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Adobe Creative Suite 3-5 InDesign templates user guide for Mac 


Contents 1.   1.

Choosing and downloading the right InDesign templates

2.   2.

Adjusting  A djusting the InDesign cover template to accommodate varying spine widths 


Converting RGB images to CMYK – Colour settings and profiles for Adobe CS 3–5 for Mac

4.   4.

Exporting Expor ting your PDF files from InDesign for Mac

5.   5.

The correct specification for your images

6.   6.

Including artwork for debossing and foiling in your InDesign cover file


 Artworking your content template  Artworking

8.   8.

Your checklist for making the perfect PDF

9.   9.

Uploading your PDFs 

10.   10.

Choosing endpapers, book cloths, head bands and ribbons

11. 1.  

Common errors Appendix - InDesign Cover Templates Appendix - InDesign Content Templates


InDesign PDF Guidelines These guidelines will ensure that creating your book with InDesign is a simple and seamless process. We want you to upload perfect cover and content PDFs that sail through our preflight check and print just as you want them to. Read these guidelines now and save yourself time and trouble later.

1. Choosing and downloading the right InDesign templates

To make an acceptable PDF, your InDesign files must be based on one of the ubyu product formats, sizes and cover types. We have prepared templates for each one. There are thirty-six thirt y-six different InDesign templates for cover artwork. We offer of fer three book formats; Portrait, Landscape and Square, in three sizes; Small, Medium and Large. You can chose from four cover types; Softback, with printed cover, Hardback with cloth coverHardback and Hardback with dust jacket. Each cover template comes with the correct accompanying content template. To help you choose, every template is shown at the end of this document in the appendix. Once you know which is right for you, go to the InDesign templates page of the ubyu website and download your cover and content templates. http://www.ubyubooks.com/create/ indesign-templates

2. Adjusting the InDesign cover template to accommodate varying spine widths

The greater number of pages in your book, the bigger the spine of your book will be. This means that you will be required to adjust your cover template to accommodate the correct spine dimension. dimension. Once you know the number of pages in your book, you can use the Spine Calculator on the ubyu website to work out the dimension of your spine. The principle is that the spine width is 10mm for a 28 page document and this increases by 0.5mm per 6 pages. For example, 34 pages = 10.5mm spine. http://www.ubyubooks.com/create/ indesign-templates

You will find explicit instructions for adjusting the template in the InDesign file itself. Remember, if you do adjust the spine dimension, you will also need to adjust the overall document size by the same amount.


Place Colour Profile Here

Place Colour Settings Here

3. Converting RGB images to CMYK – Colour C olour settings and profiles for Adobe CS C S 3–5 for Mac

To achieve the best printed result for your book, we recommend that you install our color settings files and profiles. Using them will insure that you match our colour management policy when converting images to CMYK in Adobe Photoshop.

The two files are included in the zip file when you download your templates. To install install the files, first close Adobe Suite. You will then need to locate the relevant folders on your hard drive. Find them here: Mac HD \ Library \ Application Support \ Adobe \ Color

The color setting set ting file is named: ubyu colour settings.csf The ICC profile is named: ISOcoated_v2_bas.ICC

Drop the color settings file into the Settings Set tings folder and the profile into the Profiles folder.


Now reopen Adobe Photoshop. Under the Edit menu, select Color Settings. Set tings. Then, under the Settings menu, select ubyu colour settings and click OK. The ICC profile will be applied automatically.   These settings set tings and profiles should also be applied to all Adobe CS software simultaneously using the Adobe Bridge package. Follow the method above, but select Creative Suite Color Settings under the Edit menu. Photoshop Colour Settings

Bridge Colour Settings

4. Exporting your PDF files from InDesign for Mac

These are guides to the ubyu PDF presets ‘job options’ options’ for Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Distiller.

Place Job Options Files Here

Each download includes two ubyu.joboption profiles. The cover job option file is named: ubyu_cover.joboption The content job option file is named: ubyu_content.joboptions Please do ensure that you read re ad the information below and install the ubyu.joboption profiles before starting your book. When you export your finished documents do not change any of the PDF export expor t settings. They have been preset to ubyu standards to ensure best quality print production.

To install the files, first close your Adobe applications.

Ubyu C ov over PDF Pres et et

Ubyu C on ontent PDF Pres et et

Then you will need to locate the relevant folder on your hard drive. Find them here: Mac HD \ Library \ Application Support \ Adobe PDF \ Settings

Drop the two job options settings files into the Settings folder as shown above. Please use the ‘Export Adobe PDF’ function in InDesign as this is the best option. C over Job Options Screen

C ontent Job Options S creen


5. The correct specification for your images CMYK/RGB Your book will be printed in CMYK, but it is likely that the images you are working with are RGB files. The good news is, that as long as you are using ubyu’s InDesign templates (see section 1), our colour management settings and ICC profiles (see section 3) and our PDF job options (see section 4), you will not need to convert your RGB images to CMYK.

However, once printed in CMYK, RGB images may appear different to how you have been seeing them on your screen. If you would like to preview your RGB images as CMYK, CMYK , without physically changing them, this can be easily done in both Adobe Photoshop and InDesign using the methods described below. ubyu’s colour settings files and ICC profiles must first be installed (see section 3).

