UT Dallas Syllabus for isgs4311.501 05s taught by Erin Smith (erins)

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Spring 2005 School of General Studies Tuesday 7:00 – 9:45 p.m. ISGS 4311.501 Gender & Education Description:

Dr. Erin A. Smith

This course examines the impact of gender, race, and class on the educational experiences of men and women in the United States. Drawing on history and literature, sociology/anthropology, philosophy, psychology, and public policy, it considers the ways educational institutions both empower individuals and reproduce social inequalities based on class, gender, and ethnicity. We examine Enlightenment discussions of gender and reason, women’s contested entrance into and transformation of education in America, and public policy initiatives designed to make schools more equitable places for all students. We will ask how gender roles are learned and reinforced by the structure of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. We will examine debates surrounding co-ed vs. single sex education, consider curriculum transformation efforts to include the history and experiences of women and ethnic minorities, and discuss feminist and critical pedagogies. The course invites students to think critically about their own educational experiences and enables them to make more informed decisions about contemporary educational policy. Required Texts May Include: Lois Weis and Michelle Fine, eds., Beyond Silenced Voices: Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools (1993) – a collection of essays by sociologists and education researchers David Tyack and Elisabeth Hansot, Learning Together: A History of Co-Education in American Public Schools (1992) – a history of elementary and secondary schooling in America Lorene Cary, Black Ice (1991) -- the autobiography of a working-class African-American woman who attended a formerly all-white, all-male, elite prep school on scholarship Nancy Lopez, Hopeful Girls, Troubled Boys: Race & Gender Disparity in Urban Education (2003) – ethnography of girls and boys from a variety of ethnic/racial backgrounds in contemporary urban schools Separated by Sex: A Critical Look at Single-Sex Education for Girls (1998) – an AAUW report on the results of a major study of single-sex vs. co-ed education coursepack Method of Evaluation: class participation one presentation/leading of class discussion OR 6 one-page reading journals midterm and final essay exams 2 short (5-page) papers

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