Visit to Salvation Army

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a visit to the salvation army



A Visit to Salvation Army
Due to the Disted College Scholarship Awards, I and my team
members and also Cikgu Ruzanna had decided to do an activity in
Salvation Army that located in Penang. My team has 9 members, which
are Por Wee Chiat, Ch’ng Siew Shyan, Ng Boon Keat, Ooi Yew Qing, Lim
Chee Seng, Teh Wei Sern, Cheah Khan Ling, Lee Cheng Nee and also I, Sim
Through the first meeting with my team members and Cikgu
Ruzanna, we decided to have a sports day in Salvation Army. There are
about 30 children in Salvation Army, so we decided to have a sports game
that suitable for them on that day. We choose on 12 September 2015 to
have a sports day on Salvation Army and we had sent our proposal a week
before to the Salvation Army management team to confirm with the date
that we choose to have sports day.
On 12 September 2015, we gathered at Salvation Army about 9
o’clock in the morning. All of us wear Disted logo T-shirt and long pants
and also sports shoes. We gathered the children in the Salvation Army
about 9.30am and we introduced ourselves to each other. After the
introduction, we have an ice breaking session with the children so that
they would not so awkward with us. This ice breaking session spent about
20 – 30 minutes. In this ice breaking session, we play some small games
with the children such as hide-and-seek.
After the ice breaking session, we split the children into 5 groups. We
gather the children group by group and we bring them to the basketball
court, which located in the Salvation Army. The sports game that we
introduce to the children is Captain ball. Some of the children do not know
the rules of this game so one of our members, Por Wee Chiat explains to


them the rules of this game. Besides that, we also show an example to
them how this game works.
The Captain Ball starts at 10.35am. Each game is about 10 minutes
and each game required two groups of children to play. 10 minutes after,
children are required to switch courts and also switch the competitive
groups. This situation is repeating about 5 times so that we can define the
winner team. Some of the team members also participate in this Captain
Ball game with the children. In this game, some of the children quarrel
with each other because they too care about the winning of this game.
But, afterwards they are friends together. So, no children are injured or
angry to other children in this game.
Captain Ball ends at 12noon. We also had prepared lunch for the
children and the staff of the Salvation Army. The lunch that we prepared
for the children is nasi lemak, fried bihun, and also some nuggets and
hotdogs. We gathered the children and bring hem to the canteen to have
their lunch. After the children had their lunch, we announced the winner of
this game in canteen. We announced that all of the children are the
winner in this game because we do not want to see the children quarrel
again because of this Captain Ball. We also had prepared 30 small prizes
to all of the children in Salvation Army.
After the announcement of the winner, the children go back to their
room and we keep our tools and prepared to leave the Salvation Army. A
thousand thoughts played and fought for preeminence in our head, a thousand words wanted
to burst out of our mouth in expression of our feelings, but yet, nothing came out. Yes! We
were overwhelmed. However, we were so happy as the targeted objectives had achieved. Our
objectives through this sports game is want the children to learn about the spirits of work
together to achieve the goals.


From this experience, we know that when you want to achieve the goals with your
teammates, you must trust on your teammates and work together with them as a team so that
you can successfully achieve the goals.

Prepared by,
Sim Sheng


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