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VFW North Carolina newsmagazine The Leader for July-September 2013.



Official Publication of the N.C. Department
VFW of North Carolina PO Box 25337 Raleigh, NC 27611-5337
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Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
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VFW State Legislative Chairman, Zeb Alley, Passes Away
Zebulon "Zeb" Alley of Waynesville Post 5202, who has been the VFW Department of North Carolina's State Legislative Chairman for over 25 years, died on Thursday, June 11th, at the age of 84. He was an artillery forward observer in the Korean War, and received a Bronze Star for valor and a Purple Heart for his combat services in the conflict. He was known far and wide as a superb legislative lobbyist, being ranked for 16 years straight as North Caorlina's most effective lobbyist. But although he was hired by many heavy hitting firms such as Progress Energy, Duke Energy, Cigna, First Union, RJ. Reynolds Tobacco Company, General Motors and Sprint, he had a special place in his heart for veterans, particularly the Veterans of Foreign Wars. All those years while he was battling in the legislature for those various companies, he always represented the VFW and the agenda of the North Carolina Veterans' Council for free. "Probably nobody has done more for veterans in the Tarheel State than Zeb Alley," stated VFW State Adjutant/ Quartermaster Bruce Edwards. "He used to claim with a chuckle that in veterans' affairs, he worked for me and the VFW Department of North Carolina. It was a great honor to know him. There is simply nobody else of his stature to advocate veterans' causes in the state legislature." Persons wishing to donate funds to help veterans in lieu of sending flowers, should mail their check to VFWNC, 917 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27601. Please annotate the lower left corner to read "Veterans Relief Fund." 100% of these funds will be used to assist North Carolina soldiers, veterans, and their families who have fallen through the crack. Alley, who was a member of Waynesville Post 5202, grew up there, and practiced law there for 20 years, coming to Raleigh in 1970 to serve in the State Senate. Staying in the capital city, he was hired by legendary Governor Jim Hunt in 1981 to help push Hunt's agenda through the legislature. It was an unusual duo - the straight-laced Hunt and the fun-loving Alley, who enjoyed partying past midnight with lawmakers and fellow lobbyists. After leaving Hunt's office, Alley set up shop as a lobbyist and almost immediately began lining up blue chip clients. One of his first major victories came in 1985, when the automobile industry hired him to help make North Carolina the first state in the South to pass a law requiring passengers to wear a seat belt. It became rumored that some companies kept him on retainer just to make sure that their opposition didn't hire him! He was ranked the legislature's most effective lobbyist for eight consecutive sessions, or 16 years, by the nonpartisan NC Center for Public Policy and Research. Zeb Alley VFW State Legislative Chairman




Lou Diamond Phillips to Serve as VFW National Spokesman
KANSAS CITY, Mo., October 2, 2013 - The VFW is pleased to announce that renowned actor Lou Diamond Phillips will serve as the official VFW national spokesperson. In addition to being an actor, director, producer and writer, Phillips is also a veterans' advocate. His biological father, Gerald Upchurch, was in the Navy, and Phillips was born on the Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines. His own name bears military roots, as he was named after the World War II marine hero, Gunnery Sergeant Lewellyn 'Lew' Diamond. His stepfather, George Phillips, was also in the Navy, serving 2 tours in Vietnam. Phillips' partnership with the VFW demonstrates his deep commitment to the veteran community. "I've always been inspired by those who serve. I'm proud to be the voice of the VFW, an organization that does tremendous work for veterans," Phillips said. As the VFW national spokesperson, Phillips will appear in a series of television and radio commercials designed to increase awareness about the VFW's programs and services available to veterans, service members and military families. He will also make appearances at various VFW events. "The VFW is excited to begin this outstanding relationship. Lou Diamond Phillips has established himself in the entertainment industry with a successful and varied career spanning decades. He's a long-time supporter of veterans, and this partnership proves his devotion to the veteran cause," said VFW National Commander Bill Thien. Phillips is a Golden Globe® and Tony Award® nominated actor who was introduced to audiences through his portrayal of Ritchie Valens in La Bamba and then solidified his reputation through his award-winning performance in Stand and Deliver. Phillips can currently be seen in the award-winning film, Filly Brown, and the hit A&E series, "Longmire," in addition to hosting "An Officer and a Movie" on the Military Channel. About the VFW: The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is a nonprofit veterans' service organization composed of combat veterans and eligible military service members from the active, Guard and Reserve forces. Founded in 1899 and chartered by Congress in 1936, the VFW is the nation's largest organization of war veterans and its oldest major veterans' organization. With nearly 2 million VFW and Auxiliary members located in more than 7,000 Posts worldwide, ''NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS. "The VFW and its Auxiliaries are dedicated to veterans' service, legislative advocacy, and military and community service programs worldwide.

Bands 4 Good Challenge
The Doing Good Network, supported by the VFW Department of North Carolina, has launched their Bands4Good Challenge! Their website is now live and over 27 musicians have been selected to participate. The Bands4Good Challenge is an interactive online contest to raise awareness and money for nonprofits that help our military veterans, active duty personnel, and their families get the support and assistance they need. How does the Bands4Good Challenge work? Musicians and their bands from all over the state and all musical styles were invited to participate. They were challenged to write and record an original, cause-based song to upload the video for fans to view and vote for their favorites. The Bands4Good website is located at: baods4good.com/platform. Anyone can view the artists' work and each contestant has a microsite page of information on their band. If you like their performance, you vote for them. Anyone can vote and there is no cost to vote once each day. The VFW's microsite is at bands4good.com/2013challenge/military/nonprofit/vfwnc. If you vote there by clicking the Green Voting Button, the Department of North Carolina will get credit for your vote. Like a particular performer? Tell the world! Share your like with everyone through Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Spread the word, so that all your contacts can vote! The more votes secured by the VFW, the more possible charity money we can receive in this program. As this is a fundraising event, you can increase your vote and add more votes for your favorite band. The purchased votes are donations on their behalf. Voters also select their favorite nonprofit and their purchased votes will be for their benefit. Select the Veterans of Foreign Wars as your nonprofit of choice and the Department will receive your donation. Votes can be purchased in packages, such as 5 votes for $5, 20 votes for $10, 100 votes for $50, and so on. All purchased votes are paid into, accounted for, and distributed by the 501c(3) Doing Good Community Foundation, Inc. In this way, VFW supporters (not just VFW members) will know their donation is secure and will receive a tax deduction as well. Each participating organization, to include the VFW, has a code built into the voting website to insure that monies donated by VFW supporters come back to the Department. Each music video is then ranked by the number of votes it gets, the judges' ratings, and the amount of dollars raised from votes for that organization. The more fans that vote, the more exposure the support group receives and the more dollars they raise. The completion builds to a "live" webcast concert by the semi-finalists, which gives the VFW supporters a final chance to push their favorite video into the top spot and raise even more money. No less than 70 of the money raised goes directly to benefit participating nonprofits.

Every post in North Carolina has their own website. It takes a minute to visit your post's site. Just log in to: www.vfwnc.org

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The VFW Leader is published quarterly by the Department of North Carolina Veterans of Foreign Wars at 917 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina. Editor.......................Bruce Edwards News stories, photographs and other matters for publication should be addressed to Editor, VFW Leader, P.O. Box 25337, Raleigh, N.C. 27611.

