W.D. Gann Reading List

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W.D. Gann Reading List



Wednesday, August 8, 2012
W.D. Gann's Reading List
In 1946, aged 68, W.D. Gann produced a reading list for his students:

Since Gann’s death in 1955 this reading list has generally been overlooked by Gann enthusiasts
because the constituent books have been difficult or expensive to obtain. With the exception of
4 books (see below - highlighted in grey). None of these 4 missing titles is even listed in the
Library of Congress Online Catalog. However, copies of all other 76 books from Gann’s

recommended reading list are now available free-of-charge and for the benefit of all Gann
Numerology by Clifford Cheasley
Philosophy Of Numbers by Mrs L Dow Balliett
Number Vibration In Questions And Answers by Balliett
The Day Of Wisdom According To Number Vibration by Balliett
The Kabala Of Numbers (Part One) by Sepharial
How To Play The Races And Win by Mark Mellen
The Kabala Of Numbers (Part Two) by Sepharial
The Mysteries Of Sound And Number by Sheikh Habeeb Ahmad
Numerology For Everybody by Montrose
The Tarot Of The Bohemians by Papus
The Power Of Numbers by Numero
Numerology Made Plain by Ariel Yvon Taylor
Horary Astrology by Robert DeLuce
World Book Of The Ages From Adam To The Millennium by H J Kerns
Raphael’s Pythoness Of The East by Raphael
Raphael’s Book Of Dreams by Raphael
Raphael’s Mundane Astrology - Part 2 - Part 3 by Raphael
Zodiac And Bible by Fannie Muller Copy Not Yet Available
Mars The War Lord by Alan Leo
Ogilvie’s Astrological Birthday Book by Leo Bernart
Sepharial’s Astrology - Part 2 - by Sepharial
Astrology Explained by Sepharial
Astrology, Its Techniques And Ethics by C Aq Libra
Key To The Bible And Heaven - Part 2 - by Ludwig B Larsen
Science And The Key Of Life - Part 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - by Alvidas
The Wheel Of Life Or Scientific Astrology - Part 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - by Maurice Wemyss
Raphael’s Book Of Fate by Raphael
Guide To Astrology by Fred White
Law Of Values by Sepharial
The Silver Key by Sepharial
Fortunate Hours by A E Partridge
Directional Astrology by Sepharial
The Stars, How And Where They Influence by L Edward Johndro
The Earth In The Heavens: Ruling Degrees Of Cities by L Edward Johndro
Rectification Of The Horoscope by Robert DeLuce
Astrology For All by Alan Leo
The Secret Of The Ages by Robert Collier
The Science Of Foreknowledge by Sepharial
The Astrological Ready Reckoner And Student’s Assistant - Part 2 - by Sepharial
Your Stars And Destiny by Paul Councel
Manual Of Astrology - Part 2 - 3- 4 - by Sepharial
Textbook Of Astrology - Part 2 - by A J Pearce

The Witness Of The Stars by E W Bullinger
Solar Biology by H E Butler
Cosmic Symbolism by Sepharial
Popular Astronomy by Flammarion And Gore
Eclipses In Theory And Practice by Sepharial
Sun Spots And Weather by W T Foster
Popular Astrology For Everybody by Fredrick Hathaway

Copy Not Yet Available

The Candle Of Vision by “A E”
The Path To Wisdom by Richard Lynch
The Doctor Prescribes Colors by Edward Podolsky
Cosmic Causation In Geophysics by Paul Councel
Copy Not Yet Available
The Master Key Of Destiny by Gregorius
Evolution And Reincarnation by Essie Ducquan
Copy Not Yet Available
Miracle Of The Ages by Worth Smith
The Kybalion by The Three Initiates
Sixth And Seventh Books Of Moses
Mysteries Unveiled by William A Redding
Pax Tecum Or Peace And Relaxation Through Technique And Truth by Henry Casper
Faith As A Constructive Force by Swami Paramananda
Oracles Of Nostradamus by Charles A Ward
The Sickle by William W Walter
Lessons In Truth by Emilie Cady
Secret by Wesley W Stout
Open The Door by Wilfred Brandon
The Proofs Of Astral Influence On Man by Paul Choisnard
Spiritual Radio by Archbishop Du Vernet
Yoga System Of Study by Yoga Hari Rama
The Law Of Psychic Phenomena by Thomas Hudson
Power Of Will by Frank Channing Haddock
Oahspe by Dr John Newbrough
Philosophy Of Natural Magic by Henry Cornelius Agrippa
The World Book Of The Ages From Adam To The Millennium by H J Kerns
Bible Mystery And Bible Meaning by Thomas Troward
God-Man: The Word Made Flesh by George W Carey
Tertium Organum by P D Ouspensky
The Chemistry And Wonders Of The Human Body by George W Carey
The World’s Greatest Thought Discovery by Mack Stauffer
The Goal Of Creation - Part 2 - by Edmund Shaftesbury


