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Action Points Veteran 4 Action Points
Action Move Forwards 1 Square Move Backwards 1 Square Move Sideways 1 Square Turn 90 Degrees Fire Lasgun/ Laspistol/Heavy Stubber/Shotgun Set Overwatch/Guard Clear Weapon Jam Fire Flamer Close Assault Open/Close Door Use Melta-Bombs Veteran 1* 1* 1* 1* 1 2 1 2 1 1 2

*A Veteran may fire his lasgun, shotgun or laspistol as part of the same action

Shooting Table
Weapon Lasgun Laspistol Shotgun Heavy Stubber Flamer Range Unlimited* 8 8 Unlimited* 12 Dice 1d6 1d6 2d6 3d6 1d6 Kill 6+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 4+ Notes Overwatch, Cant damage doors Overwatch, Cant damage doors Overwatch, Cant damage doors Overwatch, Sustained fire, Jam Area Affect, Persistent, 6 Shots

*Range is 12 squares when on Overwatch

Close Assault
Model Veteran Assault Dice D6-3 Notes Lasgun or shotgun or heavy stubber and laspistol* or flamer and laspistol

*If using Overwatch with two capable weapons, the player must declare which is being used

Heavy Stubber Drilled Formations Combat Teams Vox Jams on the roll of a triple. A Veteran may only move one square if they wish to fire the Heavy Stubber in the same turn. For the purposes of line of sight, Veterans with lasguns may see through one other Veteran who is immediately to their front. One in every five Veterans may be armed with a Heavy Stubber and pistol or flamer and pistol. One per game may be carry a vox. A model carrying a Vox suffers from having one fewer Action Point (down to three). As long as the model is alive however, the Player may re-choose their CP token, the second score always stands. Every Veteran is equipped with melta-bombs they are used as close assault attack that automatically destroys doors


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