The North Carolina National Guard has lost over 26 Killed in operations in the wake of 9/11, including four aircrew lost while battling wildfires in South Dakota. In total, our state has sustained over 900 killed and wounded in Iraq and over 400 killed and wounded in Afghanistan, but sacrifice is nothing new to North Carolinians. This October 23rd will mark the 30th Anniversary of the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, which shook our Corps and our nation to its roots. The memorial in Jacksonville, NC honors the 220 Marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers that were stationed at Camp Lejeune with the 1st Battalion 8th Marines. Some may ask, "What does 9/11 have to do with veterans?" Everything. As a nation we can never be grateful enough to these men and women who have risked life and limb in the wake of our generation's Pearl Harbor. But there is more. Honoring our veterans today, and everyday, pays some important dividends tomorrow in both national security and economic prosperity. The way that we take care of our veterans today is witnessed by our children and in turn inspires a future generation to serve and sacrifice ... or not. Tomorrow's Soldiers, Marines and Sailors are still in their diapers or in elementary school, but they are watching all of you to see how a society honors its veterans, its wounded and its lost. Consider that a private enlisting today may have been born in 1995 and was just six years old on 9/11. For those unconcerned with defense or unconnected to the military let me put this in terms of the bottom line: Veterans help drive our economy. With the leadership of Governor Pat McCrory, North Carolina is working to be the MOST veteran friendly state in America, not only because it is the right thing to do, they deserve our gratitude and respect, but because veterans build businesses and give back to their communities and we want them here in North Carolina. Sequestration means that some of our bases will be downsizing, but we want those veterans to stay and to choose to live, work and raise families here. We want them to educate themselves here, start businesses here and retire here. Nearly 1 in 10 small businesses in America are owned by veterans who cumulatively account for over $1 trillon dollars in receipts and employ over 6 million people. Its not just small business entrepreneurs (45 percent of veterans are likely to be self-employed), its big business too. Fortune 500 CEOs are often veterans: James Mulva (ConocoPhillips), Daniel Akerson (General Motors), Lowell McAdam (Verizon), Robert McDonald (Procter& Gamble), Alex Gorsky (Johnson & Johnson), Robert Stevens (Lockheed Martin), Fred Smith (FedEx), and James Skinner (McDonalds). Beyond our duty to take care of those who take care of us, how we treat our veterans has real consequences. So let us begin on this anniversary of 9/11 to recognize the tremendous contributions of our veterans and their families on and off the battlefield. Their selfless service typifies the greatest love a man can have: giving a life for a brother.

12th Anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001
By Ilario Patano, Director NC Division of Veterans Affairs
The 12th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 is a time for all North Carolinians torefleet on the sacrifices of those volunteers willing to pay the burden for a "Freedom That is Not Free." Last week, USA Today ran a story lamenting the decline in popular support for the war in Afghanistan, making our engagement there not only our nation's longest, but its least popular war. That is truly amazing to me as an "on the street" witness to the horrors and tragedy of 9/11 as well as a veteran of these modem conflicts. How does a war go from being our most popular to our least? This is partially a residual effect of our all-volunteer force which has shifted the burden of our safety to a smaller population of servicemen and women. In the past, six troops may have served a tour in Vietnam. Today, it is one troop serving six times. In fact my friend Mike Duskin, a Chief Warrant officer and assistant "A-Team" leader with the Third Special Forces Group, was killed on his 7th post-9/11 deployment. "Big Mike" left behind a wife, three children and a lot of people that miss him. It is for the heroes like "Big Mike" that we must not allow the anniversary of September 11 to pass without acknowledging our veterans, their families and their many many sacrifices. The composition of our all-volunteer force has changed since the 1973 end of the draft. Today's volunteers draw more often from the South as evidenced by enlistments as well as casualties. In fact, Southern States have sustained casualty rates on average two or three times higher than their Northern brethren. Here in North Carolina we have felt that pain in a unique way. We are home to all the branches of the U.S. Military and Coast Guard but the toll has been felt heaviest in the communities of Ft. Bragg and Camp Lejeune, with some of the prime ground combat elements of both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps as well as 12,000 members of the North Carolina National Guard. We are also home to the U.S. Army Special Forces (the "Green Berets") and the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC), No other state boasts the headquarters of two of the greatest special operations groups in the world.

Correspondence regarding subscription and circulation should be addressed to VFW Leader, P.O. Box 25337, Raleigh, N.C. 27611.

"Department Headquarters normal operating hours 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Closed for holidays: New Years Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day."

Letters to the Editor
Good Day, The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund honors the bravery and dedication exhibited by Americans in our Armed Forces who have sacrificed life or limb defending our country by providing educational scholarships to their children. Thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Guardsmen have been killed defending our great nation and it is our honor to help them achieve the dream of a college education. Thousands more members of our Armed Forces have been permanently disabled, leaving their families in difficult financial situations. Their children - the sons and daughters of America's military heroes(many of whom are now young) will be eligible for a Freedom Alliance Scholarship in the years to come. Freedom Alliance has established a permanent Scholarship Trust Fund to aid the children of these brave Americans, so From VFW National Council Member Jim Goins Greetings Comrades, I hope all is well within your post. I wanted to bring you up to speed on a few items. I have recently returned from Kansas City. I attended the National Council of Administration meeting. Our National Charter Sec. 230101 -Organization currently only refers to men who as soldiers, sailors, marines, and airman served this Nation in wars, campaigns, on foreign soil or in hostile waters, is a federally chartered organization. The council was concerned that it does not state women who now serve in combat roles. It was brought to our attention for us to change this would have to go before Congress. On behalf of our great women comrades the National Headquarters will draw up a resolution to Congress to include men and women as above to our National Charter. I hope that you agree as this is long over due. Our new 2014 Podium shuould be available in that we will be able to help the children of American heroes when it is their turn to attend college. Through the generosity of so many patriotic Americans, the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships for thousands of young Americans, reminding them that their parents' sacrifice will never be forgotten by a grateful nation. There are still scholarships available for the Fall 2013 Academic year. There is no deadline for scholarship applications as it is a rolling admission. Please help us reach as many children of our servicemen as possible. If you have any questions about the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, or want any more information on how to apply, please call 1-800-475-6620 or email us at lnfo@ fascholarship.com. Very respectfully, Freedom Alliance the very near future if you haven't gotten one already. Anyone desiring a life membership can do so in installments and well as Legacy Life. It was suggested to me that due to the cost that if one desires to go this route that they start with Silver and once complete whenever you desire you can go to the next level and do the same until you reach Gold Life Legacy. There is additional information I will share with you at the CoA. This is information for post and district. I thought this above information was exciting and well deserved of our women fighting warriors. Well done comrades. I appreciate each and every one of you. Don't worry ladies, I have not forgotten about you. I hope you know that we as an organization depend on you for support and assistance in this organization, without "YOU", things would be a lot harder on us. Thank You for being a part of this great organization. May GOD BLESS YOU AND OUR UNITED STATES.

The newly renovated and painted VFW State Recruiting Trailer is available for sign out and pick up by contacting the State VFW Headquarters at 919-828-5058. It comes complete with recruiting documents & Patriotic Giveaways.

