimum d. thread cutting 8. Gratings are used in connection with a. linear displacement measurement 9. At what position, strain will increase, when stress is constant a. upper yield point 10. shape of bending moment, it shows when we applied no external load, c. parabolic 11. Relationship between E, k, G? Ans: E= 9KG / (3K+G) 12. Mechanism used in petrol engine? c. slider crank mechanism 13. 18/8 steel contains a. 18% Ni ,8% Cr b. 18% Cr ,8% Ni c. 18% Vd ,8% Ni d. none of these 14. Sulphur is removed from cast-iron when same is melt in cupola the flux is --? 15. Plaster pattern & cores are made up of a. plaster of paris b. cement c. white powder 16. Pilot tube is used to measure? c. velocity 17. Darry weisbach formula usage? Ans: Hf = (4f l v 2)/ (2 g d) 18. Velocity distribution for laminar flow in circular pipe? Ans: Parabolic 19. If resultant, R=0, body d. Rotate 20. Shock load measures a. energy 21. If s = 3t2+2t2+1 for t=2, a=? 22. Varigon’s theorem? Algebraic sum of moments of a given set of forces about a point is equal to the moment of their resultant. 23. Compound mechanism is with more than a. 2 links b. 3 links c. 1 link 24.Type of governor used in record player for adjusting the turn table is b.Pickering gove 25. Pantograph, all pairs are b. turning 26. Belt drive is a. positive b. not positive c. for small torque only d. power transmission for parallel axis only 27. Quasi static process, definition 28. Total energy line represents? 29. If mass/energy transfer is zero, then what system? Ans: Isolated system 30. Which cycle is less efficient? 31. What chuck is used for brass castings? c. collet 32. Which is most important for measuring instrument? a. precision 33. Purpose of tolerance a. for perfect fit


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