The following books come from W. D. Gann’s recommended reading list which was
released to his students in 1946 as the fundamental background reading for any serious
student of market forecasting. Many of these books are extremely rare, and we are proud
to make available the largest selection of these books ever offered since Gann’s time.
Many of these books have been out of print for half a century, and most are not available
through any other source. We are currently reorganizing these selections into collections
combining complete works of one author, or topically similar titles, to provide these
essential resources as accessible prices. Check the Seeker's Sanctum for changing
prices and availability.
To See The Available Sacred Science Institute Titles From Gann's Reading List:
A. E.; The Candle of Vision; 1920; 175p.
Ahmad, Sheikh Habeeb; The Mysteries of Sound and Number; 1925; 89p.
Agrippa, Henry C.; Philosophy of Natural Magic; 1913; 315p.
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.1, Planetary Influences; 1902.
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.2, Planetary Influences; 1902.
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.3, Planetary Influences; 1903
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.4, Planetary Influences; 1904
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.5; Astro Physiology; 1905
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.6; 1906
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.7; 1907
Anonymous; Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses;191?; 190p.
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Philosophy of Numbers; 1908, 7th Ed.; 168p
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Number Vibration In Questions and Answers; 1920, 2nd Ed.;104p.
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; The Day of Wisdom According to Number Vibration; 1922, 2nd Ed.;
Berrart, Leo; Ogilvie’s Astrological Birthday Book;1915; 1st;264p.

Brandon, Wilfred; Open the Door; 1935;195p.
Bullinger; The Witness of the Stars; 1893, 1st; 204p
Butler; Solar Biology; 1887, 17th; 400p.
Cady, Emilie; Lessons in Truth;1920, 1st; 174p.
Carey - Perry; God-Man: The Word Made Flesh;1920, 1st.; 176p.
Carey, Dr. George; The Chemistry of Human Life ;1919,1st; 77p.
Carey, Dr. George; The Wonders of the Human Body;1918, 1st;126p.
Cheasley, W.; Numerology; 1930, 5th; 120p. $35.00
Choisnard, Paul; The Proof of Astral Influences on Man;1st.; 65p.
Colier, Robert; The Secret of the Ages ,Vol.1-7; 1926, 1st; 643p.
DeLuce, Robert; Horary Astrology; 1930,1st; 60p.
DeLuce Robert; Rectification of the Horoscope; 1st; 70p
Du Vernet, Archbishop; Spiritual Radio;1925, 1st; 60p.
Haddock, F. C., MD; The Power of Will; 1914, 2nd; 387p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; The Law of Psychic Phenomena; 1899; 409p.
Johndro, L. Edward; The Stars (How and Where They Influence); 1929; 120p.
Johndro, L. Edward; The Earth in the Heavens (Ruling Degrees of Cities);1929; 151p.
Kerns, H. J.; The World Book of the Ages from Adam to Millennium;1932; 70p.
Larsen Ludwig; Key to the Bible and Heaven; 1919, 1st; 280p.
Libra, C. AQ.; Astrology, It’s Techniques and Ethics; 1917, 1st; 259p.
Montrose; Numerology for Everybody;1940; 1st;165p.
Papus; The Tarot of the Bohemians; 1892, 1st; 355p.
Partridge, A. E.; Fortunate Hours; 1st; 100p.
Pearce, A. J.; Textbook of Astrology, 5 Books; Bk1 227p., Bk2-5 167p., 2nd Ed.
Raphael; Raphael’s Mundane Astrology;1932, 1st; 80p
Redding, William A.; Mysteries Unveiled; 1st; 160p.
Sepharial; The Kabala of Numbers (Original Source Book), 1945; 387p.
Sepharial; The Kabala of Numbers ( Interpretation) 2 Vols.; 1926,1927; 204p.,215p.
Sepharial; Sepharial’s Astrology; 1st; 126p.
Sepharial; Law of Values; 1st; 50 p.

