UFOs on Cable TV

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Notes on three UFO related cable TV "reality" shows. The purpose of this exercise was to try to fact check some of the incidents and names mentioned in the presentation.



UFOs on Cable TV
November 2012
Descriptions of and comments on presentations broadcast on cable

tv. Some shows that

concern UFO's and aliens.

Ancient Aliens: Underground Aliens
18 Nov 2010

The story starts in the Turkish site named Derinkuyu (see Wikipedia: Derinkuyu (underground city) a multi-level underground complex capable of sheltering a multitude of people,
their animals, and supplies. It is very sophisticated in constructionobviously too sophisticated for the locals. One example is the air shafts that ventilate even to the bottom levels of
the excavation.
This gets linked to the Zoroastrians whose legends say Ahurumazda, a sky god, told
Vima to build an underground city to protect from ice age. Since the last ice age was 18,000
years ago, the logic goes that if the legend is actually fact, then Darinkuyu is really much
older than thought. If the legend is actually historical fact, then what does that say about
who Ahurumazda really was. Universal consciousness? Extraterrestrial? Advanced being from
another world? Did he provide the technology to build Darinkuyu?
Was there a Darker truth? Specically, why were there 1,000 lb doors that could be
opened only from inside. They were hiding from something! Since the legends say Ahurumazda fought some other demon, and because we are now regarding these stories as factual,
we therefore conclude that Ahurumazda was an extraterrestrial, and these defenses were to
protect against another extraterrestrial. This means that Zoroastrianism was really about a
battle between extraterrestrials.
Darinkuyu was built in fear of an aerial enemy. This is obvious because, ying fast, such
an enemy couldn't have seen their ventilation shafts. It's obviously not a defense against
a conventional enemy who could have defeated them by plugging their ventilation shafts.
(Believe it or not, this crappy episode was cited in Wikipedia as authority for Darinkuyu
facts.) Are there other such places? Segue to the American southwest.

North America
Native American tribes from the area have variations on the creation myth that are similar:
that they merged from some underground world into today's world. The Hopi said they went
underground to avoid falling stars, helped by snake people who took them there, and helped
by ant people. Were these legends based on fact? Did they go underground for same reasons
as at Darinkuyu?
Shamans say they were brought here by star gods who were from outer space. See their
rock paintings with big-eyed gures. Are they lizard-like and ant-like extraterrestrials? Could
some of them still be living there?
Apaches have stories about aliens who resemble the Hopi legendary lizard and ant peoples.
Archuleta Mesa: people say they have seen UFOs ying out of it. (see Wikipedia: Dulce Base.)


It has been featured on

UFO Hunters

TV series. Obvious collaboration between US Military

and the aliens. We know this because there is too much black helicopter trac. Apache
tribesmen found vents there, and groans were heard from them, giving credence to human
vivisection stories.

South AmericaThe Metal Library
Are there such underground alien visitors? Some think the truth is in North America, but
others think the answer lies thousands of miles to the south, in Ecuador. There, Shuar natives
protect their homeland and secrets.

Cave of Tayos

(see Wikipedia: Cueva de los Tayos). Father Carlos Crespi (18911982),

cited by von Daniken, was given gifts by the Shuar in the form of elaborate carved artifacts,
often metallic, bearing symbols not associated with the Shuar.
Stanley Hall from Scotland in 1975 went to see the collection because of reports fom
von Daniken. An example: a Metallic tablet with 36 writings nobody could read. Hall had
an expedition accompanied by Neil Armstrong, the astronaut. They entered the cave via
an Ecuadorian army entrance. The cave appeared to have been excavated; there were large
galleries that the expedition geologist couldn't explain. They found funeral goods circa 1500
BC, but nothing like Crespi's stu.
In 1991 they found a guy who went to the cave in 1946 via an underwater entrance,
Petronio Jaramillo. He was very young at the time. Jaramillo saw a book with writing and
formulae unknown to him.
Jaramillo died before he could show Hall the entrance. Then Hall died in 2008. His daughter, Eileen Hall, wants to nd it now. Crespi's collection mysteriously vanished when he
died in 1982. Did the Shuar take it back? [Many artifacts burned in a re in 1962, a fact not
mentioned after that misleading, rhetorical question.]
Phil Coppens (19712012) speaks. (See, Wikipedia: Philip Coppens (author)). Coppens
wrote a pro-ancient-aliens book titled