Getting the Word Out
Chapel Hill - Lee Heavlin, blogmaster Does your post have an identity problem? Do you do a lot, but the local paper ignores you? Do your post members miss out on what is going on because they don't get to meetings? If yes, you are not getting the word out. What can a post do? Go into the publishing business and start its own newspaper to publish post stories. A post can use the VFW NC Department website that is provided to each post at no cost. Posts can use the information now flowing in emails. News coming in to the post commander, adjutant, quartermaster can be cut and pasted into a news story for the web. Stories on post websites are monitored and picked up daily for state-wide distribution. When post stories are broadcast by the state, every subscriber gets to see what is going on at another post. If a post in Durham is hosting a special event or a veterans' stand down, everyone gets the information. Your event may encourage other posts to try the same thing. Local newspapers and radio stations troll the web for veterans information, people to talk to, people honor, and for participants in patriotic events. Post stories are often selected to be reprinted in local papers as letters to the editor or opinion pieces. Our views are important! Local schools have patriotic projects and students look to the internet for information on flag retirements, holidays, the history of local veterans and more. What is on the web about your veterans? Another added benefit that is millions of people have the opportunity to view what you are writing. Did you know that a short Calabash story on Tuskegee airmen gets read about 300 times a day and this has been going on for about a year! Our VFW web sites are getting read! Post web sites also put a face on a local post. This is invaluable to students seeking information on a post to submit their Voice of Democracy, Patriot's Pen, or Scouting Scholarship application. Some posts report that they get inquiries from Virginia and Tennessee from North Carolina students away at boarding school. Their home is here and they need to submit an application. VFW Post web sites were given a new look two years ago. Adding information is easier and we use WordPress as the software of choice. We load the software on a central server and give each post a template and space on the server. There is absolutely no cost to the posts. No fees for access and no monthly charges for server use. Some posts are worried about the complexity of using their website. If someone can create email, then the post has the talent needed. Also, the system is designed to be passed on to another post member to manage. We just grant access and all existing information stays on-line and just as it was before the blogmasters changed. Want more information? Just look at the state website at http://vfwnc.org and look under TOOLS for details on the post websites, how to use them, and how to add impact to your post stories. You will also find information on how to gain access and a password. Are you ready to put on your editor's visor and start your post on-line newspaper?

$10,000 - James R. Peterson, Jr. of Las Vegas, Nevada. $2,000 - Joseph A. Lutheran of Newport, NC $1,000 - Robert L. Barrs of Linden, NC $500 - G. Bruce Sprinkle of King, NC $500 - Joyce Preston of Tryon, NC -:


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Local news items get published by individual posts and the state website locates new news items for broadcast as subscription news. It is All My VFW NC News. How do you subscribe? Just go to the state website and scan down to the subscription box. Visit http:// vfwnc.org and look for:
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JUl/AUG/SEP 2013

Page 3

show. The Durham resident, who enlisted in the Navy in 1942 and became a member of the First Naval Construction Battalion with the famous nickname, said he had never felt so honored in his life. "When you get my age, you only have a few words left," Smith said to laughter at the close of the ceremony. But he added: "I have been blessed so much in my life, and I've had a wonderful life."

Douglas Morton, commander of Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atlantic, also presented him with flags. Morton said Smith and others had faith while living on ships during World War II that the new Seabees would make a difference. "You left a legacy that I can carryon today," said Morton, a North Carolina native.

Gov. Pat McCrory couldn't attend because of his schedule, but Lt. Smith, a Kinston native, served in Gov. Dan Forest presented to ERNIE AllIs the Navy for more than three years, Smith on his behalf the Order of working in the Pacific theater the Long Leaf Pine award. Smith, Comrades, The first quarter is behind us, as he and other Navy tradesmen who attended the event with wife, and it has been a busy one. With built airfields and a hospital to Betty, and his daughter, Beverly, the National Convention, Flying help the war effort. After return- has failing eyesight but walked to Squadrons and our District meet- ing from the war, he worked for the lectern by himself to receive it ings, time has been flying-by. I was 30 years in the building supply and make remarks. very pleased to see that so many business, and later worked in the of you have shown interest in funeral business before retiring Earlier in the event, Forest recalled what was going on 100 years ago: the Flying Squadrons' Training. I at 95. Woodrow Wilson was president, hope you have learned something new that will prove useful at your Politicians and officials from the Henry Ford began his assembly Posts. My sincere thanks to Posts Navy, Marine Corps and North line process to manufacture cars 2514 New Bern, 5631 Sanford, Carolina National Guard lauded and World War I hadn't begun. and 5206 Hendersonville for Smith's generation for its military Forest looked at Smith - walking service, and Smith himself for his tall with a full head of hair and hosting all of us. resilience. Born on Aug. 27, 1913, sharp wit - and quipped: "Jerry, To the Comrades, ladies, and weighing only 1 pound, 8 ounces, you don't look a day over 67." Men's Auxiliaries who worked Smith survived thanks in part to hard to make our stay (and meals) his grandmother's resolve to care Smith took pleasure in the comfor him, U.S. Sen. Richard Burr pliments, telling Forest it's a good enjoyable - Outstanding Job! told the several dozen in atten- sign: "That means I'm going to stay here a long time. " I would like to share with you a dance. recent event I attended on your behalf by representing the VFW. "Jerry started this world as a chal- Commanders Note: Jerry is a life Here is the reprinted article from lenge at best," Burr said before member in our organization and the Observer for all of you to presenting him with an American it was with humility and pride flag that flew over the U.S. I was able to shake this man's enjoy. Capitol. He added: "There's no hand, and thank him for his serRALEIGH, N.C. - The military person of my generation that can vice. What a unique privilege you and North Carolina politicians thank those of you that fought have all given me to meet this celebrated the 100th birthday of the Second World War sufficient- remarkable person and celebrate one of the U.S. Navy's original ly for the sacrifices you made, for his legacy and that of the VFW. Seabees on Tuesday as Jerry Smith the opportunities that we have As we begin preparation for the was feted at the governor's man- today." next quarter, armed with new sion with speeches, special flags Maj. Gen. Greg Lusk, adjutant information and training, there and other souvenirs. general of the North Carolina remains much to do. After we all But it was Smith who stole the National Guard, and Rear Admiral get a well-deserved rest, we need