Soft Proofing in Photoshop

In Adobe InDesign, under under the ‘View’ ‘V iew’ menu, select ‘Proof Setup’ and choose ‘Document CMYK’. This displays the page as CMYK without actually converting the files. In Adobe Photoshop, under under the ‘View’ menu, select ‘Proof Setup’ and choose ‘Working CMYK’. Then under the ‘View’ menu, select ‘Proof Colors’ to see the image displayed as CMYK without actually converting the file. The keyboard shortcut for this is Apple P. Viewing images on screen It is worth noting that images viewed on screen will only give an accurate representation of colour if viewed on a good quality screen that has been be en calibrated and profiled using the appropriate software and calibrator. Image resolution 300dpi is the standard resolution for publish publishing. ing. This will produce the best results for high-quality photographic photograp hic images. Lower resolutions of as little lit tle as 150dpi will be accepted but may appear pixilated

or blurred when printed. For quality’s sake, images below 150dpi cannot be accepted.

Soft Proofing in InDesign


6. Including artwork for debossing and foiling in your InDesign cover file

Debossings and gold or silver foilings can be applied to text or graphics on the front cover, back cover and/or spine of your book. However, please note that each of these areas is considered an individual artwork element for pricing purposes. Refer to the Specifics section se ction on the ubyu website for moreand information options pricing. on our foiling and debossing http://www.ubyubooks.com/specifics

Your cover InDesign template includes separate layers for your Silver Foil, Gold Foil and Debossing artwork.

Layers for CMYK, Silver Foil, Gold Foil, and Debossing Artwork

Each layer has been allocated a specific Pantone® colour.. Please use this colour for your artwork. colour ar twork. Use Pantone® 877C for silver foil, Pantone® 872C for gold foil and Patone® Orange 021C for your embossing artwork. There is a maximum size restriction of 120mm 120mm x 60mm for each artwork, ar twork, and we recommend that you avoid designs featuring very fine detail.

7. Artworking your content template

Page one of your content template always falls on the right side as you open the cover, and the last page will be on the left side. Please note that hardback books include endpapers that precede and follow the printed pages of your book. Remember that the total number of pages in your book must always be a multiple of two. • To protect your text and images they should be kept within the shaded area. If you would like your images to extend to the ver y edge of your finished book, extend your artwork to the red bleed line. • Export Expor t your nished document using using the PDF preset supplied (see section 4). This includes crop marks and bleed, and ensures that the content is exported as single pages. • Review your exported PDF in an outside program (like (like Adobe Reader) or print your document out to ensure images appear correct and that no dummy copy is left.

Content Template


8. Yo Your ur checklist for making the perfect PDF

• Check that your cover and content documents match. Ensure that they are the same format, size and covertype. • Check that your document is using the ubyu colour settings and profiles (see section sec tion 3). • Check that your documents are using the ubyu presets - the ubyu.joboptions ubyu.joboptions files (see section se ction 4). • Do not modify the ubyu PDF presets. It is important that the ubyu.joboption files are used unchanged. • Do not use spot colours. • Do not set your pages as spreads. • Do not modify the bleed. • Check that any dummy text you used has been be en replaced or removed. • Check that the content of your is a minimum of 28 pages and that your book has an even number of pages. • Check for unintentional blank pages in your document. If you include intentional blank pages in your document you will see a warning message when you upload your PDF. You can ignore this warning and proceed with your order. • Check that your images are of an acceptable resolution (see section 5 for full image resolution details).

9. Uploading your PDFs

You need to go to the ubyu site and create an account in order to upload your files http://www.ubyubooks.com/create-account

The maximum recommended file size for each separate PDF is 500MB. Please note that the uploading uploading process may take a while, depending on the file size and the speed of your internet connection. Uploads taking longer longer than one hour are less likely to be successful. Once uploaded, your PDFs will be subject to our preflight check. This will determine whether the files have been created correctly and are acceptable for print. If there are any problems, they will be flagged up, allowing you to make any necessary amendments and try again. If you follow these guidelines carefully, you much more likely to experience a hitch-free preflight check.

10.. Choosing endpapers, book cloths, 10 head bands and ribbons

Make your colour choices for these features at the ordering stage. To review the options available, go to the Specifics page on the ubyu website. http://www.ubyubooks.com/specifics

ubyu Specifics Page


11. Common errors 1. If you see these messages you have not installed the ubyu colour management files (see section 3). Please go back and check.

Profile Mismatch

2. If you see this type of message mes sage when you upload your files. ‘Error - Font xxx is not embedded’  Then you have either not installed the ubyu  joboptions  joboption s (see section 4), 4), or you may have have used a corrupted font. Please go back and check.

If you don’t feel confident creating your book b ook in InDesign why not use our udesign software soft ware instead. http://www.ubyubooks.com/create/udesign-software


Appendix - InDesign Cover Templates Landscape Cover C over Templates

There is no large landscape softback cover


Appendix - InDesign Cover Templates Portrait Cover C over Templates


Appendix - InDesign Cover Templates Square Cover Te Templates mplates


Appendix - InDesign Content Templates Landscape Content C ontent Templates

Portrait Content C ontent Templates

Square Content Templates


For information about our books please visit our website www.ubyubooks.com

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