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A visit to CARE Hospital, Vizag.

Submitted by: J. MOUNISHA Class: XII A Year: 2009 – 2010.

Nothing has been so dreadful as to go to a hospital. I have always managed to keep myself away from visiting it, for various reasons like the seeing sickness all around, the smell of anasthesia, the sight of pain and helplessness and the variuous tubes and the needles that go into the patients’ bodies. But I had to change my view about hospitals when I visited the ‘CARE’ hospital at Vizag. My grandpa was staying with my uncle when he had a heart problem and he was admitted in ‘CARE hospital and eventually underwent a byepass surgery. I had to visit him along with my parents. So I had the opportunity to visit CARE Hospital in Vizag.

The façade is a wide three storey building which is painted and gives a clean look to the exterior. There are huge glass windows which give sufficient daylight and make it look bright. My dislike for hospitals made me hesitent to enter. But I was unfairly opinionated. Though we cannot do away with sickness or sick people, at a hospital, I learnt that proper reception and attention to the people, be it visitors or patients would make the medicinal experience a lot more less painful and endurable. As my dad was inquiring at the reception, I was waiting with my mother in the seats provided. The reception had a tinge of lavender colour. The nurses and ward assistants were also in white and lavender coloured uniforms which gave a pleasant look. I heard an ambulance coming and a team of ward boys and nurses rushed to bring the injured person to the casuality ward. Inpite of the rush and hustle, the hospital staff were well mannered and handled the movement very smoothly and efficiently. My grandfather was un the third floor and we took the elevator which took us to the floor. We then entered the room where he was lying in a clean and cosy room. There were beeps

from a monitor and also he was injected with needles. I inquired about his health and how he was feeling. I have known my grandfather to be most courageous and strong person, but seeing him in his current situation made him look very vulnerable. But he said he was glad he was in Vizag and was admitted in this hospital. He said that the doctors and nurses were very good there and the facilities there were also state-of-the-art. He said I shoud visit the hospital sometime and see the different facilities available there. My grandfather had known on how I was aspiring to be a doctor. He introduced me to a lady who was a manager there at the hospital. She had completed Hospital management in Hyderabad and had moved in to Vizag.

I was told that with the service-oriented Healthcare delivery model, CARE is geared to provide cost effective and user friendly medication. Despite the intense competition and intense marketing tactics employed by multiple commercial corporate organizations, CARE has carved a niche for itself by garnering the best reputation amongst the local masses. Armed with the best of the facilities in areas of Education, Research, patient care and highly qualified professionals, CARE endeavors to match global benchmarks and conquer healthcare market in the second decade of its establishment. CARE Visakhapatnam was established in tune with these hall marks of the CARE group. CARE Visakhapatnam, a part of the CARE group chain of super-specialty hospitals, has been in the forefront in delivering quality medicine since 1999. And since then, it has made a mark for itself as a premier Institute. Originally started out as an exclusive hospital for treatment of cardiac and cardio thoracic ailments, it has firmly rooted itself into the community and gradually, over the decade, emerged as a multi-disciplinary super-specialty hospital. This 140 bedded hospital is designed to render services in various specialties like Cardiology, Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nephrology (Dialysis), Critical Care,

Gynecology, orthopedics, Urology, Oncology, ENT, General Surgery, Physiotherapy and all other specialties. With a surplus of experienced and highly qualified surgical staff and envious state-of-the-art technology, the hospital has set its eyes of achieving the common CARE goal i.e. achieving the highest patient satisfaction by providing high quality care at affordable cost. The CARE hospital at Visakhapatnam is headed by Dr. V. Krishna Murthy MD, Executive Director. There are a toltal of 140 beds, and are classified as under:

The Hospital is equipped with : 1. 22 dedicated Consultation chambers 2. 34 ICCU beds with HP Monitors and Siemens Ventilators, 7 casualty beds, 6 NICU beds, 5 AMCU, 2 Isolation beds. 3. 6 Pre-Cath and post Cath beds. 4. 7 fully equipped Operation Theatres. 5. Two OT exclusively for Cardiac Surgery one for Neuro Surgery, one for Orthopedic and here for general surgery. 6. 25 surgical ICU beds with HP color Cardiac Multi Channel Monitors and Seimens Ventilators.