mail. Someone will be there to help. You have line officers who care about your concerns and past department commanders located across the state that can assist you and offer help or advice. In addition, these past commanders and current line officers offer a wealth All posts located near a National of knowledge and experience, and Guard or Reserve unit need to have "been there, done that". You consider utilizing the popular may have noticed that changes Adopt-A-Unit program to assist are starting to happen, and that the unit members and their fam- we are a team dedicated to doing ilies. Contact Bill Green to nav- whatever it takes to make our igate the process of adoption. state successful and our members He is well versed in the rules proud of their affiliation. and applications and is ready to help. Bill is the National Military No problem is insurmountable; Services Chairman and his phone unless left unattended. If you number is on the State roster. think nobody notices, or nobody This is a worthwhile program cares, think again. Remember, you and as a post, you will not regret have a responsibility and ownergetting involved. The families are ship of what goes on in your post, appreciative of our efforts and we district, and at department. Know your by-laws, and follow through make lasting relationships. accordingly. Any problem can At a couple of meetings, I have (and should) be dealt with early heard the statement "we don't on. Take the Barney Fife approach do community service; we're here and "nip it in the bud" before it only for the veterans". Comrades, becomes unmanageable. it is true that our first and foremost priority is veterans. However, our In closing, I would like to remind mission includes the communities everyone that we have comrades where all service men and women out there who for whatever realive. We must strive to be good will son can't get out and about. We ambassadors in all communities miss them at the C of A's and across the state. We honor those regular meetings. One of our Past who have served and honor the Department Commanders, Mike departed who served by helping Burris, has been noticeably absent the living. Our activities in our as of late, and having difficulties communities keep our mission getting out to be with us for quite public. This helps us two fold - some time. He and others across in participation of our outreach the state have been unable to programs, along with our visibil- travel or attend VFW gatherings. ity to veterans in and around our Take the time to stop by, make a communities. I strongly encour- call, or send a note. let them know age you, your posts, and districts, you are thinking of them and miss to consider educational, patriotic, them; hoping to see them again, and other worthwhile commu- soon. nity services as an integral part of your mission. As always, if Until the next meeting, your post is having problems, Yours in Comradeship, or you do not understand some- Ernie Allis thing, pick up the phone and give Commander us a call, send an email, or snail to focus our energies to insure that our progress will continue. Of particular interest this quarter, I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding families, communities, and members we have not seen for awhile.

how much you know until they know how much you care. Be a force in your post. Nothing can happen in your post without your approval. Do not let the good works of your post erode because you the members do not come to the monthly post meetings. You the individual member are the most important element of our organization. Nothing happens without your say so and vote. If you don't attend the meetings then you send a message to the leadership that whatever they do is okay with you.

feel that State Commander Ernie Allis, State Senior Vice Commander Jack Goin and myself make a great leadership team, but we cannot do it alone. Also, I would like to thank all the comrades, ladies auxiliary and men's auxiliary members, and department level presenters for attending our three flying squadron training sessions. Each of these sessions were outstanding and like you, I learned a lot myself! In fact, it was very impressive to see a lot of new post commanders and quartermasters in attendance. Now let's take this information and share it during your district and post meetings. It is time to crack up district and post inspections, core programs, and membership. Remember, participation in all three core programs is a requirement for AllState and All-American status. Let's not forget that our Ladies Auxiliary and Men's Auxiliary are very important parts of our organization, and a valuable resource for volunteers to assist in our many programs and activities. Please include both auxiliaries in all your post functions! I am positive that as a team, we can overcome any challenge we face and accomplish every goal we set as we strive to serve our veterans and their families. Again, I would like to thank all of you for electing me as your State Junior Vice Commander. Please feel free to contact any of us at the state level if you need guidance, assistance, or if you have any questions. I look forward to serving you - "One Team, Serving Veterans." May God continue to bless our troops, their families, and our great nation. Yours in comradeship, Jessie Bellflowers State Junior Vice Commander

Greetings Comrades, I hope you all had a safe and good summer. It is now time to get down to business in your posts and districts. You should all be working on our core programs for the year. We held our flying squadron training session's during the month of August. All of the Department chairpersons and presenter's supplied your officers with the tools needed to participate in the programs for this year. It is now up to you the leaders of our great organization to fulfill you duties for which you took the oath of office when your membership elected you. I challenge all of our members to ask themselves why did I join this great organization. All of us joined for a reason and for most of us it was to give back--not to take. No one knows

Always remember what the purpose of the Veterans of Foreign Wars is about, we are here to serve all veterans. We all took an oath when we answered our countries call or volunteered to serve and protect this great country of ours. It's now time for us to protect all veterans who served and were promised that we would be taken care of after our time in the service. We can only do that by maintaining our membership numbers but increase them so we remain strong in numbers. "Believe in what you do-Do what you believe in." Thank you for what you did in the past-what you do today-and what you will do in the future. Thank you for what you do for all veterans Yours, Jack Goin

JEssIE BEllflOwERs Comrades, I would like to personally thank all of you for having trust and confidence in me as your State Junior Vice Commander for the coming year. I am humbled and proud to serve you! I

is the year the VFW uses. While springtime is over and fall has begun, it is the beginning of the VFW's program year. Elections are over, Installations held and Conventions ended, now we start to work. At the Spring CofA, I want to schedule a time to meet with our Chaplains. The time and location will be announced. It isn't an official meeting, but a fellowship gathering. This is a chance for all Chaplains, no matter what level and no matter what membership, to meet and share ideas or thoughts. To share "best practices" or areas of concern. There are three projects I hope to expand on this year and all are based on the "keystone" of communication. Effective communication is when there is both a working transmitter and a working receiver. I want to hear your ideas. I want to know how you feel I can assist you in your position as Chaplain. So pass the word, have your Chaplain in the loop. Your Chaplain can't attend, but you feel they would be interested in what is passed? Come in their place and give them the info. I start this year as I did last year, ready to work! I have one year of VFW Dept education under my belt. What does that mean? I know enough to know I don't know, but know how to ask. By the grace of our Lord, I will only be as good in this position as the membership will allow. You need me, you call me. Until then, may God Bless!

Sometimes, I find myself in awe of the different calendars I have in my life. How a year begins and how it doesn't always start at the same time. There is the year as we know it on our calendars at home. There is the Governments "Fiscal" year. And there

Page 4 JUL/AUG/SEP 2013

The Department of North Carolina has announced that its next Council of Administration meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites hotel in Greensboro from 7-9 February 2014. The Embassy Suites is located just off-40 at Exit 210, and can be easily seen from the interstate highway. The last Council meeting, held from 4-6 October 2013, at the same location, was a great success. Chief among the decisions made was to make The VFW Leader newspaper primarily an electronic product, but also insuring that all comrades/members who send in the coupon on the front of this issue will continue to receive a paper copy. The coupon will be featured on the front page of the December and March issues as well, to insure that all comrades get a chance to ask for their paper copy, and it will be mailed several times to all posts for further distribution. The theme for the February Council meeting is the Voice of Democracy/Patriot Pen Banquet and competitions. Dress code will be formal for those who wish to

C of A Set for Feb
wear tuxedo's or gowns. If not, comrades are requested to wear coat and tie and ladies a nice dress or pant suit to the banquet. All 17 winners of the VOD contest from the 17 districts are expected to be at the banquet, and the top 3 Patriot Pen winners will be there as well. On the VOD side of the house, which is an oral essay competition for high schoolers, the first place winner receives $3000 in scholarships, $1500 for the second place winner, and $1000 for the third place winner. On the Patriot Pen side, which is a written essay competition for middle schoolers, first place gets a $500 check, second place $400, and third place $300. Attendees can call the Embassy Suites for reservations at 336-6684535, and asking for the VFW rate of $115. The cost of the suite also entitles all the attendees to a free hot breakfast each morning and two free drinks at the Manager's Reception each evening. In addition, the Department will host a large hospitality room with DJ music.