The Ancient Alien Question

featuring a foreword by

von Daniken. (Note, Coppens speaks with apparent approval of Stan Grist,


below.) Here's

an expanded and probably better chronology from Coppens' web page. (The page, however,
is out of date, possibly because Coppens himself is dead.)
1. Petronio Jaramillo (c19291988) stated that he had entered the library in 1946, when
he was 17 years old. He was shown it by an uncle, whose name has gone unrecorded but who
was known as Blanquito Pelado. He was apparently on friendly terms with the local Shuar
population, who invited him to see the secret in gratitude for the kindness and goodness he
had shown towards the tribe. Jaramillo never produced any physical evidence for his claims.
Hall did ask him why he never took photographs. He said that it would not prove anything.
2. Count Pino Turolla (19221984) contacted Jaramillo in the 1960s concerning the li-


brary. Turolla had the notion that it would conrm Cayce's prophecy of a Hall of Records.
Wikipedia identies Turolla as an explorer, inventor, author, and psychic. The


New York

has an obituary of Turolla. Also see article about him at Atlantipedia.

1 Grist's primary web presence seems to be a page titled The Wealthy Adventurer's University at

2 Edgar Cayce seems to have had a vision or made a prophecy that the long-lost [supposed] civilization of

Atlantis left three identical Halls of Records with records of their civilization, which he says was destroyed
around 10,500 BC.


How did Turolla know of the library? Someone's sandbox in Wikipedia cites Jaramillo,
but with zero references.
3. 1964: Janos Moricz arrives in Guayaquil.
4. 8 July 1969: adavit got him rights to nds. In 1969 Moricz went on an expedition to
the Tayos Cave.
5. 1972: Moricz took von Daniken into a cave.
6. 1973: Von Daniken claims to have entered cave system.
7. 1973: in a

Der Spiegel

interview, Moricz said he had been taken to [the cave] by someone

he would not identify. But Moricz denied he took von Daniken to the cave in question.
8. 1976: Hall's expedition.
9. 1991: Moricz dies.
10. 1991: Hall nally meets Jaramillo. Various people had tried to direct Hall to Jaramillo
as early as 1975, but it took until 1991 before the two met.
After discussions with Jaramillo, Hall realised that had it not been for Moricz, who focused
attention on the Cueva de los Tayos (which was not the actual location of the reported
metal library), the 1976 expedition could have resulted in the discovery of the century. From
Jaramillo, Hall was able to learn the true story of the Tayos librarywhich was not in the
Cueva de los Tayos at all! Jaramillo and Hall were going to have an expedition.
11. 1995: Peru bombed Ecuador; then in 1997 the Ecuadorian regime changed hands and
Hall moved back to Scotland; nally in 1998 Jaramillo was reported by his mother to have
been assassinated.
12. May 1998: Hall looked around with Jaramillo's son but couldn't nd the rumored
underwater entrance.
How did Moricz know of the Metal Library? In 1973 he told

Der Spiegel

that someone

whom he would not identify showed it to him. But in 1969 he had gone to Tayos Cave, which
did not contain the library. Hall tried to locate the unnamed man, and determined it was
Jaramillo. But this was odd, because Jaramillo then took him to Tayos, which Jaramillo knew
was the wrong cave. Moricz died in February 1991, but Hall located Jaramillo in September
1991. So there was really no way to conrm that Jaramillo was the unnamed guy who showed
Moricz the Metal Library cave.
Now it is reported by Stan Grist that (surprise, surprise) Jaramillo made it all up! See
(1) 2003 Newsletter Archive for... `Adventures Into the Unknown'. at adventure-trader.com
and Metallic LibraryTayos Cave at the same site. Jaramillo was going to write a novel, and
then fooled Moricz with the story. Supposedly Pino Turolla wasn't fooled. Grist's page says
to see Turolla's book. This could be a reference to
Hall clearly describes in his book,

Tayos Gold,

Beyond the Andes.

Also, The late Stan

how Juan Moricz basically stole the entire

Tayos Cave story from Petronio Jaramillo and then made it all out to be his own, non-ctional
discovery. See, Stan Hall.

Tayos Gold: The Archives of Atlantis. Adventures Unlimited Press.

2007. ISBN: 978-1931882675. See also, The Odyssey of Stan Hall (1936-2008). The Tayos
Gold Library. www.goldlibrary.com/ .
Stan Hall dies and his daughter takes up the torch, doesn't nd the cave, but



says she found pottery with elongated heads that look uncannily like Egyptian stu.

America: Mayan Caves
Also 700 miles north, the Mayan caves. . . In 2007 cenope legends of Tahzibichan underground
temple in caves. Guillermo de Anda. Why here? Mayan legend of underground world, fea-


tured in Popol Vuh. Xibalba, underground kingdom, ruled by evil lord of dead, and entrance
through series of torture chambers. Many rooms vaguely can be construed to resemble things
described in legend. Of course they deny they constructed it based on legend. So, if it was
real, who were the therefore real lords of the dead? Road to stars descended from sky and
a number of beings descended. So could they have been extraterrestrials? Why were they
torturers? Well, we didn't naturally torture; the aliens taught us.

