UT Dallas Syllabus For mkt6301.0g1 05s Taught by Ram Rao (Rrao)

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The University of Texas at Dallas   School of Management   Course: MKT 6301.0G1: Introduction to Marketing Management   Instructor: Dr. Ram Rao  Semester: Spring 2005 (Jan 10 – May 2)   Information |  | Technical Requirements | Requirements | Course Access Access |  | Communications Communications |  |  | Course Information | Student Assessment Assessment |  | Scholastic Dishonesty Dishonesty |  | Course Evaluation | Evaluation | Course Outline | Outline | 

Course Information  Course Description  This course is meant to introduce the student to the basic marketing decisions facing a firm. Managers need to understand the setting in which such decisions are made: institutional as well as internal to the firm. The key to making good marketing decisions involves careful analysis of the situation, intelligent use of the information at hand, and bringing to bear appropriate knowledge of marketing principles and successful practice. This course aims to impart to the student the essential tools to analyze a marketing situation, and work towards a managerial decision. The goal I have set for this course is that by the end of the semester the student   i. 

will have been exposed to the complexities of decisions facing a marketing manager


will have understood the essential tasks of marketing management


will know how to formulate and write a plan of action when faced with a marketing problem  


will appreciate the full force of the idea of the marketing concept

To achieve this goal I will employ both lectures and cases. There will be two case discussion sessions using course Chat tool and also two case assignments discussions using the telephone bridge system for teleconferencing as shown in the Course Schedule section. Please keep updated with the course Discussion postings and course Calendar for more information. This course being on-line, the student bears the responsibilit responsibility y to complete assignments regularly and keep up with the work.

Instructor Information  INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Ram C. Rao  SM 3.701; Voice: (972) 883-2580; FAX: (972) 883-6727  [email protected] ;  ; WebPages www.utdallas.edu/~rrao  E-mail [email protected] Office Hours: MW 10:30-11:30 am or by appointment   SECRETARY: Ms. Bonnie Gordon   SM 3.622; (972) 883-2051   E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]   TA: Ms. Shweta Singh  972-883-4421  [email protected]   E-mail: [email protected] Back to Top 

Course Materials  Text:  •


Marketing Management, Russell Winer, 2nd ed. 2004, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-140547-0 


  Cases:   Custom case book for MKT6301.0G1-Rao, Pearson Custom Publishing, ISBN: 0536800952 (with 6 cases listed   below)   •







Barco  Sealed Air   The New Beetle Nestle Refrigerated Foods: Contadina Pasta & Pizza (A)   Goodyear   Citibank: Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific (A)  

Textbooks and other materials can be ordered online through MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore or Bookstore  or Off-Campus Books web ordering site. site. They are also available at UTD Bookstore and Off-Campus Books.   Back to Top 

Technical Requirements  In addition to a confident level of computer and Internet literacy, certain minimum technical requirements must be met to enable a successful learning experience. Technical requir requirements ements include but are not limited to:   Hardware   A Pentium Penti um processor proce ssor or equivalent eq uivalent Mac system; syste m; Windows Wind ows 98/Me/2000/ 98/M e/2000/XP XP or Ma Mac c OS 9.x or OS X 10.1.   Internet access with modem (56.6 minimum) or preferably with other faster connections.  l


32 MB system Ram; 200 MB free disk space or sufficient storage  Sound card  CD-ROM capabilities  Software  Netscape Navigator 6.2.x (see ( see notes) and 7.0 (4.78, 4.79 and 6.0 -6.1 not supported), or Internet Explorer 5.0 to 6.0 (but 5.5 SP1 not supported), or AOL 7.0 and 8.0. See browser configuration info below.  MS Office 97/98 is the minimum standard. (Microsoft software is available at a nominal cost from UTD Microsoft Program. For more information, visit Global MBA Online Student Service web page at: http://som.utdallas.ed http://som.utdallas.edu/globalmba/gmba_online_s u/globalmba/gmba_online_services.htm ervices.htm). Virus detection/protection software such as McAfee  “Plug-ins” “Plug-in s” tools such as current version of RealPlayer/RealOne Player (available at: http://www.real.com/realone/index.html)) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at: http://www.real.com/realone/index.html http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html)   l l l






 A zip file expansion expansio n tool such su ch as WinZip Win Zip or Stuffit Stu ffit Expander Expa nder (available (ava ilable at: at : http://www.download.com). 