Cedar Point Girl National Convention By-Laws Buddy Poppy Queen
national and state-level veterans' service programs. These monies will help the Department of North Carolina to pay for our veterans' service program out of the VA Regional Center in WinstonSalem, where State Service Officer Cleo Summers has an office and an assistant. Further, this means that when a post quartermaster sends in the National/Department porFirst, a $10 dues increase for tion of the post dues to National, annual members was approved, which is now set at $21.25, this to include continuous, reinstated, will become $31.25 effective 1 and new members. Posts do not January. need to increase their post dues to meet this increase, as National Second, the post-level offices of Headquarters will automatically Surgeon and Judge Advocate are raise all post dues amounts by the now appointive, instead of elec$10 on 1 January 2014. For exam- tive offices. Since each comrade ple, if a post dues are currently can hold one elective office at $30 per year, they will automat- the post level and any number ically become $40 per year on 1 of appointive offices, this means, January. Of this amount, $1 will for example, that the Senior be returned to the Department Vice Commander could be the Headquarters, $2 will be budget- Surgeon or the Quartermaster ed at the discretion of the National could be the Judge Advocate. Council of Administration, and This leaves the elective offices $6 will go toward the VFW's of the post as the Commander, The VFW National Convention floor met in Louisville, Kentucky, in July of this year, and passed several important changes to the National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure. These changes will appear in the 2013-14 edition of the Podium Edition of the By-Laws, but listed below are the major changes. Senior Vice Commander, Junior Vice Commander, Quartermaster, Chaplain, and three Trustees. Therefore, current possible appointive offices are Surgeon, Judge Advocate, Adjutant, Officer of the Day, Service Officer, and Guard. Third, it is clarified that elected committee members are not officers at the Department level, and may hold a different elective office. Fourth, there was no proposal or vote this year to combine the Ladies and Men's Auxiliary organizations or to give a National structure to the Men's Auxiliary. Fifth, when a post or district is suspended, instead of a Special Board of Trustees being appointed to oversee their affairs, an Administrative Committee will be appointed. This committee will have the same powers as a current Special Board of Trustees.

Haley Brianna Ipock, age 12 of Cedar Point, North Carolina, has been named as the Buddy Poppy Queen for this year. She is the granddaughter of Nelson and Rosa Smallwood of Newport, and was sponsored by Swansboro Post 9960. Haley was chosen for this honor over five other nominees, all of whom would have made a fine Queen. There is no Buddy Poppy King this year, as there were no boy nominees. The Buddy Poppy King and Queen contest is unique to North Carolina, and honors one boy and one girl who have given extensive time to honor veterans and use the Buddy Poppy. Haley has been in Veterans Day parades, handing out poppies, and has participated in numerous poppy drives. She also helps decorate floats for the V A parade, hands out flags to veterans at the post Memorial Day Cook-out, helps veterans' widows and wives with yard work, volunteers an the post bingo operation, and volunteers at the Carteret County Humane Society. The following is the speech Haley delivered at the Buddy Poppy Queen Reception at the Embassy Suites hotel at the Fall Council of Administration meeting on Saturday, 5 October: "Since 1918, this small red flower, inspired by the poem 'In Flander's Fileds,' has been adopted by veterans' organizations around the world as a reminder of what our veterans have sacrificed. All donations raised from the Buddy Poppies are used to help veterans, active duty personnel, widows, and children that are in need of help.

Haley Brianna Ipock in the Veterans' Day Parade for about 9 years. I also go on the Buddy Poppy drives to get donations to help people. You never sell a Buddy Poppy - when somebody asks how much they cost, I just say whatever you can donate is appreciated. I tell them the money goes to help veterans, and the VFW's National Home for Children and whatever assistance they need. The donations also help with the income of the disabled veterans that make the poppies. As a granddaughter of a veteran and a great-granddaughter of three veterans, and a great-greatgranddaughter of a veteran, the poppy drive is my way of saying Thank You to all active duty and veterans for my freedom and for the freedom of everyone in America.

Boy Scout Trying to Build War on Terror Memorial
from ABC 11, in Raleigh, NC: Labclocal.go.com/ w t vd / s t o r y ? s e c t i o n = n e w s / local&id=9153314 Anyone can support this project. David already has donations from all over the nation, as well as some foreign countries. "For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know". Andrew L. Jackson NCNG Transition Assistance Advisor Office: 919-664-6573 1-800-621-4136 ex 46573 Cell: 919-810-6412 4105 Reedy Creek Road Raleigh, NC 27607 Andrew.l.jackson8.ctr@mail. mil

Please share, and let's help this piece of metal from the World young boy scout build a War on Trade Center. Terror Memorial. Please help support the War David Griffith is a Boy Scout on Terror Memorial. David is from Fuquay-Varina, NC. He selling personalized bricks to is working to build a War on fund the project. He needs to Terror memorial at the Holly sell 1000 bricks, and he still Springs Veterans Park, in Holly has a ways to go. The plan is Springs, NC. The endeavor to have the memorial completstarted as an Eagle Scout proj- ed in time for a dedication on ect to honor David's broth- Saturday, June 14, 2014. That er who died in Afghanistan in day has special meaning, as it is December, 2011. It has grown both Flag Day, and the birthday into a memorial to honor every- of David's brother, who was the one who has paid the ultimate inspiration for the project. sacrifice for this great nation since September 11, 2001. The Learn more about the proj ect memorial will be located in a here: thatsmybrick.com/eagletranquil setting, at the Holly scoutdg. Purchase a personali Springs Veterans Park, where zed brick here: www.thatsmyit can be seen daily by men, b r i c k . c o m / e a g l e s c o u t d g / women, & children. It will con- design-brick.php. tain a large pentagonshaped piece of granite, as well as a Watch a video about David

When you hold a Buddy Poppy in your hand and you think about all the lives that have been lost, I am very thankful for my family, friends, and God, and our veterans and their families. I know they need all the help they can get. That is why the I have been helping with the Buddy Poppy is so important. Buddy Poppies since I was a little girl. I help my Nannie and God Bless America!!" Poppy decorate floats to pull

(TRICARE PRIME SERVICE AREA (PSA) REDUCTIONS As of 1 October 2013, Tricare Prime will no longer be available to beneficiaries living in certain areas in the United States. Prime Service Areas (PSAs) are geographic areas where Tricare Prime is offered. PSAs were created to ensure medical readiness of the active duty force by augmenting the capability and capacity of military treatment facilities (MTFs). The affected areas are not close to existing MTFs and have never augmented care around MTF or Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) locations.

VA & Tricare News
Medicare processes first and Tricare processes second. Although Veteran Affairs (VA) facilities are TRICARE-authorized, they aren't Medicare-certified and can't bill Medicare. Currently when a beneficiary gets care at VA facility for non-service connected care, Tricare pays 80 for Tricare covered services, leaving the beneficiary with the remaining 20 of the Tricare allowable charge. without health coverage.