Poles and the Hollow Earth
There are those who believe the secrets, the answer, lies even deeper, perhaps as deep as the
earth's core! Cut to the North Pole. Gets to 90 below. 30 miles of crust. Then molten crust,
and metallic core the size of the moon. But nobody has ever seen them. Could the north pole
be hiding a gateway? Hollow Earth theorists say yes. There's an inner sun.
The Hollow Earth idea scientic basis dates back to Halley (16561742) of comet fame.
He imagined this because the magnetic eld moved every year, which could be explained
by concentric spheres. (John Cleves) Symmes (17791829) then got the idea of an opening at
the poles. Then 1864 Jules Verne (18281905) novel

Journey to the Center of the Earth


it a popularity. Verne thought interior had surviving dinosaurs; others think advanced aliens
are whats there. Adm. Byrd (18881957) ew over the poles; but Hollow Earth people felt he
went further, into the interior, his plane brought in via tractor beam. They are the planet's
guardians, and said they didn't approve of our use of nukes. Washington hid his report.
Secret Diary published in 1990s supposedly gives the story. The show notes, in an eort to
be fair, But. . . others say its a forgery. Here's a typical pitch: Did Admiral Richard Byrd
really nd a Valley near the North Pole in 1947 that was green with follage [sic], had rivers
and animal life? See Secret Diary of Adm. Byrd. Fact or Fiction?" at www.alien-ufos.com.
But. . . at the time he supposedly visited north pole entrance, he was actually in exercise at
South Pole. But. . . perhaps this was just a cover story. . .

UFO Files: Alien Encounters: 2006
Case 1: Mt. Plymouth, Michigan (2001)

April 6, 2001, Mount Plymouth, Michigan.

Woman drives down the road and she sees a white basketball size object approaching rapidly,
pinwheel conguration, like its rotating rapidly.
Narration: Phyllis Budinger, Analytical Chemist, and Jack Phillips, Director, Center for
Physical Trace Research. The thing impacts the passenger side roof and keeps on going. They
found a trail of yellowish residue on red paint. This is trace evidence. Trace evidence like this
is like the ngerprints of UFOs. Another example: the burnt circle growth ring surrounding
vegetation that doesn't grow any more. Narration: Stanton Friedman, Nuclear Physicist,
Lecturer. Yellowish residue is later described as a tan residue, and Budinger analysed it. Some
unidentiable metal oxide and a celluloidal materiala material related to plants. Probably
natural origin, says Budinger. Narrator: this natural material may be a clue to the object's
origin. Phillips: it was most likely submerged in a farm pond a short time before impacting
the vehicle.
Phyllis Budinger is described in Wikipedia as a `research scientist'. Her



self-describes her as a `Research Scientist at Standard Oil of Ohio [and at BP]'. MUFON sells

UFOsA Search for Physical Evidence: Abductions about the Betty Hill and Stan
Romanek abductions, where she shows that something unusual happened to these people.
her book,


Budinger seems to be thoroughly legitimate: see her negative ndings in her statement at
Scientist Phyllis Budinger Says Her Analysis of Brazil Bedsheets Does Not Support Anything
Unusual (2003).
Consideration of trace evidence in UFO cases is attributed to the work of J. Allen Hynek
(Josef Allen Hynek) (1910-1986). Wikipedia describes him as Ph.D. (Astrophysics) Yerkes
Observatory. Prof. Physics and Astronomy, Ohio State. Prof. & Chmn., Dept. of Astronomy,
Northwestern. Ted Phillips is described by the show as Hynek's friend.

Case 2: Lonnie Zamora, Socorro, New Mexico (1964)

Ocer Zamora (1933-2009)

heard a noise. Ocer Ken W. Storch (see, Wikipedia: UFO Files, where Storch is listed as
one of the scientists and experts and described as a police ocer, UFO investigator, radio
talk-show host) describes this incident. Zamora thinks someone blew up a shack. He sees an
egg-shaped object with two child sized gures standing next to it. Then it took o. The Air
Force collected evidence.

Case 3: Delphos, Rural Kansas (1971)

Woman's photograph `changes everything.'

