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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection Setup Guide for Windows XP
This manual shows the procedures to set up a CityU VPN Client running on Windows XP. You should have the following items before you can establish a VPN connection.
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Internet connection such as your broadband or dial-up network LAN Manager (Departmental LAN or CSC Student LAN) account and password

Step 1: Establish your Internet Connection
1. Since you will be using a public Internet connection to establish the CityU VPN connection, you must first apply for your own Internet connection (such as broadband, dial-up, etc.). 2. Follow the instructions provided by your ISP to setup your Internet connection. You may need to purchase and install a network interface card or modem in order to connect to the Internet. 3. Check your Internet connection by logging in with your ISP account. If you cannot access the Internet or having problems in setting your Internet connection, please consult your ISP.

Step 2: Setup the CityU VPN Connection
1. Click "Start" button on the task bar and then choose "Control Panel" from the start menu. 2. Click the "Network and Internet Connections" icon.

3. Click the "Create a connection to the network at your workplace".

. 4. Select the "Virtual Private Network connection" option and then press the "Next" button.

5. Enter "CityU VPN" in the Company Name and then press the "Next" button to continue.

6. Choose the "Automatically dial this initial connection" option and choose the appropriate connection if you want Windows XP to setup an Internet connection for you before establishing the VPN connection. However, if you like to make the Internet connection by yourself before establishing the VPN connection, you may choose "Do not dial the initial connection" option.

7. Press "Next" button to continue. 8. You are now prompted for the name of the VPN Server to which you are connecting. Enter "vpn.cityu.edu.hk" and then press "Next" to continue.

9. If you want to add the VPN connection shortcut to your desk top, then check the appropriate check box and then press "Finish" button to complete the VPN connection Wizard. The VPN Client setup is now completed.

The "Connect CityU VPN" window will pop up after you have created the VPN connection. You may test your configuration by establishing the connection.

Step 3: Establish CityU VPN Connection
1. Double click the "City VPN" icon on the desktop of the computer to start the connection. Depending on the option that you choose in item 6 of Step 2 above, you may be asked for making Internet connection first if you are not already on line. Login your ISP first if you are told to do so.

2. Enter the LAN Manager username and password to logon the CityU VPN. 3. Upon successful logon, a connection icon will be shown on the system

tray and you can now access the CityU hosts securely through public Internet connection.

Close the CityU VPN connection
If you want to close the CityU VPN connection, you can double click the "City VPN" icon again and then press the disconnect button to close the connection.

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