7. Neuro ICU beds with HP color Cardiac Multi Channel Monitors. All the cardiac monitors are interconnected bed to bed with interchange facility. 8. General ward beds with central supply of Oxygen and Vaccum facility. 9. Sharing non- AC beds. 10. single AC rooms. 11. Deluxe AC rooms. 12. Air-conditioned Lecture hall to accommodate 54 persons along with slide projectors and LCD projector for computerized multimedia presentations. 13. Two 250 KV electric generators. 2 X 40 KVA UPS system in parallel redundancy. 14. Fully equipped in-house Bio-chemical lab. 15. Radiology services with 300 MA (Wipro) and portable 30 MA X-ray (GE) 16. Spiral CT Scan 17. 5 ECG page writers. 18. Phillips Color Doppler ECHO, Ultra Sound 2000 series including TEE probe. 19. Computerized TMT machine of Marquette makes. 20. Holler Recorder (Space Lab) 21. Peripheral Vascular Doppler, Carolid Doppler with pediatric and adult transducers. 22. Pulse Oxymetres (Nelcor) 23. Blood gas analyzer (AVL Compact – 2) 24. Electrolyte analyzer (AVL 9130) 25. Cineless digital Cath lab of GE makes with DSA facility. 26. Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) 27. Video Endoscopy 28. Central gas supply system for the CCUS and all the patients 29. Heart lung machine 30. Multiple parameter monitors with central network. 31. EEG, EMG and ENG 32. Surgical operating microscope 33. Neuro endoscope 34. syringe pumps and infusion pumps 35. Ventilators (Adult, Pediatric and neonatal) 36. Transport Ventilator

37. Anesthesia Ventilators 38. Video endoscope for upper GI, lower GI, ERCP 39. Bronchoscopy 40. C-Arm 41. Pneumatic drill and tourniquet 42. Ultrasound and Color Doppler 43. ABG and Electrolytes analyzers. 44. Biochemical auto analyzer 45. Cell counter 46. Diathermy apparatus 47. Two 50 CFM oil, fire, air compressors 48. Two 15 HP vacuum pumps 49. CSSD with steam and ETO Sterilizers 50. 240 TR central air conditioning system 51. Laparoscope Equipment 52. Video conferencing facility. Apart from the routine services, like patient consultation , ECG, ECHO, TMT, Blood investigations and procedures like temporary pacing, pericardiocentesis, intra-aortic balloon pumping and ventilatory care etc., we are also providing the state-of-art technology by performing procedures like Coronory Angiogram, angioplasty-routine as well as Primary Stenting, Balloon Valvuloplasty, permanent pacing and Peripheral Interventions. The Cardiac Surgery procedures like CABG (Bypass Surgery) on beating heart and on CPB, Valve replacements and valve reconstructions are done regularly at our hospital. Congenital Heart Disease like ASD/ VSD and other complex anomalies are corrected. Major Thoracic surgeries and vascular procedures are also done. Emergency CABG and Emergency Valve Reconstruction facilities are also available. A Nephrologist to deal with Kidney problems and dialysis is available. Well trained physiotherapists are available at our Physiotherapy department.

