UT Dallas Syllabus For Aim6337.og1 06s Taught by Young Ryu (Ryoung)

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COURSE SYLLABUS School of Management The University of Texas at Dallas

Course: MIS 6326 / AIM 6337 Instructor: Young Ryu Semester: Spring 2006 Course Start/End Date: January 9 – May 1, 2006

Information |  | Technical Requirements | Requirements | Course Access Access |  | Communications Communications |  | | Course Information | Student Assessment | Assessment | Scholastic Dishonesty | Dishonesty | Course Evaluation | Evaluation | Course Schedule | Schedule |

Course Information Course Description

The main objective of the course is to understand relational database theories, industry standard SQL, and database design. A conceptual/semantic data modeling with the entityrelationship diagramming technique is also covered. Prerequisite

Competence in personal computing (e.g., operating system/environment, system/environment, word processing software, electronic spreadsheet, personal database software, network applications such as email and World Wide Web). Instructor Information

Instructor: Young Ryu Office: SOM 3.426 Phone: 972-883-4065 E-Mail: [email protected]  [email protected]  Web: www.utdallas.edu/~ryoung  www.utdallas.edu/~ryoung  Course Materials

Required textbook: Michael V. Mannino. Database Design, Application Development, and  Administration (2nd Edition). McGraw-Hill/Irwin. 2004. Textbooks and some other bookstore materials can be ordered online through MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore or Bookstore or Off-Campus Books online Books online ordering site. They are also available in stock at UTD Bookstore and Bookstore and Off-Campus Books. Top  Top 


Technical Requirements In addition to a confident level of computer and Internet literacy, certain minimum technical requirement must be met to enable a successful learning experience. Please review the important technical requirements and the web browser configuration information. information.

Course Access and Navigation This course was developed using a web course tool called WebCT. It is to be delivered entirely online. Students will use UTD NetID account to login to the course at: http://webct.utdallas.edu. http://webct.utdallas.edu. Please see the details of course access and navigation information information.. To get started with a WebCT course, please see the Getting Started: Student WebCT Orientation.. Orientation If you have any problems with your UTD account or any problem with the UTD WebCT server, you may email to: [email protected] [email protected] or  or call the UTD Computer Helpdesk at: 972-883-2911. If you encounter any technical difficulties within the course site, please send an email to [email protected] [email protected] Top  Top 

Communications WebCT course has built-in communication tools which will be used for course interactions and communications. Some external communication tools such as regular email and web conferencing tool may also be used during the semester. Please see more details about communication tool information information.. Interaction with Instructor : Instructor will communicate with students mainly using the

Discussion board. Students may send personal concerns or questions to me using the course Email tool. Instructor will reply to student emails or Discussion board messages within 3 working days under normal circumstances. Top  Top 

Student Assessments Grading Information

 Assignments: 30% 30% Final Exam: 70% Letter grading policy will be as follows:   A: 90% or higher   B: 75% or higher   C: 60% or higher •

  F: lower than 60%


Students can check your grades by accessing the “My Grade” icon on the Student Tools page after the grade for each assessment task is released. Assignments

There will be 5 assignments: one on relational data model (Ch. 2), two on SQL (Chs. 3 and 9), and two on entity relationship data model (Chs. 5, 6, and 12). Each assignment will cover 6% of the final grade. Please see the Assignments icon on course Home page and find assignment details in the attached assignment file(s) under each assignment link. Assignment submission instructions: You will submit your assignments (in the plain text format, the MS Word format, or the Acrobat format, with a simple file name and a file extension, no space or special characters) by using the Assignment Dropbox tool on the course site. Please see the Assignments icon on the designated page. You can click each assignment name link and follow the on-screen instructions to upload and submit your file(s). Please refer to the Help menu or the WebCT Student Guide for more information on using this tool. Please note: each assignment link can only be used once and will be deactivated after the assignment due time. After your submission is graded, you may click each assignment’s “Graded” link to check

the results and feedback. Final Examination

The comprehensive  final exam is covers all chapters and materials studied during the whole semester. It is a closed book exam, which include multiple-choice/true-false, multiple-choice/true-false, short essay, SQL script composition, entity-relationship diagramming, and problem-solving problem-solving questions. The on-campus class exam session is scheduled on Friday April 21 at 6:30PM – 9:00PM under the supervision of the instructor. Room information will be announced later on the course discussion board. Students who are not able to attend this exam session with the instructor can arrange an individually proctored exam with a testing service of their choice at a date within this required exam time window: window: Thursday April 20 – Monday April 24. For local students, testing services are available at the UTD Learning Resources Center. Students who find UTD geographically inconvenientt may use a preapproved testing service at a convenient location. All individually inconvenien arranged proctored exams must be completed within the stated exam time window. Student using either the UTD testing service at the Learning Resources Center or an outside testing service must inform the instructor, as well as the Global MBA Online office ([email protected]). [email protected]). A proctored exam form must be completed and sent back to the Information page  page to GMBA Office by Friday March 24, 2006. Please go to the Proctored Exam Information download the Proctored Exam Form and find all the detailed information and procedures on arranging a proctored exam. All completed exams must be received by 10:00AM on Thursday  April 27 to allow timely grade reporting to UTD Registrar. The GMBA Office requests all students who need to use testing services strictly follow the proctored exam scheduling deadlines . If any student fails to submit the exam form on time, the student will be required to come to campus and attend the scheduled class exam session session (or seek instructor’s approval for any special arrangements).


Scholastic Dishonesty Dis honesty The University has policies and discipline procedures regarding scholastic dishonesty. Detailed Dishonesty web  web page. All students are expected to information is available on the Scholastic Dishonesty maintain a high level of responsibility with respect to academic honesty. Students who violate University rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the University. Since such dishonesty harms the individual, all students and the integrity of the University, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced.

Course Evaluation  As required by UTD UTD academic regulations, regulations, every student student must complete an evaluation evaluation for each enrolled course at the end of the semester. An online instructional assessment form will be made available for your confidential use. Please look for the course evaluation link on the course Homepage towards the end of the course. Top Top  

Course Outline/Schedule WEEK






Course Access and SelfOrientation Introduction to Database

Ch. 1 



Relational Data Model

Ch. 2




Ch. 3




Ch. 3



Advanced SQL

Ch. 9



Advanced SQL

Ch. 9



Advanced SQL

Ch. 9




Ch. 10


Spring Break



Entity Relationship Data Model

Ch. 5



Entity Relationship Data Model

Ch. 6



View Design and Integration

Ch. 12




Ch. 7


Assign 1 due (1/28)

Assign 2 due (2/11)

Assign 3 due (3/4)

Assign 4 due (4/1)




Ch. 7



Database Administration Transaction Management

Ch. 14 Ch. 15


Final Exam

On-campus classroom exam session: 6:30PM – 9:00PM on April 21. Individually proctored exam: April 20 – April 24 . (Proctored exam form submission due: Friday March 24, 2006 .) All exams must be received by 10:00AM April 27.


Top Top  

Assign 5 due (4/15)

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