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New WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider): In order to partner with GLOBACOM for the purpose of providing VAS (Value Added Services) we require that you complete ALL SECTIONS of the form with as much detail as possible. Existing WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider): Please complete the following sections 1a, 1c, 2, 3a, 3b (where applicable), 4, 5 & 7

Please note that should your organisation or service be accepted, the provisioning process of the service could take between 4-6 weeks to be set-up. And this timeframe is based upon submission of a complete application form without any outstanding information or document.
S ECTION 1 A : C OMPANY D ETAILS Company Name Voltrun Network Nigeria Limited Key Organisational Contact Person Adeolu Akinyemi Tel Number

01-7941602 or 08037228919
Fax Number Email Address [email protected], [email protected] S ECTION 1 B : C OMPANY D ETAILS Business/Office Address

5th Floor, L’Monarch Plaza, 65c opebi road, Opebi.
Is your business a registered limited company? Yes RC Number: If no, what form of entity is it? Registered Address (If different from company address above)

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Section 1c: Product/Service Information For the purpose of any of the services you intend to provide, will you be partnering or providing them on behalf of any other organisation? Yes/No No If Yes, please describe the relationship:

N/B If will you be providing the service on behalf of another organisation? i.e. media program, please attach/include a signed authorisation letter to this application form from the relevant organisation on their letter headed paper (formal stationery).

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SECTION 2: P RODUCT / SERVICE Please provide the following information in the table below • Description of the product/services – detailed information on product/service • Target market – Who is the service targeted at? • Suggested rate for the product/service - please note that the rate is subject to approval by GLOBACOM. • Product/service type (Voice, IVR or SMS) if IVR, please provide Call flow/process as a separate document. • Detailed procedure for using the service including and example

The following is an example
Product/Service 1. SMS Info-Line Description
This is an SMS channel product by which a subscriber can send a keyword as an SMS, and would by this, get information on the topic requested. For example, a subscriber could send an SMS to receive quotes on such topics as LOVE, BUSINESS, WISDOM, PRAYER, FoCUS etc. He could also receive the current time, date and weather forecast. He could also make a request to be informed on historical events that took place on the same date. The possibilities of this information service are endless – and since the content is generic [not copyrighted], it will be original and appeal to the user. It could also evolve to the IVR and USSD channels.

Target Market Youth Market, Information Lovers

Suggested Rate N30

Type? IVR, Voice or SMS SMS

Example on how to use
• • • •

Shortcode is displayed on screen Subscriber creates an SMS message SMS message is sent to shortcode A response message is sent to user

2. Media Downloads

Voltrun is working on content partnering to deliver such revenue-generating MMS content as Premiership Goals, Jokes, simple film clips and slides.

Youth Market, Fashion & Sports Lovers



Subscribers will request via SMS shortcode and get the content delivered to them via MMS.

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3. Song SMS

A subscriber dials a number – might be a short-code or a long-code. The user goes through the normal IVR menu system and is prompted to input the phone number (MSISDN in Telecoms language) of the recipient. S/He then leaves a message, prompted to save or record again before exiting. S/He also has the option of choosing a pre-recorded sound track. The recipient gets a notification via SMS to dial a number to access the message. The SMS also contains the clarification that the number is toll-free.

This solution will warm itself into the hearts of lovers who want to drop sweet messages for their loved ones. It is also good for campaigning.



A subscriber dials a number – might be a short-code or a longcode. The user goes through the normal IVR menu system and is prompted to input the phone number (MSISDN in Telecoms language) of the recipient. S/He then leaves a message, prompted to save or record again before exiting.

4. SMS Voting

This application is used to set up voting lines for the media, corporate bodies, organizations and events. It is useful as a service platform for television and radio shows, elections etc. The application can handle one or numerous Voting lines at a time. Each voting line is created and the application receives and records all votes, counts the votes and statistics are generated. This application can also work over IVR. This application can be used to facilitate recruitment services for corporate organisations. In a QuestionAnswer sequence, a corporate can request for information from an applicant and also carry out a basic personality assessment to aid the recruitment process.

TV Viewers, Corporates



An example is as follows: Send <keyword> to 3823 Who is your choice for FAME Man of the Year? - Blair, Mandela, Ngige or Ribadu. If you want to vote for Blair, type Blair and send

to 3823

5. SMS-Recruit Line

Corporate Organisations & Job Seekers



A simple question-answer sequence enables reception of applicant particulars and a staged assessment test.

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What plans do you have to update your content on a regular basis ? i.e. if you have a ringtone service, how frequently do you intend to update your content with the latest ringtones. • • We have a ready pool of updated generic content which is constantly updated on a weekly basis by a dedicated team of professionals. We have also signed up for appropriate RSS Feeds. We are working on avenues of co-operation with international content providers for the delivery of multimedi content.

