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a presentation on the future of virtual travel and tourism



Travel & Tourism Destinations
The new wave of travellers

• Who am I? • What is this session all about? • Why could it be useful?

Different ways to go
100 years ago: • By boat • By camel • By horse • On foot • and maybe by hot air balloon Today • By supersonic jet • By high-speed train • By motorway/highway • By MTR • and maybe by cyberspace…

Our Changing World

Our Changing World
• A changing world
– Environmental changes
"We must become the change we want to see." - Mahatma Gandhi"

• Impacts are…
– Global warming/ threatened islands, threatened wildlife – Dangers of flood, tornado, earthquakes etc – Movements of people from their traditional areas

Our Changing World
• A changing world
– Economic changes Ger camp – Outer Mongolia

• Impacts are:
– People are moving to the cities – Many areas of the world are becoming more prosperous – Many countries are becoming richer and materialistic – Some places are becoming poorer

Our Changing World
• A changing world
– Social changes Ger camp – Outer Mongolia

• Impacts are:
– Old civilizations and cultures are changing – Old ways of life are disappearing – Some languages are declining or disused – Families are dispersing for work and family life is changing

Our Changing World
• A changing world
– Political changes – Security concerns

• Impacts are:
– Some difficulties of travel/visas – Right/left or Islamic governments – Terrorism threats – Health and safety threats – Challenges and opportunities

Our Changing World
• A changing world
– ‘Green’ concerns Pollution in Northeastern China

• Impacts are:
– How do we create a respect for cultures? – How do we ensure protection of the environment? – How do we learn to enjoy and conserve our world/wildlife etc?

Our Changing World
• A changing world
– demographics

• Impacts are:
– More older people – living longer, more disposable income – Travelers from the East to the West and elsewhere – The new ‘tourists’ and the new destinations

The Net Age & Tourism
• Changes in the way people get information • In the 20th Century
– – – – Go to the travel agent Write a letter Make a phone call Fax

The Net Age & Tourism
• Changes in the way people get information • In the 21st Century
– Google – MSN

Travel 2.0
• The first wave:
– booking-oriented (e.g. Expedia, Zuji, Last

• The second wave:
– Fully interactive & expands with user-generated content. – Travel 2.0 sites allow users to easily contribute words and images, reviews and travelogues. – Visitors to a Travel 2.0 site can glean multiple insights about a destination, hotel, or other aspect of travel.

Travel 2.0 sites
Encourage visitors to add their own videos, travel wikis, mashups, and blogs that enable comments

You can create your own user reviews & comments on your travel experience

Travel 2.0 sites

Create your own tour guide

Micro-blogging for Travelers

Travel 3.0 – the future tourism technology
• Web-Everywhere Technology - Always connected portable technology • Total Immersion Web - Virtual worlds and MMOGs • An everywhere web is a traveling web. It means being connected when you travel locally to work, to the grocery store, to the gym, as well as on business trips and family holidays.

Rixos opens virtual hotel in Second Life
• Everything operates in the same way as in real Rixos Hotels in Turkey. • The hotel also plans to choose its future personnel from among the personnel who prove to be successful in the second life • The hotel's operation will be the same as in the real world and will also enable students studying tourism to virtually run the various departments of the hotel. • Manager says “no difference between opening a hotel in reality or virtually.” • The hotel in the virtual world should be managed in the same way as it is handled in the real world. A professional team will thus work at the virtual hotel and they will do the same work as they had to do in real hotels,” he said. “So, our project will offer job opportunities for those who are studying tourism and want to work in our hotel chain.”

Real Locations in Second Life

New View of the World
• The internet has become a critical platform for tourism boards, hotels and resorts, offices and property to promote themselves to potential visitors. • Panorama based on 360 degrees pictures, web maps like Google Maps and 3D maps like Google Earth , virtual Worlds like Second Life

Virtual Aloft Hotel - Starwood

Rixos Hotel

Inside the Rixos Hotel

Virtual Travel Agency
• Synthravels is a tour operator that offers various types of guided tours inside virtual worlds

You Tube Travel

Virtual Locations

Virtual Travel

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