 November 2, 1971. Ronnie Johnson, 16, starts chores. He hears a noise which sounded
like a large, out of balance washing machine. Area lit up. Hovering 5 feet above the ground
was an object about 8 feet in diameter, top 10 feet above the ground, glowing multi colors.
Brightness, sound, and glow at base all increase.
John Schussler (one of the founders of MUFON, now headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio)
briey speaks.
Ronnie gets his parents. They see the object too. They go to where it was said to hover
and see luminescence on the ground and on nearby trees. Mom brings out the Polaroid and
there is only 1 exposure left. Irma, mom, took it. This is the only photo I've ever seen
taken within ten minutes of takeo, says someone. They touch a substance on the ground.
Mom's ngers go numb. She touches her leg, and her leg becomes numb too. Searched for
more evidence. A tree that had been upright the day before was down. Ralph Enrow, sheri,
investigates next day and sees a broken tree limb. Also nds mysterious residue: inside the
ring there was a pure white crust. He bottles soil samples and locks them in his safe.
Then Hynek hears about it and sends Ted Phillips to investigate. Phillips, as noted above,
is Director of Center for Physical Trace Research (CPTR) established 1998. He had a web
site. One internet bio describes him as follows: Ted R. Phillips . . . began investigating UFO
reports in 1964 and was a research associate of Dr. J. Allen Hynek from 1968 until Dr. Hynek's
death in 1986. It was at Allen Hynek's suggestion that he began specializing in physical traces
associated with UFO sightings in 1968. Ted has personally investigated some 600 UFO cases.
It's unclear what Phillips' background really is. A biographical note from Phillips himself says
Ted is an engineer, professional photographer, professional musician. What kind of engineer,
what degree, from where, and what work experience? Was his research associate activity with
Dr. Hynek a paid position? Elsewhere we learn Ted Phillips was born in 1942 and has lived
all his life in Missouri. Evidently Phillips has a database of UFO appearances. The database
seems to have been published in 1975 as

Preliminary Catalogue.

Physical Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, A

They took Philips out to the site 32 days after the incident. In a mud bog and there
was a ring of unmelted snow covering just the ring. The ring is hydrophobic. Something has
aected the soil. The episode doesn't mention it, but Phillips wrote a book about the case:


Delphos: A close encounter of the second kind

(Fairfax, VA: UFO Research Coalition. 2002.

ISBN: 978-1928957010). Phillips tells us this crust is signicant because in a number of cases
UFOs change the soil. Phillips approaches it like a crime scene investigator. Storch amplies
what a crime scene investigation is. Phillips photographed it and measured it. He scrutinized
Mrs. Johnson's photo and tried to re-create it with no success. He brings 40 lbs of soil and
a hundred photos. What was in the samples?
Budinger, the chemist, shook it up and the water turned red. Traces cases might be the
key to solving the UFO enigma. Hynek asked scientists about soil. They said it was really
dierent/changed. (No further elaboration of this point.) Twenty years later Phillips asks
Budinger's help. Her specialty is spectroscopy. She's in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Surprised that
the soil is still hydrophobic after 30 years. In 2006 she re-creates test and its still hydrophobic.
She notes water changed color, so something was extracted. After 10 years no plant growth
there. Budinger said organic material, fulvic acid, on ground. The concentration was not
a natural concentration, so it can't be explained by plant decomposition. Also found high
levels of oxalic acid, which probably caused numbing that lasted rest of Mrs. Johnson's life.
So what is the connection with the glowing? Budinger says propulsion system created ionic
eld which was somehow the cause. Note: some photographs and further elaboration on this
case at Case 192" Ref: UFOevidence.org (undated) Three years later in Missouri there was
a new case that caused widespread panic. But rst we are to consider the following.

Case 4: Langenberg, Sask., Canada (1974)

September 1, 1974 Edward Fuhr sees metal-

lic object, at on bottom, domed on top, 15 feet away, emitting no sound, rotating at high
rate, a foot above the ground. There is a wide belt at its base and grooves at its side. He
gets back on his tractor and sees four more, equidistant from each other. The ground under
the object spun in a spiral and plants were knocked down over each. A few minutes later
they ascended vertically one after another. Under each object was a vent-like extension, out
of which came a six foot long plume of gray material. Constable Ron Morier of the RCMP
hears about it and investigates. He nds grass compressed in rings 8-11 feet in diameter.
This incident was reported in the


on 10 Sept 1974. A photo of the story is

posted at the blog Latest UFO Sighting.
The episode doesn't mention it, but supposedly the UFOs returned 15 years later. I can't
nd a web reference verifying this. Source: Amazon customer reviews for


which gives a source of


UFO Files Alien

(Thurs. Oct. 26, 1989). See, Unidentied

in Saskatchewan 1989 and in particular the story at

Star Phoenix

report by Dave Yanko.

It was Fuhr's opinion, based on reported UFO sightings at the time that the UFOs had
returned. Fuhr didn't witness this bunch.

Case 5: October 8, 1978, Cato, Missouri.