JUl/AUG/SEP 2013

Aide De-Camp. It was with great pride being presented with the colors as your President, accompanied by our Sr and Jr Vice Presidents. It has been a busy year so far with the 3 Flying Squadron sessions. We were able to meet so many Sisters and Comrades. The National President's Homecoming was a wonderful experience, as we visited New Orleans and saw the history - especially the site of the Battle of New Orleans fought in the War of 1812. On October 28th, I and two color bearers will present the colors at the first Celebrating America's Freedom Event in Vicksburg, MS. Then it's on to Southern Conference. On a lighter note I have visited with District 1 and attended the annual VA hospital dinner for 2 busloads of patients held at Post 7312 Sunbury. We had so much fun and the ladies danced with the patients. How awesome! During this year I hope to visit, as many Auxiliary's as possible and to participate in your community events with you. Remember that our lovely, gracious and energetic National President Armithia "Sissy" Borel will be with us 21-23 November in Fayetteville. See your General Orders for information. Ladies, one last reminder - REPORT what you do. National sets the goals we are required to meet for each program. It is through reporting that we are allowed by Congress to maintain our nonprofit status. An important note: one of our VFW families has been selected as the "National Military Volunteer Family of the Year" and will be traveling to Washington to receive this honor. It also gave media coverage on the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary and Jr Girls. In closing. what an honor to be elected as your President and to represent you all. I am just a phone call away or in person via Skype. Loyally .... Penny

For other than line of duty and direct care, Tricare is considered MEC. For purchase care plans (TRS, TRR, TYA and Continued Health Care Benefit program) individuals must be paying plan premiums to have MEC. For more information please go to www.tricare.mil/aca. VA BENEFITS TRAUMATIC SERVICE MEMBER'S GROUP LIFE INSURANCE (TSGLI) Traumatic Service member's Group Life Insurance is a Congressionally-mandated insurance program that provides shortterm financial support to traumatically injured Soldiers and their families through a one-time payment effective December 1, 2005 . TSGLI is bundled with SGU- premium was increased by $1 to accommodate traumatic coverage. TSGU provides payments of $25,000 up to $100,000 to members of the uniformed services covered by SGU who sustain certain specified losses as a result of a traumatic injury. Like SGU, TSGLI covers a service member 24/7. HOW TSGLI HELPS INJURED SOLDIERS TSGLI is designed to assist with unanticipated expenses and/or help with a head start on life after recovery. Payment amount varies depending on the injury. Free financial counseling is available for Soldiers from Financial Point. TSGLI is a one-time financial assistance-NOT income replacement. TSGLI does not replace any other VA benefits. WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR TSGLI Soldiers who elect Service members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) coverage and incur a qualifying traumatic injury after 1 December 2005, regardless of their component (Active, Reserve or National Guard) or the location in which they incurred the injury. Survivors of service members who died more than seven days after their injuries are also eligible to receive TSGU payment if the member had a covered loss.

Beginning 1 October 2013, this will change! When a beneficiary gets non-service connected care at a VA facility, Tricare will only pay200/0 of the Tricare allowable charge and the beneficiary is IMPACT ON TRICARE PRIME responsible for the remaining 80. ENROLLEES - ACTIVE DUTY This is the same as when a beneSERVICE MEMBERS: Tricare ficiary gets care from a provider enrollments for active duty ser- who opts out of Medicare. vice members, including activated National Guard and Reserve PRIME ENROLLMENT FEE members, will not be affected by INCREASE Tricare Prime enrollPSA reductions. They will remain ment fees increase October 1, enrolled in Tricare Prime or 2013. As you know, Prime enrollTricare Prime Remote, as appro- ment fees are subject to increases priate. each fiscal year based on the Costof-Living Adjustment (COLA), ACTIVE DUTY FAMILY MEM- as authorized by the National BERS: Active duty family mem- Defense Authorization Act bers enrolled in Tricare Prime (NOAA) for FY 2012. The Prime in affected PSAs will remain in fees for FY2014 are: • Individual: Tricare Prime as long as they are $273.84 in the same location and eligi- • Family: $547.68 ble. As always, active duty family members also have the option of Remember, survivors of active using the Tricare Standard pro- duty deceased sponsors and medgram. ically retired members and their dependents are exempt from the RETIREES AND DEPEN- annual increases. Beneficiaries in DENTS: Retirees and their family those categories who enroll in members who are not enrolled in Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 pay the FY a remaining PSA will be disen- 2013 amount until they lose elirolled from Tricare Prime as of gibility or have a break in Prime October 1, 2013. Those affect- coverage. Fees for these beneficiaed have the option of using the ries are "frozen" at the rate when Tricare Standard program, which they were classified and enrolled is the basic entitlement by law, or in Prime as long as the policy Tricare Extra. Tricare Extra offers remains active. Current fees for additional savings to beneficia- Prime are available at www.triries who use network providers. care.mi/costs. Retirees and family Tricare Prime at an MTF or with a primary TRICARE RESERVE SELECT care manager in a remaining PSA. (TRS) MONTHLY PREMIUMS To do so, they must fill out a Tricare Reserve Select premium new Tricare Prime Enrollment rates are established on a calendar Application and Primary Care year basis. Manager (PCM) Change Form 2013 Monthly Rate thru(DD Form 2876) and sign Section ough Dec. 2013: Member only V waiving their drive-time stan- $51.62 per month, Member/ dards. Beneficiaries should be Family $195.81 per month. 2014 aware that waiving drive-time Monthly Rate beginning January standards may require them to 2014, Member Only $51.68 per drive long distances for primary month, Member / Family $204.79 and specialty care. per month. TRICARE VOUNG ADULT (TVA) PRIME: TYA Prime enrollees affected by PSA changes who have active duty sponsors may remain in TYA Prime as long as they are in same location and eligible. TYA Prime enrollees who have retired sponsors and who reside in affected PSAs may be able to waive their drive time standards and fill out a new Tricare Young Adult Application (DO Form 2947) to reenroll in TYA Prime at an MTF or with a primary care manager in a remaining PSA. Those who do not reenroll in TYA Prime can purchase coverage under TYA Standard, which is $152 monthly, compared with $176 for TYA Prime. Note: Affected beneficiaries may also have the option to enroll in the US Family Health Plan (USFHP), a Tricare Prime option available through networks of not-for-profit health care systems in six areas of the US. For more information visit: www.tricare/ usfhp. TRICARE FOR LIFE AND VETERAN AFFAIRS CLAIMS

Greetings Sisters, Where has the time gone? It has been 3 months since Convention and so much has happened already! Where did the time go! First, your line officers and I want to say "Thank You" for all the hard work you have done on Membership. It is awesome. "Wow!" As of today we are at 80.24 with 124 new members. Are you ready for this? We have 2 new Auxiliaries (12312 Maggie Valley and 2019 Mt Airy), and a new Jr Girls Unit sponsored by Auxiliary 670 Fayetteville. And there are 2 more Auxiliaries in the making. What a wonderful year. But sadly we lost 2 Auxiliaries due to lack of membership. Let me share some of the exciting things going on before I share the news around the Department. In July we traveled to the National Convention in Louisville, where the hard work all of you accomplished last year paid off for several programs. We won in 4 areas: Cancer Aid and Research, we qualified as runner-up and received a prism crystal plaque & $100; Legislative and Scholarships each received a first place plate w/ stand and a $200 award; Chief of Staff/ Extension Received 1st place with $200; Hospital was runner-up with a certificate and $100. We also had a National