Web Browser Configuration Configuration  To view WebCT courses you need one of the WebCT supported browsers listed above with JavaScript enabled and cookie enabled. enabled. It is also important that you set the cache settings of your browser to verify web documents “Every Time”. The Time”. The methods for configuring these settings vary among browsers. You can check your browser's documentation for details. Or you can follow this web link provided by WebCT to tuneup your bowser: http://www.webct.com/tuneup..  http://www.webct.com/tuneup Back to Top 

Course Access and Navigation  This course was developed using a web course tool called WebCT. It is to be delivered entirely online. You will be notified by email about the course access information at the start of the course. You’ll need to have a UTD NetID and password to access the course. If you have not set up a UTD NetID account yet, please go to the UTD NetID page at http://netid.utdallas.edu  initiate your account shortly before or at the start of the semester . Your UTD NetID is http://netid.utdallas.edu  to initiate your WebCT ID. It is to be used to access all of your UTD WebCT courses plus other UTD computing systems e.g.


  months. UTD IR will send you reminding messages to your UTD email account towards the time when your password is getting expired. To update your password, please login at the above NetID page. For more information, please visit the NetID FAQs page. FAQs page. The URL for the course login page is: http://webct.utdallas.edu. http://webct.utdallas.edu. The course may be accessed at any time. You are required to meet all assignment and exam deadlines. Participation in scheduled class activities is required. You should login to the course site regularly (at least three times per week) to check course updates, and discussion board messages.  You’ll access the “My WebCT” page after you login. The page lists all courses that you have registered for. You can click the course title to access the course Home Page which displays several icon links. Clicking each icon link will take you to different subsidiary pages containing the course content elements or built-in course tools. Some navigation components such as the Navigation Bar with Course Menu on the left side, the Menu Bar and the path link on the top, and the Action Menu on the content page can help you navigate within the course site.   Orientation link.  link. For more To get started with a WebCT course, please see the Getting started: Student WebCT Orientation Index.. Within the course site, you can information about WebCT tool usage, please see the WebCT Student Help Index always click HELP  on the WebCT Menu Bar to find information and answers. You can also check out the Orientation HELP on Center to Online Learning and WebCT provided WebCT provided on WebCT’s web site. For more WebCT informati information on and its learning http://www.webct.com.. resources, visit http://www.webct.com If you have any problems with your UTD account or any problem with the UTD WebCT server, you may email to: [email protected] [email protected] or  or call the UTD Computer Helpdesk at: 972-883-2911. If you encounter any technical difficulties within the course site, please send an email to [email protected] [email protected] Back to Top 

Communications  built-in communication tools to facilitate facilitate learning, WebCT built-in communication tools : There are four built-in communication, and collaboration. A course conferencing system, the Discussion Discussion,, allows communication among all course participants. Discussion topics or groups can be set up for topic discussions and homework assignments. You can use the course Mail tool to communicate privately with the instructor and any class participants. The Chat tool can be used for real-time communication among course participates. Please see specific information for accessing Chat tool.. Finally there is a graphic interface Whiteboard  tool tool  tool which allows real-time interaction among course participants.  A Chat  session  session  is scheduled as shown on course schedule and more details will follow on the course calendar and the Discussion board. The Chat session is to discuss the case “A Tale of Two Airlines” (please find it on Course Materials page) for a little over an hour for which you should be present and then address issues of student concern for a little less than an hour. For your convenience, I provide two time schedules for the chat session: one in the morning and one in the evening. You must register for the time of the session you prefer. See Course Schedule for the date and times. You must indicate these preferences to me by 1/20  through the internal course email.  m e e-mails I will try to respond in 72 hours if the mail is sent during the week 8 AM Questions you have:  If you send me to 5 PM. So, you should send in your questions in advance rather than at the last minute. Also, you may send e-mails to my TA or copy her if there is an urgent request. Emailing: Besides using the WebCT course internal email, if there is any need, students may contact me via external Emailing: regular emails. UTD provides each student with a free email account that is to be used in all communication with university personnel. This allows the university to maintain a high degree of confidence in the identity of all individuals corresponding and the security of the transmitted transmitted information. Beginning September 1, 2004, the Administration Administration has informed faculty to require any email communications to be through UTD email accounts. To access your UTD email, please go to: http://pipeline.utdallas.edu and http://pipeline.utdallas.edu and login with your UTD NetID and password (same as WebCT login). The Department of Information Resources at UTD provides a method for students to forward email from other accounts to their UTD address and have their UTD UTD mail sent to other accounts. Students may go to th following URL to establish the email forwarding if necessary: http://netid.utdallas.edu. http://netid.utdallas.edu. For any assistance with UTD email account, call 972-883-2911 or email [email protected] [email protected] 