A grandmother and grandson (never named)

see an oval something in a eld 185 feet from house. (The re-enactment appears to be taking
place not in Missouri, but probably California.) She called her husband; he called his son.
The object wasn't doing anything. They thought it was a piece of metal blown in from a
storm. When dad started the tractor, the object leapt 10 feet in the air. It was about 4 feet
in diameter. It ascended, rotated, turned to right across wind (the fact that it turned across
the wind was spoken of as if it were a very signicant fact, but then the fact was not followed
up on), then it turned left across the wind, and nally merged with a much larger cylindrical
shaped UFO up in the sky. Looking around, they found a 4 foot area of dehydrated plants,


already turning brown. A photo was taken a few minutes later. This proved to Phillips that
something unexplained took place. It's not clear, however, that Phillips actually went there.
Can't locate any other discussions of this incident on the web.

Case 6: Warren, MN (1979)

Val Johnson incident. There is a Wikipedia article about

this. Here an object leaves trace evidence and nearly kills a deputy sheri. On 27 August
1979 in Warren, MN at 2 am a deputy sees a light in the distance and thinks maybe a plane
is making an emergency landing, so he turns to see if he can help. Light is already there and
it hits him.
Sheri Maurstad sees Val Johnson in the car. Didn't know what happened. Considerable
damage to his Ford LTD. Busted headlight. No deer hair. On the hood a round dent. Windshield busted, cracked but no evidence of a rock. One of lenses on roof lights is broken. And
the antenna is bent. He was found to have welders burn to his eyes, presumably from the
bright light from the UFO. His watch and car clock stopped for 14 minutes.
The car is now on display at a local museum. Phillips goes to see it. Sheri Maurstad
shows it to him. Maurstad says that the windshield was forced in and pulled out again. Jim
Duckstad, current deputy, believes the story. Johnson seems to now be gone, but he was said
to have been held in high regard. (Note: this incident actually has some news coverage.) So
Phillips has reopened his investigation of this incident.
Stanton T. Friedman (b. 1934) opines that this evidence is very important. Wikipedia
describes him as the rst civilian investigator of the Roswell incident. Roswell was 1947;
Friedman got his B.S. in 1955. From 19561970 he worked for 6 dierent employers. Wikipedia
is silent about his activities between 1970 and until the late 1990s, by which time he was
apparently a full-time ufologist living o his writing.

One wonders why there is no signicant follow-up with the witnesses to these events.
The primary witness to the Delphos, Kansas incident, Ronnie Johnson, had further
strange interactions. See, That Grow a Beard Abe! Town at www.roadsideamerica.com.
Only later did we learn that Ronnie Johnson, after his UFO encounter, had been
visited by a mysterious `wolf girl' with wild blonde hair and torn red clothes.
She ran o into the woods on all foursand then three years later she returned
to town, reportedly was seen eating out of dog dishes, and attacked a couple of
It is also reported that Johnson claimed he had acquired psychic powers as a result of the
incident. See also, The Delphos Wolf GirlA Possible UFO Connection? at www.mysterious
people.com. I have been unable to locate any recent direct interviews of Johnson either
regarding the UFO incident or the Wolf Girl incident.

UFO Hunters: Area 52
The theme of this is reverse engineering of extraterrestrial craft. Area 51 as a reverse engineering site was exposed so they probably had to move, but where? Dugway: it is really big
and really secret. They have upgraded it so the shuttle can land there. They have contractors
working there and they work on black budget projects.


Who might know what really goes on here? They interview a guy who retired 1983 as
a captain in security there. An old guy whose name seems to be Bush Faux. The only web
conrmation of this man is in a transcript of the show at Ark TV, tv.ark.com. He saw 4
lights in 1970sUFOs! He told the provost marshal, who said he would investigate, but he
died shortly afterwards after. His death was premature and it's downright suspicious. Ken
Storch and Bob have been here eight times. Someone told him it was the new area 51.
Helicopter gunship came over them and rocked their RV. They were under surveillance all
the time they were there. Convoy of 80 humvees disappeared into the earth. But underground
facilities not surprising. While we view the show, an SUV with ashing lights drives up.
They conducted their interview on what they say they thought to be public land. Base
police ocer drives up. He says they are on Dugway grounds and that if they take pictures
of. . . something. . .
they will conscate everything. Public Aairs Ocer Paula Nicholson appears. She won't
identify which contractors work here. Narrator notes that experiments may actually originate with contractors. They want to know why Dugway wants more land. She says they
aren't trying to expand. Regarding contractors, Narrator says of course they'd give reverse
engineering work to contractors because contractors do not have to answer Freedom of Information Act (FOI) requests. She says to her knowledge there is no UFO stu here. The
Narrator says this shows other people have been asking about it too, and that is probably
why they are trying to expand Dugway, which she just denied. So they go to where Dugway
wants to expand and take a look-see.
Next witness. Lee Davidson, award winning journalist with