Specialized procedures in Laparoscopy surgery, Spine Surgery, Knee replacement are performed with a high success rate. The hospital is equipped with Multi-Slice spiral CT scan for scans such as CT Angio, etc. Visiting hours for relatives of the patients admitted to CARE Vizag are from 9 AM to 2 PM and from 3 PM to 6 PM for out patient consulting. I then enquired about the admission of a patient. She explained in detail on the admission procedure: The first step to admitting a patient is calling up the office, you need to confirm a bed for the patient. After telephonic confirmation of your bed, you may bring the patient along with the doctor’s note for admitting into the hospital. You can also bring your letter of authority from your company for insurance details. After fulfilling the formalities at the admission counter, you will be given an Admission Number. Then, you will be guided to floor / room allotted. Allotment of bed/room at CARE Hospital is based upon diagnosis/preference/eligibility and availability of room/bed on the day of admission. The Inpatient reception PRE will assist you in the admission process. Unless you are admitted through the Emergency Department, your scheduled hospital stay will begin at the In-patient reception area located in the ground floor. Each patient will receive an admission folder that includes patient information leaflets. Please take time to read this important information. To control the crowd and noise, we issue only one pass for an attendant, which is to be surrendered at the admission counter at the time of discharge.The Emergency/Casualty rooms function 24/7. At the time of admission, advance payment, basing on the kind of treatment, should be made in cash or with credit cards at the inpatient cash counter. We do not accept cheques.

Patient food charges are included in bed and service charges. Extra diet will be charged separately. Charges for lab services, professional visits, surgeries/procedures, medical equipment, etc. will vary as per the category of bed chosen. Patients are requested to retain all receipts of deposit/advances made. Original receipt will have to be produced for collecting refunds. Refunds above Rs.10000/- will be refunded by Cheque. At the time of discharge, please handover the checkout slip to the hospital security. The admission and billing departments function round-the-clock.

The Department of Medicine in care hospital Vizag is classified as under with the following specialized treatments
Anesthesiology Emergency Medicine Life Style Clinic Physiotherapy Medical Oncology Cardiology Endocrinology Nephrology Psychiatry Critical Care Gastro-Enterology Neurology Pulmonology Dermatology Internal Medicine Nuclear Medicinee RESPIRATORY MEDICINE

The classification of Department of Surgery is as under:

Cardio Thoracic Surgery General Surgery Neuro-Surgery Surgical Oncology

Cosmetic Surgery Gastrointestinal Surgery Ophthalmology Urology

ENT Gynecology Orthopedics Vascular Surgery

Hand Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery Plastic Surgery

There are about 100 doctors who render their expertise and services to various departments, they are

Dr. Asha Joseph Dr. P. Ravi Chandra Has Dr. T. Kiran Babu Dr.T.Mohan S.Maharaj

Dr. J. John David Dr. P. Ravi Kumar Dr. V. Fani Kumar

Dr. K. Sri.Rama Rao Dr. P.N.V.M.K. Shyam Dr.M.Disha

Dr. N. Giri Babu Dr. S.Anuradha Dr.T.Lakshmi Rani


Dr. Nirupama Devi

Cardio Thoracic Surgery Dr.P.V.Satyanarayana MS.Mch

Dr. M. Kishan

Dr. S.B.R. Narasimham

Dr.K.Padhy MS. Mch.


Dr S Abbayi Dr.G.V.Reddy

Dr.C.V.Rao MD.DM Dr.K.Damodara Rao MD.DM

Dr.G Surya Prakash Dr.M.Bhaskara Rao MD.DM

Dr.G.S.R.Murthy MD.DM Dr.P.Ramana Rao

Dr.P.V.V.N.M.Kumar MD.DM Dr.Y.Suman Vyas

Chest Physician

Dr. T.Anantha Lakshmi

Dr.A.Prem Kumar

Dr.G.Ravindra Babu

Dr.Sunil Kumar

Dermatology Dr.Narayana Rao (Visiting Consultant)

Dr. Bharani

Dr. Dolla Srinivasa Rao

Dr.Ragu Rama Rao


Dr.Dilip Kumar




Dr. P. Sai Balaram Krishna

Dr.M.V.Appa Rao

Dr.Rakesh Godavarthi


Dr. G.Satyanarayana

Dr.A.V.Siva Prasad

Dr.P.Murali Krishna

Dr.Pedda Veera Raju

General Surgery Dr.M.Vijaya Murari Poornima

Dr.G.Santha Rao Dr.Vasanthi

Dr.James Jachariah

Dr.T.Narayana Rao



Internal Medicine



Dr.Mamamchen Cherian

Dr.V.Krishna Murthy

Medical Oncology

Dr.Ravi Mohan


Dr.V.Murali Krishna

Nephrology Dr.Ravi Shankar (Visiting


Dr.K.Kalyan Chakravarthy




Dr.Butchi Raju Dr.V.Satyanarayana

Dr.G.Kishore Babu MD.DM.