  course can use the system for teleconferences throughout the semester. Participants access a meeting by dialing either a “972” area code number or a toll free number if outside the Dallas area (but within the continental U.S.) wi with th a touch tone phone. When prompted, you will enter a code. If a teleconference is scheduled for the course, you will be notified of the time and given access instructions. A class teleconference is usually recorded and can be reviewed over the phone after the conference. Please see TeleConference Guide for Guide  for general instructions.  Back to Top 

Student Assessment  Written Case Analyses  Each student will be responsible for two written reports. The first is a practice one to help in the preparation of the second report. Both will be graded. You may pick either THE NEW BEETLE or NESTLE for the first case report. If you pick THE NEW BEETLE your second report will be on GOODYEAR and if you pick NESTLE your second report will be on CITIBANK. You must allocate 100 points across the two alternatives of THE NEW BEETLE and GOODYEAR OR NESTLE and CITIBANK. For example, if you allocate 100 points on THE NEW BEETLE and GOODYEAR, it means that you prefer that. If you allocate 50 points for that and 50 points for NESTLE and Citibank then you are indifferent to the two possibilities and so on. You must do this by 1/20  through internal course email so that I can 1/20 through allocate the cases to each of you. The guideline for case analysis is available on the Course Materials page.   You will submit your reports (as WORD documents with simple file name and .doc extension, no space or special characters) by using the course built-in ASSIGNMENT tool. The filename could be yournamecase.doc. See  ASSIGNMENT  ASSIGNME NT icon on the Evaluation Eva luation Tools page. pa ge. You can click each assignment assi gnment title lin link k and ffollow ollow the on-screen instructions to upload your assignment file and submit it. Please note: each assignment link can only be used one time and is only available during the time specified. After your assignment has been graded, you may check the grade and the feedback by clicking the assignment’s Graded link. 

Quizzes and Tests  You can take self-tests on each topic (chapter) by taking the online quizzes. The quizzes will not count for or against your final grade.   There will be four online tests and on-tests  and I will drop the one you score the lowest on. Please note that these are timed on line tests and must be taken over the weekend scheduled. You can access tests by clicking the Quizzes and Tests icon and then clicking the available test title links. Each test can only be accessed one time within the scheduled weekend. Please read the on-screen instructions carefully carefully before you click the Begin Quiz button. After the grade of a test is released, you may review your test results by clicking the “View score” button of the test.  

Participation  The first two cases, Barco and Sealed Air will only be discussed through the Discussion Board. I will set up separate topics for these. It is important to participate on these both because it will affect your grades, and because it will prepare you for the written reports to come later. The remaining four cases will also be discussed on the board BUT those writing the report on the case will not take part in these discussions. They will simply monitor the discussion. You are required to participate in the Chat  session  session (see above) and that will count towards your participation grade.  Although  Althoug h the telephone t elephone conferences conferen ces are not n ot required requ ired you can make up participation parti cipation grades b by y taking part in them.  

Exam  Finally, there will be a 3-hour closed book final examination. A classroom exam session will be administered on UTD campus. The schedule shows the date and time for the examination as Thursday, April 28, 6 – 9 pm. I pm.  I will announce the location for the examination on the Discussion Board. If it is not convenient for you to take the scheduled exam session, you can have your final exam proctored using a testing service at UTD or at a different location. There will be NO MAKE UP EXAMINATIONS.   Students who are not able to attend the exam session with instructor can arrange an individually proctored proctored exam with a testing service of their choice at any date within this required exam time window: April 26 – 28. For local students,