Deseret News he

won the

awards in 1995 for reporting on Cold War testingwill tell them about the pattern of secrecy.
Lee says yeah, lots of secret stu went on there they didn't want the world to know about
during WW2 and during the cold war. But recently FOI requests have exposed some stu,
like when they used 7th Day Adventist volunteers as human guinea pigs in WW2. Someone
makes an ohand reference to this as if it were some kind of war crime.
More on the supposed desired expansion: even though the Public Aairs Ocer denied it, a
local congressman told the producers that the Army wants to push back all the people showing
up because of the allegations of a UFO connection. Of course, there is a straightforward
justication: contamination they don't want to clean up. Anyhow, with the expansion that
they already have, they can y in and out.
People say they see a lot of strange things, such as trucks with covers that may be covering
what witnesses think are UFOs or their components. OK, says the cast, we need to nd out
the truth. Witnesses are telling us `compelling' stories. But there is a problem: they get
followed all the time they go looking because vehicles kick up dust and alert base security to
their presence. They need to come up with a plan for stealth. Cut to them on bikes.
We know corporations are here. Which ones? What are they doing? They go biking
around. Maybe they'll see some craft. They examine what's on the aireld. They see some
kind of demolished vehicle. On the aireld itself nothing is happening. Is there any signage
identifying the contractors, or corporate activity? No, sorry, nothing. It's eerie being out here,
says someone. If the government wanted to hide something, this would be the perfect place.
Now we'll hear about something that happened on the west side from a police ocer, Bob




Bob: in 2004 around midnight got a request to help a stuck resident. Looked up and

saw saucer shaped craft with 6 lights about 80 feet going 5-10 mph ying not far overhead.
(Not three lights like a black triangle?) He shined a spotlight on it, and it came back. Went
back over Ibapah peak, and then two F-16s from the direction of Nevada headed after it.
They clearly weren't an escort since they weren't ying with it and at the same speed: they
were in pursuit. So this is clearly not our craft. Clearly looking at ight characteristics that
are not conventional. So it was either a UFO or our re-construction of one (in which case,
why the pursuit). Bob didn't discuss it at the time for fear of how his fellow police would
view him. In the same area he found two decapitated horses.
Bob not only saw a UFO, he also saw 2 decapitated horses, laying as if they were placed
there, and he found no trace of blood from either animal. Query how the heads were sliced
clean o so neatly. Could Dugway have been testing a laser weapon? Note that the eyes were
gone as were the horses' lips. Strange mutilations. (I notice that Bob, who is said to be retired
from the police, appears on the show wearing a hat labeled Police.)
Lets speak to another witness, someone who knows something about advanced laser technology here at Dugway. That would be Dave Rosenfeld, a Utah UFO-logist.


What has he

Michael Army Aireld. We need to go somewhere on ATVs. UTTR (Utah Test and Training Range), which is run by the Air Force. The AF and the Army are all in cahoots as we
know. (A sign says Utah bombing and gunnery range.) His story: We were parked here at
1 am. We saw a huge ashing light in distance, and then a light beam from the middle for
about 4 mins. He guesses the light beam was as wide as a car. Smell of ozone. That's huge
for a laser. In a thunderstorm lightning results in that smell, so the beam must have been
millions of watts. Someone explains: Maser creates a hole, then a laser punches through. Also
saw four blue lights which switched o when the beam did. Was this an anti-satellite weapon,
such as they have been working on for years, or maybe anti-UFO weapon?
Dave Rosenfeld has seen things anything but normal. He once saw two jets, but then one
disappeared. What's this, invisibility technology? Also, in 2004 he saw a dust trail but no
vehicle. Denitely not a dust-devil.

Popular Mechanics

reported that this is the new Area

51, and then security ramped up. He believes it.
The shill skeptic props up a few straw men for Bill to burn down: I don't think the evidence
supports theory. The security is obviously justied by a rational explanation. Yeah says
Bill. Look at the huge beam, Bob Ward, attempted expansion. Skeptic: private contractors
enjoying unparalleled secrecy. Bill: Private contractors are reversing UFO tech. Top secret
black ops military aircraft are what people are seeing. Bill: We've debunked the debunkers.
The truth is so frightening that of course the government will go to any lengths to cover it

UFO Hunters: Giant Triangles
Dramatis personae: The Team: Pat Uskert, Kevin Cook, Bill Birnes.

3 On www.aliendave.com, a Bob Ward is listed as a top member of The Utah UFO Hunters group.
4 Also listed on www.aliendave.com as a top member. Whether he is alien Dave himself is unclear.