Dr.Madhusudan Babu


Dr. R. Suryanarayana Raju

Dr. V.A. Rama Raju


Dr.P.V.Ramana DNB. FMNS

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. S.Anuradha(Visiting Consultant)


Dr.S.Vara Lakshmi


Dr. Vasantha Kumar

Dr.Laxman Rao

Dr.P.Satish Kumar

Dr.T.V.Ramana Murthy


Dr. N. Mahadeva Sastry

Dr. P.K. Chakrabati


Dr.Atchum Naidu

Plastic Surgery

Dr.P.R.K. Prasad




Dr. D. Sailaja Dr.Suman (VMC)

Dr. K. Rama Seshu

Dr. M. Saleem Pasha

Dr.Mani Babu (VMC)


Dr.Ch.Subba Rao


Dr.Ramesh Raju

Educational Programs

CARE Foundation has its own set of educational programs aimed at improving the quality of medical education. Our Educational Programs are affiliated to the following universities:
  


The universities are centres of quality educational standards. CARE’s collaboration with these universities is to bring out the best in each medical student. Each of the courses offered is given in detail. Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Community Cardiology (PGDPCC). Physician Assistant. MSc in Hospital Administration for Nursing Graduates. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Cardiovascular Nursing. CARE hospitals being a member of The Andhra Pradesh Rural Health Initiative, Collaboratedly works to improve health status, prevent and manage non-communicable disease, prevent premature death, and enhance access to health services for the people of rural Andhra Pradesh. We aim to achieve this through the design, implementation and evaluation of affordable and sustainable interventions that can be incorporated in the existing primary health care infrastructure of rural areas. Hospital Waste Management is a project started with the sole objective of stopping recycling and reuse of clinical waste such as syringes and other disposables. To ensure that this was also followed at the hospital, and I also wanted to know about Bio-medical waste management. The recycling of clinical waste results in spread of typhoid, Hepatitis B, C,HIV and epidemics. Hospitals produce waste, which is increasing over the years in its amount and type. The hospital waste, in addition to the risk for patients and personnel who handle them also poses a threat to public health and environment. The main functions of the Bio-

Medical Waste Management (BMWM) system (one of the modules of a Hospital Management Information System) is to ensure proper handling, segregation, mutilation, disinfection, storage, transportation and final disposal of Bio-Medical waste. This paper presents the design of the BMWM within the overall scheme of a Hospital Management Information System. The BMWM system generates alerts under exceptional conditions such as violation of segregation guidelines, waste not treated with in a defined period, violation of trolley route for waste collection, etc. It ensures the segregation and transportation of waste bags at the point of generation according to bag colour and trolley mapping so that mixing of bags can be avoided. A digital weighing machine with direct interface to the system takes the weight of the waste bags. It also provides various crosscheck mechanisms for reducing theft/ pilferage occurrences, at the time of storage of the waste in the Department area. In addition to this, many health care providers and diagnostic centres throw contagious waste on the roadside or in municipality containers. On seeing the facility I got a fair

understanding of how the medical waste was catagorized and disposed accordingly.

On seeing the entire facility, where I was lucky because there is only limited access, I was rest assured and I started appreciating the work of doctors and other hospital personnel who can make a difference to peoples’ lives. My want to aspire medical profession increased more and I have high regard for this noble profession. I am hoping to visit the specialized treatment centres with high tech equipments. Thus my visit was inspiring and enlightening one.

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