  may use a testing service at a convenient location to have the exam proctored. All individually arranged proctored exams must be completed within the required exam time window. Student who will use either UTD testing service at Learning Resources Center or an outside testing service, please inform the instructor and the Global MBA Online office ([email protected] ([email protected]) and complete a proctored exam form and send back to GMBA Office by Friday, Friday,   March 25. 25. For more information on arranging a proctored exam, the detailed procedures and a downloadable exam form, please go to the Proctored Exam Information page at: http://som.utdallas.edu/globalmba/gmba_proc_exam_info.htm http://som.utdallas.edu/globalmba/gmba_proc_exam_info.htm.. All completed exams must be received by May 2, 11 am CT to allow timely grade reporting to UTD Registrar.  The GMBA Office requests all students who need to use testing services strictly follow the proctored exam scheduling deadlines.. If any student fails to submit the exam form on time, the student will be required to come to campus and deadlines attend the scheduled class exam session (or seek my approval for any special arrangements). 

Grade  The weights for the various activities are as follows:  WRITTEN CASE ANALYSES  TESTS  PARTICIPATION  FINAL EXAM  

20%+25%  10%  20%  25% 

You can check your grades within the course site when they become available. Click the Tools icon on Home page and then click My Grades icon.   Back to Top 

Policy on Scholastic Dishonesty   The university has policies and procedures regarding scholastic dishonesty. Detailed information is available at: http://www.utdallas.edu/student/slife/dishonesty.html. http://www.utdallas.edu/student/slife/dishonesty .html. All  All students are expected to maintain a high level of responsibility with respect to academic honesty. Students who violate university rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the university. Since such dishonesty harms the individual, all students and the integrity of the university, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. 

Course Evaluation   As required require d by UTD academic regulations, regulatio ns, every ever y student studen t needs to do an a n evaluation evalua tion for fo r enrolled course at the end of the semester. An online instructional assessment form will be made available for use. Please look for the course evaluation link on the course HOME page toward the end of the semester. Back to Top 

Course Outline/Schedule  SESSION  1 

Week/Date  TOPIC   1/10   Introduction 


Marketing Manger’s Job 


Focus on the Customer  



Chat Session: 9-11 AM, Repeat 7-9 PM C.T.   Focus on the Customer  

PREPARATION  Chapter 1;Supplements to Chapter 1   Chapter 1;Supplements to Chapter 1   Chapter 4; Supplement to



B arco Discuss ion begins  


Chapter 4   Chapter 3   Barco Discussion ends  Chapters 1,3,4 and Supplements 


Marketing Research 


Test 1--- Online  


Competitive Strategies  Competitive Strategies 



Competitive Strategies 

Chapter 6; Supplement to Chapter 6   Sealed Air Discussion ends  



Telephone Conference 1  

Dis cuss Cases B arco and and



at 8-10 PM C.T.   Marketing Strategies  

 S ealed A i r Di D i s cu cuss s i on  begins 

 S ealed A i r   Chapter 2  

New B eet eetle Dis cus s ion  

begins  Chapter 7  

13  14 

2/16   2/21  

Branding and Positioning  Positioning 



New Product Management  



New Product Introduction 



Test 2--- Online  

NESTLE*  Nestle Discussion ends   Chapters 2,6,7,8 and

18  19  20 

3/14   3/16   3/21  

Communications  Setting Prices   Distribution  

supplements Chapter 9  Chapter 12   Chapter 10  

21  22 

3/23   3/28  

Personal Selling   Distribution  

Chapter 11 

23  24 

3/30   4/4  

Test 3--- Online   Sales Promotion  





Customer relationship Management   Global marketing  



28  29  30  31 

4/18   4/20   4/25   4/28  

  *  Written Report 1 Due ** Written Report 2 Due  

Back to Top 

Telephone Conference 2 at 8-10 PM C.T.   Service Markets  Test 4--- Online   Review  3 hour examination  On-campus session: 4/28  Individual proctored exam: 4/26-4/28.

THE NEW BEETLE* New Beetle Discussion ends  Chapter 8; Supplement to Chapter 8   Nestlle Dis cuss ion begins  Nest


G oo oodye dyea ar Dis cuss ion begins   Goodyear **  Goodyear Discussion ends   Chapters 9,10,11,12  Chapter 13  Citibank Citiba nk Dis cuss ion begins  Chapter 14  CITIBANK **  Citibank Discussion ends  Discuss Cases  Goodyear and Citibank   Chapter 15  Chapters 13,14,15  FINAL EXAMINATION  

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