Guests: Mark and Jed, Mark Olson,

Terrence Masson, Marvin Taylor, Giorgio Tsoukalos,

Mike Daciek, Gordon Scott, Brick Price.
Witness 1: Kevin; occupation engineer invites us to take his account more seriously.
He saw something; and the location of his observation draws us into the whole notion of a
UFO hot spot where triangles are spotted, somewhere in California. Normal supposed skeptic
Kevin was with someone who videotaped one. Documents, witnesses, videos promised. Don't
recall seeing many documents, the video all sucked, and as for the witnesses. . .
All over the world people have been seeing giant triangles: Belgium, Phoenix, Arizona,
and an area of California known, at least to the producers of the show, as triangle alley.
What was seen: three lights in formation, ying slowly. They talk to Mark & Jed, two skywatchers. On June 15, 2004 they videoed such a sighting, and their buddy was there, but
he was late getting his cam rolling. I think this is normally-skeptical guy who says he saw
it. The lights were equidistant. There are no nearby military bases, so it wasn't a military
aircraft. It was daytime footage and we are told that's incredibly rare. It was also crappy
footage, and that isn't rare.
Mark Olson video. Similar to 1989 Belgium video: 3 lights in a triangular pattern. The
Belgian video showed an object holding the lights together (i.e. they were light xtures
mounted on some kind of craft). For more analysis, they visit Terrence Masson, who will
stabilize the lights. Masson says they're denitely locked in place. Setting up a straw horse,
they ask if it could have been a helicopter? No, he says, adding that there is laundry list of
things that show this isn't a conventional aircraft. Is his expertise in photo enhancement or
what exactly? He says that there is clearly some evidence of structure behind the lights, so
the query is thrown out, could it have been a black triangle? Best guess of their expert: single
dark craft with three lights or propulsion not consistent with any known craft. Sonoma to
Mt. Shasta is triangle alley. Now cue Pat Uskert. Per History Channel, his credentials are
that he saw a UFO in 2004 and has been looking for answers ever since. In an interview he
says he had what he believed was a UFO sighting.
They will spend the night to see if they see anything. Location: 38d 7m 52s North, 120d
5m 45.7s West.
Hook: do you see white/red light? are we onto something?
Back to the show. The whole night out camping was a frolic and detour and they come
up with exactly nothing.
Next they talk to Marvin Taylor. According to the

Modesto Bee,

20 October 1988 Taylor

(b. circa 1936) operated a UFO library and museum in Sonora, and has been researching the
subject for 40 years (c. 1948), ever since seeing a ying saucer hover over his childhood home
in Oakland. Northern California director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) which served
as technical advisers to Spielberg in

Close Encounters.

Multiple objects multiple witnesses

and what they can do is amazing.
Some guy with a big database of sightings. Is this Taylor? I missed a bit of the transition.
Anyhow it is pointed out that Tonopah and Area 51 very close by. Over 60 sightings since the
year 2000 in Triangle Alley. Bill suggestively talks about how many must have been missed.
There was a 1986 sighting, which was before the B2 (so we know it wasn't that). It was huge,
hovering, and observed for over half hour.

5 An entry dated December 4, 2004 on www.unknowncountry.com says, Dr. Mark Olson of Sonora, California not only has a long history of contact in his life and that of his family, he has made a convincing DVD
of UFOs that appear in his area.


That's the pattern: hover silently in the sky then shoot o at tremendous speed. Pay
attention to that, because later they try to make a case that these things are somehow
gliders that require minimal propulsion.
History: these sightings may have begun as long ago as strange airship sightings in 1896/7
in SF. Now he points out it's gold country. Maybe they're after gold! Bill: gold has a high
conductivity. We should be looking at what's attracting the UFOs. So they go to a working
gold mine near where Olson made his sightings. They're going to look for radiation and
magnetism that might be attracting UFOs. Or is it that they're looking for radiation and
magnetic changes wrought by visiting UFOs. The rationale seems to change. Anyhow, they
brought a magnetometer and geiger counter. So they go into the mine. There is no explanation
why inside the mine would be a better place to look for magnetic anomalies that aliens would
be scanning for from the air, or to look for radiation that would be the tell-tale of an alien
Now we hear from Giorgio Tsoukalos.


He shows Bill an artifact he found in [Columbia?].

