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Anti Virus Manual



User Guide for Tech Titan T-Drive Pro

The Ultimate USB Anti-Virus featured in this product is Powered by Kaspersky Lab. Please follow the instruction below to enable this feature.



1. ACCESSING YOUR TECH TITAN T-DRIVE PRO Note: If you are using the Tech Titan T-Drive Pro for the first time, this will guide you to install the USBKAV software in the Tech Titan T-Drive Pro. After successful registration of USB-KAV, one year of full protection is provided to your Tech Titan T-Drive Pro. 1. Connect your USB-KAV enabled Tech Titan T-Drive Pro to the computer via USB port. 2. AutoPlay will be initiated, select “Run StartUse.exe”.

3. If AutoPlay is disabled on your Computer, please go to "Windows Explorer" or “My Computer” and open the removable drive.

4. Run the executable "StartUse" by double clicking it.

5. An End User License Agreement – EULA window will pop up, please go through it completely and select “ACCEPT” if you agree, else select “Quit” to exit.


6. USB-KAV Internet Registration screen will appear, input the serial number/activation code that came along with the product and select “OK”.

Note: Please ensure you are connected to the internet. Without activation, this product will not enable the protection. 7. A registration successful window will appear, click “OK” to continue.

8. As the USB-KAV software is launched, two USB-KAV windows are displayed on the screen, 1. “USB-KAV Initializing” – This is the progress status bar for USB-KAV Software. Please wait until this window closes which indicates that the USB-KAV is launched.

2. The second window is to get the latest updates from Kaspersky Update servers. If you are connected to Internet and would like to get the latest virus signatures updates, please click "Yes". If not, please click "No".

9. Once the USB-KAV is launched; you can confirm its operation by the USB-KAV icon which will be located on your taskbar.

10. If you are unable to initiate USB-KAV, it might be possible that your antivirus software on your computer is blocking the USB-KAV.exe file from executing, please consult with your anti-virus software provider on how to unblock USB-KAV .exe file from executing.

2. ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE CONTROL PANEL and CONSOLE (USB-KAV) 1. To access to USB-KAV Control Panel, please double click on the USB-KAV icon located on your taskbar.

2. USB-KAV Control Panel will appear as below.

3. To access to USB-KAV Console, please double click on the USB-KAV control panel.

4. USB-KAV Real-time Monitor - USB-KAV Real-time Monitor shows the number of files that has been scanned and the number of Virus, Malware, and Suspicious Files that has been detected.

5. USB-KAV Manual Scan - USB-KAV Manual Scan allows you to scan all of the USB Storage Devices connected to your computer. a. Under USB-KAV Console select “Manual Scan”.

b. For the USB device you would like to scan please select target drive(s) by checking corresponding checkbox. c. Click on “Start”. d. USB-KAV will start scanning the files inside the targeted USB storage device.

6. USB-KAV Update & Renew - USB-KAV update allows you to update to the latest virus definition. Please update the virus definition at least once per week. Also this page displays the license information like Remaining days and Expiration Date.

a. To initiate update please click on “Update” button.

Note: Please ensure that you are connected to the internet. b. USB-KAV will begin the updating process.

c. Once the progress bar is full and completed 100% - update is successful.

d. The Renew button when clicked will re-direct you to the renewal options in the web browser of USBKAV.

7. USB-KAV Log - The Log feature allows you to keep track of Real-time Monitor and Manual Scan.

8. USB-KAV Quarantine - The Quarantine section displays the list of infected and/or suspicious files that have been isolated by USB-KAV.

9. USB-KAV Setting -Under USB-KAV setting you can set the following, - Enable and Disable Real-time Monitor - Enable and Disable Auto Update (every 2 hours) - Select Cleaning Mode in Real-time Monitor - Select Cleaning Mode in Manual Scan - Select the USB-KAV interface language - Set Private Disk Password

3. PRIVATE DISK FUNCTION 1. Please make sure USB-KAV is functioning properly.

2. Double Click on the USB-KAV control panel to access the console.

3. Click on Tools, “Private Disk Login” or click “Private Disk Login” directly from the control panel.

4. USB-KAV Private Disk Login will initiate automatically.

5. Please enter your password; the default password is 123, and click “OK”.

6. Under my computer you should see your drives and an additional removable storage drive labeled “Private”, it will act as your private disk.

7. Upon completion of using the private disk function, please make sure to logout, under Tools, “Private Disk Logout” or click “Private Disk Logout” from the control panel.

4. FILE SYNC FEATURE This feature will help users to Sync and take back up of their important documents from a folder on the computer to the Private Disk of USB-KAV. 1. Please make sure USB-KAV and the Private Disk feature is functioning properly. 2. Double Click on the USB-KAV control panel to access the console.

3. Click on Tools, than select “File Sync” or click “File Sync” directly from the control panel.

4. USB-KAV File Sync will initiate.

5. Select a folder from the tree-view List “Computer – Input a sync folder”.

6. Select a folder from the tree-view List “Private Disk – Input a sync folder”.

7. Press “Append Relation” button.

8. As you click the “Append Relation” button, one sync relation between “Computer – Sync Folder” and “Private Disk – Sync Folder” is built.

9. If you want to append more sync relation folders between “Computer – Sync Folder” and “Private Disk – Sync Folder”, please repeat Step1 to Step 8.

10. Press “Sync” button to start file syncing.

5. FORMATTING YOUR DRIVE Note: It is not recommended to format the removable drive as usual. In the event, if you need to format the removable drive, please get in touch with Technical Support.


TECH TITAN LIMITED. Wisma Bentley Music, 5th Floor, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya. Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-78022200 Fax: +603-77278612 E-mail: [email protected] Enquiry: [email protected] Website: Note: Please visit the above support web link to get the local technical support contact details for your respective geographical location.

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