RETROACTIVE TSGLI As of October 1, 2011, the Service members' Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection TRICARE RETIRED RESERVE Benefit will be payable for all qual(TRR) MONTHLY PREMIUMS ifying injuries incurred during 2013 Monthly Rate through Dec. the period October 7, 2001 to 2013, Member only $402.11 per November 30, 2005, regardless of month, member/family $969.10 where they occurred and regardper month. 2014 Monthly rate less of whether the member has beginning Jan. 2014, Member SGLI coverage at the time of the only $390.99, Member/Family injury. The Veterans' Benefit Act of 2010 removes the requirement $956.65 per month. that injuries during this period be INITIAL PREMIUM PAYMENT incurred in Operations Enduring For TRS and TRR you must sub- or Iraqi Freedom. mit an initial two month premium payment with your completed Applications for the retroactive form to begin coverage. The initial TSGU can be accepted by the premium payment can be paid by Branch of Services TSGLI Offices, check, money order or cashier's benefits will not be paid until check (payable to the regional October 1, 2011, the effective date contractor), or by debit/credit of the law. card (Visa/Mastercard). A Qualifying Traumatic Injury is an injury or loss caused by AFFORDABLE CARE ACT On Tuesday, October 1, 2013, application of external force or enrollment for healthcare cover- violence (a traumatic event) OR age under the Affordable Care Act a condition whose cause can be (ACA) begins. Unless, exempt- directly linked to a traumatic ed, all Americans must have the event. Examples would be loss of Minimum Essential Coverage hand or foot by severance at or (MEC) in place ... by January 1, above the wrist or ankle, loss of 2014 to fulfill the individual cov- speech, or paraplegia. erage mandate or may be required to pay a fee ("shared responsibility payment") for each month

If you want to dramatically increase your post attendance at your post meetings, you are urged to contact Indian Trail Post 2423 Commander Brian Boze at 704-243-1475 or State Membership Chairman (and 2423 member) Jack Campbell at 704-882-2172 for advice. By judicious use of a phone tree and many active projects at once, they PACK THEM IN. At their February post meeting, 83 OUT OF 337 COMRADES ATTENDED. THAT IS AN ASTONISHING 25 ATTENDANCE RATE, THE HIGHEST IN THE STATE.


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STEPHEN AMOS, USMC RETIRED Candidate for Jr·Vice Commander 2014·2015

N.C. VFW to Support The All American Ride & Glide Event
The Department of North Carolina's Council of Administration approved a motion to support the upcoming All American Ride and Glide event, to occur on 2 November in Wake Forest. The support will include communicating the event to the comrades, Auxiliary sisters, and Auxiliary brothers, and urging the posts to put the event on their calendars. The Department will not contribute funds for the event, but posts are allowed to help fund it from their Relief Fund if they desire to do so. The idea for the event got started by a group called the Wake Forest Veterans Memorial. Its original intent was merely to maintain the veterans' memorial site in Wake Forest, but their focus is now on soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who have lost limbs to lED's and other combat causes. The Memorial group is concerned that mobility for limbless veterans is an issue that will not heal and does not get better. Fatigue is an issue with these veterans, and covering long distances is still out of range for many of them. The organization's answer to this problem is to issue SEGWAY moving devices to deserving veterans. Segway devices allow for fast, long range, all weather, all terrain navigation and has a zero turning radius. Riders can stand upright on the Segway, holding on the shoulder-level handlebars. The problem with the issuance of the device to deserving veterans is that it was not designed and is not designated as a medical device. Therefore, it is not able to paid for by medical insurance, benefits, or any type of government grant, to include VA. The device enables disabled veterans to stand up and move about at the same head level as normal people, instead of being confined to a sitting position in a wheelchair or electric cart. Each Segway costs about $10,000. Supporting this event along with the VFW are organizations that include the Hendrick Automotive Group, Golden Corral restaurants, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, the Whitley Law Form, and Segs4Vets, a charity with similar goals. Major General Bert Maggart, former Executive Vice President of RTI International, has signed on to assist with strategic planning. Posts are encouraged to communicate with the Memorial's action officer, Mr. Lester Burleson, at les.burleson@gmail.

In 1982 I accepted the 1st important and only permanent title the VFW has to offer, that of Comrade. Regardless of what position you are appointed or elected to we are all Comrades. Elected officers should be there to assist the Comrades at whatever level they are elected at. The goal of every elected officer should be to leave that position 'in better shape than it was when,they were elected. To accomplish that goal you must have'the support of the Comrades at the Post and. District level. Your state officers should travel the state to visit District's and Post. The best way to encou'rage Comrades to work membership and the core programs is to get out into state and work with them. The most important thing about being a Comrade in the VFW is to "honor the dead by helping the living."

com. Registration for the Ride and Glide is at www.sportoften.com, keyword search "All American." Post support could include donations from the Relief Fund, communicating to its members, showing up for the actual event with cap on Saturday, 2 November in Wake Forest, and possibly participating in the 30-60-100 mile bike ride.

With the support of the Comrades of our Department, I will do everything I can to help all Comrades live up to that motto. No one does more for Veterans than the Comrades of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Thank you for Your'support.

Dues Increase Information
In accordance with the actions taken by the delegates of the 114th VFW National Convention, Bylaw Amendment B-14 to amend Section 606 - National Dues was approved. The result is that the National Organization portion of Dues shall now be $21.50. This increase will become effective January 1, 2014. This dues increase of $10.00 will automatically be increased by the National organization on January 1, 2014. Therefore, there is "no action" required by the Posts in your Department since the entire increase of $10.00 will be reflected in the National portion of the dues remittance. If any post in your Department has already increased their dues in anticipation of this increase, the Post Quartermaster can go to the Officer Change Notification section (under the heading of Election Reports) of the VFW Online Membership System and adjust the Post portion of their dues accordingly. Please note that a Pop-up text box will be inserted on the Officer Change Notification to ensure that Posts are aware that they do not have to adjust their Post dues to reflect this National increase unless they choose to do so. The Enrollment payment for the Life Membership Installment Plan will increase from $35.00 to $45.00 beginning January 1, 2014. As a result of an administrative oversight, an amendment was inadvertently not prepared to amend Section 102 (Members-AtLarge). Because of the lack of a proposed amendment, there will be "no increase' in the Department at Large (DAL) membership dues at this time. This will be addressed by a proposed amendment from the Commander-in-Chief for presentation at the 115th National Convention. Lastly, a letter was sent to each Post Quartermaster in early September detailing the Dues Inrease and how it affects their Post. However, I would suggest that you take appropriate steps to notify your Post and District Officers of this information as early as possible. Should you have any questions about this dues increase or the information shared above, please feel free to contact the Member Dues Processing Department at 1-800-963-3180.