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S ECTION 3 A : T ECHNICAL How do you intend to configure and deploy the service? Please indicate the type of network connectivity required for service required for service deployment and the relevant service name for which it is applicable ( Method Service Name

a) Server deployed at GLOBACOM Premises
b) SMPP Connections c) E1 (dedicated Link)

SMS Info-Line, SMS Voting, SMS-Recruit

d) MSISDN Routing (forwarding SMS/calls to
long numbers)
S ECTION 3 B : T ECHNICAL S PECIFICATION R EQUIREMENTS (This section is only applicable to existing providers requiring a new technical set-up or MSISDN termination) a) Server Requirements (Please refer to Section 5.3 of the handbook on requirements
GLOBACOM Requirements Please State what you currently have and specification (if it is currently not available, when
do you intend to have it available should you be accepted as a content provider)

1 Compaq ProLiant ML370T or Equivalent 2 Intel Pentium Processors (P1400/512 and above) 4 fault tolerance hard drive configuration (at least mirrow) 2 1 Gig RAM 2 Redundant Power 1 Backup device (if not present, specify how you want to restore operations back in case of disaster/data loss Server should be a 3U or less rackeable server

b) SMPP Connection Requirements
GLOBACOM Requirements 1. Do you have a Content Server to handle the service? 2. Does the server have an SMPP Client/SMS Gateway? 3. Is the SMPP Client/SMS Gateway able to support SMPP V3.4? 4. If the server is external to the GLOBACOM Network, can you ensure Internet Connectivity with reliability not less than 95%? 5. Can the Server log all events such as requests, responses, time stamps etc.? 6. If yes to questions above, please provide the IP Address of the server from which you intend to connect Your Response Y Y Y Y

Version 0.2

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c) E1 Link Requirements – (a site visit will need to be arranged prior to set-up)
1. 2. 3. Do you have a LAN (local area network) ? Do you have a server room which hosts all their servers and network elements? Do you have a LAN switch? Do you have a TC (telecoms cabinet) where presumably the LAN switch is already sitting in? This TC would also host the router which would be provided by GLOBACOM Do you have a workstation which would connect to the remote server's over the E1 link? Do you have a technical support staff who would configure the workstation for WAN (wide area network) connectivity to remote services via the E1?

5. 6.

d) MSISDN Routing forwarding calls to long numbers Service Name MSISDN Number 1) 2) 3)

Technical Implementation Description

• • •

SMPP link over VPN can be used for SMS based services. HTTP can also be used. MM7 Connection or web services can be used for MMS. IP Connection can be used for SIP Services.

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Technical Architecture Diagram (please include diagram here)

Do you require VPN connection? Yes/No (If yes, you will be sent separate forms for completion on your acceptance as a WASP. Please note that is only sometimes required if you will be having a server deployed on GLOBACOM premises) Yes [if this is mandatoryyou’re your SMPP connection]

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Market Analysis i.e SWOT analysis

Strengths IP-based communication infrastructure Security and robustness Relevant information and 24/7 availability. Weaknesses High advertising cost Opportunity Messaging-savvy youth market Low cost of messaging bearers Threats Regulation Downtime
Advertising & Communication Plan Web-based advertising Media advertising and referrals Cross-advertising on shortcodes Partnership with corporates, TV programs etc. P2P Advertising / Fliers

Budget for all marketing activities is required Web-based advertising Media advertising and referrals Cross-advertising on shortcodes Partnership with corporates, TV programs etc. P2P Advertising / Fliers N20,000 p.a. N100,000 Free N100,000 N15,000 monthly

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Version 0.2

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S ECTION 5: F INANCI AL P ROJECTIONS & M ODEL ONE YEAR VAS FORECAST FOR CONTENT PROVIDER (To be completed for each service) Service Launch Date Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Months Days Active Number of VAS subscribers Average number of request per subscriber Number of request per month Cost of Sales Cost per request (N) Total Revenue per month (N) (gross margin)

Month 4

Month 5


Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

Month 11

Month 12


Note: The forecast should begin with the month of service launch.

Version 0.2

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Proposed Pricing structure for the service (please a breakdown on how the pricing


What are the basis upon which these projections/assumptions on uptake and growth forecasts have been made? (Assumptions used in the model will be crosschecked in-house)

Version 0.2

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S ECTION 6: O THER C OMPETENT M ANAGEMENT & P ROVEN T RACK R ECORD : Please describe your experience in providing this

type of service, your staff levels, skills and the experience of management team, as well as organisational structure/processes.
We have a total of 10 years experience with Java, ASP, PHP and Linux Technologies, and 8 years combined experience in deploying gateways for SMS services. We are experienced in web hosting, VPN, IP Security and UNIX.

Our Values
• • • • •

Passion Integrity Leadership Originality Trust

Key Staff Profiles Adeolu Akinyemi, CEO of Voltrun, is presently the Managing Partner of Generis Solutions, a budding consulting firm with a vision to become the leading global company that helps people and businesses succeed. In this capacity he consults for companies and individuals in a partnership for success. He leverages on his well developed skills in Human Resources, Business Development and Information Systems and Services. Olajide Oluwaseun is experienced in delivering high Impact Internet Solutions in high-end functional Website Development, Electronic Brochure authoring, Multimedia CD design & creation (e.g. Business CD creation, Marketing CD, year CD, Annual report etc.), Animations, Print Media (year book, annual report, books, magazine etc.), Graphic Design and E-learning development & deployment. Q UALITY

Please describe the service quality the subscriber is expected to

receive and how this will be maintained. This information will be used towards the drawing up your Service Level Agreement
24 X 7 Uptime. 5 minutes downtime in a year. 24 X 7 Email helpdesk with 30 min response time.

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12 hour instant telephone support every weekday. C USTOMER C ARE & T ECHINICAL S UPPORT : Please tell us what customer care and technical support

structure you intend to have in place to manage this service (s) including support address, telephone number, working hours etc
Support Email – [email protected] IM - [email protected]

Live telephone support/enquiry service - 01-7941602

Please read through the form again to confirm that all relevant sections have been completed. If you are unclear about any question or its relevance, please contact Susan Eseanobi Rotimi [email protected]; as failure to answer all relevant questions will result in severe delays in processing your application.

Technical Contact Person: Telephone Number: Email Address: Commercial Contact Person: Telephone Number: Email Address: Oluwaseun Olajide

[email protected] Adeolu Akinyemi

[email protected], [email protected]

Version 0.2

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