It looks like a ghter jet toy and it's pre-Columbian. Tsukalos says that archaeologists think
they're probably stylized birds, but from his background in biology [?] he knows this can't
be, because the wings on this ornament are not where birds have wings, and it has an upright
tail n in contrast to birds, which have horizontal tail ns. How 1500 years ago would they
understand it? Answer: because they saw something. So they wrote, and made models so
their descendants wouldn't forget. Bill: Either aliens came, or someone was time traveling.
. . . (This out of sequence cut will really be explored in the last segment.)
Annette [Antoinette?] Crain. . . sound bites. Lost track of who she is. She doesn't readily
pop-up on Google either. Evidently pretty minor.
Are they mining gold here to use as a conductor? Aliens in search of gold! Eh, when were
they looking. Most California gold has petered out. Why wouldn't the aliens go to Alaska too?
Or to Nevada where there actually is gold. Or South Africa. Should nd radiation because
thats been found at UFO sightings. As I said, they go into the mine. It's pointed out that
standard radiation count is 15 counts per minute. Lo and behold no unusual radiation, but
they don't give us the count. They explain that UFOs are reportedly attracted to high levels
of magnetism. No unusual magnetism either. Pat says some people say UFOs are attracted
to high levels of various minerals and metals. Anyhow, this is all a wild goose chase.
Back to the Greek and his carvings. Legend has it these kind of craft were own by
ancient astronauts. Bill thinks indigenous peoples were visited by ancient astronauts seeding
culture. Maybe time travelers. Seeding the past. No explanation why they would need to go
back. Couldn't modern aliens seed culture as well? When the shill/skeptic objects to time
travel and asks for proof, Bill says it happened 20 years ago it's totally documented that
an army ocer traveled into the future. Ok, skeptic admits the trinket is suggestive. For him
to become a believer he says, let's make a model and see if it ies.
But rst we get to see the next witness, Mike Daciek. He doesn't turn up on a cursory
web search. See transcript of the show at ArkTV, tv.ark.com. He is said to be a retired pilot
of 40 years experience from Texas who saw something he couldn't identify May 18, 1996.
We are reminded that pilots are professionals trained to observe, so their testimony deserves

6 I thought perhaps Tsukalos was a biologist (because he seems to claim a background in biology at one
point in the show), or that at least he had some kind of scientic background, but no! Wikipedia says Giorgio
A. Tsoukalos is a Swiss-born Greek writer, television presenter, and proponent of the idea that ancient
astronauts interacted with ancient humans.


special credence. Daciek saw the triangularly congured lights. What he saw was really fast
faster than a SR71so it denitely wasn't one of those. Perhaps it was some other military
aircraft. No, it was not the silhouette of any plane he was trained to identify. His opinion: I
saw something very unusual, and now I believe it was aliens.
Gordon Scott. Witness from TX. Where did he come from? Nothing turns up on cursory
web search. We're told the producers got hundreds of emails when they started investigation.
Ok so they what, made the show, people saw it, responded, and they revised it? Or they
put an ad in the paper? How they got Scott in a timeline that resulted in him being on the
show is unclear. Anyhow on August 15, 2001 Scott ran out and saw it approaching. Bright
red light. Could have hit it with softball it was so low. No noise, no breeze, no scent. These
are characteristics of a black triangle. Moving horizontally and abruptly vertically. To my
knowledge, says someone, we have nothing that can do this. Then he saw an F16. Some
kind of military activity. The F16 was not chasing the black triangle; rather, it seemed like
an escort. They ew o to the south. South of his home is Johnson Space Center in TX.
Bill: Was it a hybrid we built with extraterrestrial technology? Skeptic objects to the idea of
alien-military collaboration. Bill responds that it's been going on since WW2. Skeptic asks
what proof do we have of this kind of collaboration? Bill: what Gordon Scott saw.


Next we are taken to Brick Price in L.A., a special eects artist.

He made an exact scale

model of the object that the Giorgio gave Bill. Price believes it will y. (Are we supposed
to believe that he hasn't tested it yet?) He says that the body has a shape like a lifting body.
So it is optimized as a glider made to y with minimal propulsion. (The thing has a really
fat body; and it's supposed to glide with minimal propulsion but be faster than a speeding
SR71.) The skeptic concedes that if the model does indeed y, then it is possible that the
natives of 1,500 years ago had knowledge of extraterrestrial craft.
We're back. We're reminded that if the model ies, it is proof that alien visitations have
been taking place for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations may have had knowledge of
aerodynamics, ying machines, and maybe aliens. Of course the model ies. So there is indeed
proof of ancient ying triangles. Darn! It dropped its tail and settled down and looked just
like the space shuttle landing. How could 1,500 years ago natives have gured this out? Bill
again proposes time travel! Of course there is no theory preventing the existence of advanced
aliens 1,500 years ago giving up their secrets. Skeptic says its just a model of a toy. It shows
nothing. Bill just laughs.

7 WonderWorks Inc. Prole at See, Proles.Google.com. My company owns one full-sized replica each of
all the manned NASA space ight hardware from Mercury to Shuttle and beyond that we rent to studios.


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