Urban Tribes

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Urban tribes
1. What urban tribes do you know? Tick them. Can you add more?
Emos Grunge Skaters Heavies Hip-Hoppers Hippies Punks Rockers Goths Manga

2. Read about Urban Tribes. “Urban tribes are groups with common interests and preferences. The members of these micro groups have similar
worldviews, dress styles and behavioral patterns. They listen to the same music, they share the same ideology, and they talk in the same way.

Nerds inept)

(nerd= socially

Punks wear mostly black, red or white clothes. They often listen to punk/emo/ heavy or metal music. They don’t care what other people think of them. Punk is more than just music; it has a deep philosophy, based on anarchist political views and liberation

They have their own music, fashion, literature, and philosophy. They love black clothes, and make up. Goths look depressed but they enjoy their lifestyle. Goth literature includes dark poetry and fiction with topics like “Nobody can feel love intensely as I do”

They are members of the “digital culture”. They love computers and communicate on the internet with other members of their community. They’ve got all the software and they are very competitive. They use special language when they communicate with their friends on the net.

Flogger is a teenage fashion originated in Argentina, which is closely related to Fotolog, a photoblog website. Floggers constantly upload pictures of themselves to their fotologs to find friends through the World Wide Web. They wear very tight and colourful jeans or joggings on males and females alike, broad V-neck T-shirts in neon colours, canvas sneakers or skate shoes, long fringe brushed to one side of the face or over one eye, straight hair and horn-rimmed glasses. This fashion has also developed a particular way of dancing techno music, called Electro. The moves consist of rapidly spreading one leg, hitting the floor with the heel, and drawing the other leg backwards, and then quickly changing the position.

3. Write a short text about an urban tribe of your choice. Use these facts to help you. Cumbieros Clothing Baggy trousers and T-shirts, colourful trainers, colourful skirts, and T-shirts, sandals Music Cumbia, cumbia villera Songs with peace message Philosophy Express yourself Activities
Going to “bailantas” Listening to their favourite music


Freedom, love, change the world

Playing the guitar Singing and dancing

Useful vocabulary Baggy trousers//black boots// mini-skirt //glasses//cap//sweatshirt trainers//belt//necklaces//hoodies// sandals//bikini top//jacket//jeans// wristband//

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