VFW Programs Report
VFW PROGRAMS REPORT TO THE VFW NATlONAL COUNCIL OF ADMINISTRATION Submitted: 08/16/13, Dan Parker, Director, Programs Voice of Democracy Audio/Essay Contest (Grades 9-12) - 66th year • Invested $1,963,539 in the program and in scholarships and incentives (3.2 increase) • 39,571 students participated (15.4 decline) • Fifty-four national scholarships totaling $152,000, $30,000 first place. Patriot's Pen Youth Essay Contest (Grade 6-8) - 17th year • Invested $1,100,263 in the program and incentives (6.6 decline) • 104,543 students participated (17.7 decline) • Forty-five national awards totaling $46,000 - 1st Place Award is $5,000. Buddy Poppy • 2012-2013 Buddy Poppy distribution 10.14 million (1.9 increase) • Money raised - approximately $13 million plus Community Service • VFW & its Auxiliaries performed 11,915,591 hours {37.9 increase} of volunteer community service valued at $312,599,142.72 (32.2 increase) and donated or expended $48,787,967,50 (1.1 increase) in the completion of these efforts. Citizenship Education & Teacher Awards • Provided U.S. Flag education and etiquette in more than 8 thousand classrooms last year. • Veterans shared their experiences with more than 200,000 students last year. • VFW Citizenship Education Teacher's Awards honored 1,349 teachers (.7 increase) from 1,443 schools (2.2 increase) with $253,906.55 in awards {19.6 increase}. Youth Activities (Scouting, JROTC, Cadet Programs) • VFW Posts sponsored nearly 1,300 Scouting units comprising more than 40,000 Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venture Scouts and Sea Scouts and adult leaders. • VFW honored three Scouts of the Year with a $5,000, $3,000 and $1,000 scholarship from nominated Eagle Scouts, Venture Silver Award and Sea Scout Quartermaster Award recipients. VFW honored than 1,800 Eagle Scouts with a letter from the VFW Commander-in-Chief • VFW Posts honored thousands of ROTC, JROTC, Civil Air Patrol and Naval Sea Cadets. • Resolution 305, passed at the 11ih VFW National Convention officially identified the Girl Scouts of the United States of America as a VFW Youth Activity. The 2012-13 Scout of the Year competition saw 13 GSUSA Gold Award recipients winning at the Department level and Sabina Manzini of the Department of Nevada was the Scout of the Year Third Place national winner.

Contract Awarded to New VA Clinic
Fayetteville - The VA Mid-Atlantic health Care Network has awarded a contract to build a new Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Sanford to Construction Managers, Inc. of Fremont, N.C. Veterans residing in and around Lee County will have enhanced access to VA health care when the new 10,000 sq. feet VA clinic opens next year at 1248 Broadway Road in Sanford. The clinic is slated to provide primary care and mental health services to about 5,000 Veterans. The award covers the construction of the clinic and a five year lease with five one year extensions. The total cost of the lease for the 10 year period is approximately $2.5 million. Construction Managers Inc., completed the new clinic in Goldsboro which opened in July and have also been awarded the contract to build the new clinic in Jacksonville, N.C. Construction is expected to begin after the first of the year with completion expected by October. The clinic should begin seeing patients by December 2014. Veterans currently enrolled at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center who live closer to the new clinic will be given priority for care there. Prior to the new facility opening, the Fayetteville VA Medical Center will review their list Veterans who may benefit from transferring to the new clinic and inform them of the option.


JUl/AUG/SEP 2013


Spotlight on Newton Post 5305 Activities

A check for $350.00 was contributed by the Newton Post 5305 for the Conover School Toy Run for Special Children.

The Conquer The Beast annual motorcycle poker run at Newton Post 5305. $1359.50 was raised to help Sandy Price's battle against breast cancer.

Veterans Day barbecue cooks getting ready at Newton Post 5303.

Newton Post 5305 contributed $500.00 to the Newton Conover High School Football uniform fund drive committee. L to R: Commlander Larry Teague, Trustee Gene Pepe, Fundraising Chairman Jim Wilson, N-CHS assistant coach Brent Russell, House Committee Member J.B. Stearns, and Quartermaster Lonnie Bollinger.

Ready to barbecue at Newton Post 5305 on Veterans Day.

A great retirement ceremony in the area around Newton Post 5305. It was spearheaded by the post, the local boy scouts, and District 14 Commander Allen Payne.

A generous check was given to the local Boy Scouts by Newton Post 5305 in front of their impressive post home, complete with helicopter!

Greensboro Post 2087

Greensboro Post 2087 Past Commander Wallace Estes handing out well deserved rewards to their local JROTC unit.

Greensboro Post 2087 Commander Nate Degraffenreaidt shading himself at the Fun Fest, and doing some recruiting too!

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Honoring Veterans

The dream and vision of a handful of area veterans of creating a large-scale veterans memorial on a parcel of land in Triad Park became a reality Friday as shovel met earth during a special groundbreaking ceremony at the future site of the Carolina Field of Honor. An estimated 600 people attended the evening event, with members of the War Memorial Foundation (WMF) each taking a shovel to turn the first mounds of dirt on what is already considered hallowed ground by many. "It was one of the most emotional things I've ever seen" said Kernersville resident Roger Stockton, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and member ot the WMF Board of Directors. "It was the most reverent group of people who really look at the ground as hallowed ground". The $5 million veterans memorial has been a labor of love for all those involved, from securing a central site in the Triad and garnering the Guilford counties, which co-own Triad Park, to generating support among individuals, organizations and communities. "It was great and a very heart felt and emotional ceremony" said Bill Moss, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who first contrived the idea of building a veterans memorial in the Triad and who knew the perfect spot when he saw it from above while flying over the area scouting possible locations. For Moss and his compatriots, the last six-and-a-half years have been spent successfully completing their own special mission, with each day tackled as only a military veteran could, with commitment and passion. When they were told they couldn't do it, not in this economic climate, it only made the group dig deeper. It's no wonder then that Friday felt just a little bit like Christmas. "For us, Santa has arrived with our Tinker Toys and Legos, and now it's time to build," said Stockton. Build they will, with a targeted dedication date for the Carolina Field of Honor veterans memorial set for this coming Memorial Day on May 26, 2014. "All the building permits have been issued, so we're good to go" said Stockton. Kernersville Mayor Dawn Morgan attended Friday's groundbreaking ceremony. She was surrounded by veterans and their families and thought one display was especially moving. It was a really heartwarming ceremony. There was one individual who brought the boots and hat of a, family member who was killed in Iraq to represent the fallen. It was very moving that we had that kind of involvement," said Morgan. Morgan was referring to Devon Yokely, whose brother, Lance Corporal Kevin Adam Lucas, was killed in Iraq in 2006. She placed her brother's boots and cover on a chair next to the groundbreaking site while Rich Rohme, a rider with the North Carolina Patriots Guard, stood guard. "It was a powerful statement about why this memorial is so important;" said Morgan. "It honors the sacrifice of those willing to have a personal commitment to defend our freedom. What a great memorial this will be and a reminder to all of us about the sacrifices those in the w military have made." According to those with the WMF, an estimated 150,000 veterans live in the Triad area. The memorial will honor all branches of military service and will include a 50 ft. granite obelisk, fountains and flags, amphitheater, parade deck and memorial brick walk. As a veteran, Stockton said Friday's ceremony was one of the most moving he'd seen. "It was one of the grandest moments I've ever had in public life in all my 75 years". Moss said the foundation is still selling personalized memorial brick pavers to honor either past or current members of the military, but isn't sure how long the supply will Iast. "Anyone who wants a paver needs to get one soon because we could be out by Christmas". The engraved brick pavers will be used to construct memorial walkways through the eightacre veterans memorial. Anyone interested in purchasing a memorial bsick paver may do so by visiting the War Memorial Foundation website at www.ncwmf.org. The site provides details about the Carolina Field of Honor and other ways to donate. Contributions may also be mailed to: The War Memorial Foundation, 600 N. Regional Rd., Greensboro, N.C. 27409. Phone calls can be made to (336) 851- 0999.

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