Sepharial; The Silver Key; 2nd Ed.; 94p.
Sepharial; Directional Astrology; 1921; 192p.
Sepharial; The Science of Foreknowledge; 1918; 160p.
Sepharial; The Astrological Ready Reckoner and Student’s Assistant;1st; 68p.
Sepharial; Manual of Astrology; 1898, 1st; 256p.
Sepharial; Cosmic Symbolism; 1912, 1st; 294p.
Shaftesbury, Edmund; The Goal of Creation;1920; 464p.
Smith, Worth; Miracle of the Ages; 1st; 150p.
Stout, Wesley W.; Secret; 1947, 1st; 67p.
Taylor, Ariel Yvon; Numerology Made Plain;1926, 1st; 147p.
Three Initiates; The Kabalion (Hermetic Philosophy); 1918, 1st; 180p.
Troward, Thomas; Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning; 1913, 1st; 323p.
Walter, William W.; The Sickle; 1918, 1st; 391p.
Ward, Charles A.; Oracles of Nostradamus; 1940,1 st; 425p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 1; 1st; 186p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 2; 1st; 220p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 3; 1st; 156p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 4; 1st; 111p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 5; 1st; 126p.

Further Titles By Gann List Authors: Though the following books were not included on
Gann’s list, the serious student will find further extremely valuable knowledge in these
volumes, written by the same authors listed above. Most of these books have never been
available outside their initial printings and are reprinted here for the first time.

Ahmad, Mabel H.; Christian Names and Their Values; 1st; 192p.
Ahmad, Mabel H.; Names and Their Numbers; 1903, 1st; 57p.
Ahmad, Mabel H.; Sound and Number: Law of Destiny and Design; 1st; 128p.
Ahmad, Sheik Habeeb; The Hidden Mysteries of Numbers; 1912; 1st; 61p.
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Nature’s Symphony or Lessons in Number Vibration; 1921; 132p.

Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Vibration: A System of Numbers as Taught by Pythagoras;1913,
Brandon, Wilfred; Incarnation: A Plea From the Masters; 1959, 1st; 172p.
Brandon, Wilfred; Love in the Afterlife;1956, 1st; 159p.
Brandon, Wilfred; We Knew These Men; 1950, 1st; 241p.
Butler, Hiram E.; The Goal of Life or Science and Revelation; 1908; 364p.
Butler, Hiram E.; The Seven Creative Principles; 1923; 170p.
Butler, Hiram E.; The Narrow Way of Attainment; 1910; 140p.
Cady, Emilie; Miscellaneous Writings; 1928, 1st; 128p.
Carey & Perry; Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac; 1st;
Carey & Perry; Road to the Moon: A Great Occult Story; 1918, 1st; 50p.
Carey & Perry; The Zodiac and The Salts of Salvation; 1948, 3rd; 368p.
Cheasley, Clifford W.; What’s In Your Name: Science of Letters and Numbers; 1916; 105p.
Collier, Robert; The Secret of Gold: How to Get What You Want; 1927; 251p.
Collier, Robert; Make Your Own World, 2 Vols.; 1954; 424p.
Collier, Robert; Something to Hope For; 1942; 231p.
Collier, Robert; The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East; 1959; 225p.
Collier, Robert; The Law of Higher Potential; 1947; 474p.
Collier, Robert; The Life Magnet, Vols. 3-7; 1928; 642p.
Collier, Robert; Where Will You Be in the Coming Age?; 1955; 215p.
Collier, Robert; Will You Be Alive in 1965?; 1953; 183p.
De Luce, Robert; Complete Method of Prediction; 1935, 1st; 192p.
De Luce, Robert; Constellational Astrology; 1963, 1st; 211p.
Flammarion, Camille; Astronomical Myths; 1877; 429p.
Flammarion, Camille; Mysterious Psychic Forces; 1909, 1st; 466p.
Flammarion, Camille; The Unknown; 1900, 1st; 488p.
Haddock, Frank Channing; Business Power; 1920, 2nd; 556p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life; 1900, 5th; 326p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; The Diving Pedigree of Man; 1899,1st; 379p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; The Evolution of the Soul:1912, 4th; 344p.

Johndro, L. Edward; A New Concept of Sign Rulership; 60p.
Johndro, L. Edward; Astrological Dictionary and Self-Reading Horoscope; 1936; 70p.
Kerns, H. J.; Secrets of Wisdom; 1st; 65p.
Larsen, Ludwig B.; Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom; 1941, 1st; 301p.
Partridge, A. E.; The Story of the Heavens; 1936; 100p.
Raphael; Raphael’s Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic Magic; 1916, 1st; 104p.
Raphael; Raphael’s Guide to Astrology; 1931, ; 108p.
Raphael; Raphael’s Horary Astrology; 1920, 1st; 103p.
Raphael; Raphael’s Key to Astrology; 1920, 5th; 108p.
Raphael; Raphael’s Medical Astrology; 1937, 4th; 88p.
Raphael; Raphael’s Private Instructions in Genethliacal Astrology; 1935, 1st; 67p.
Sepharial; Fortune Telling by Numbers; 1st; 61p.
Sepharial; Manual of Occultism; 1st; 356p
Sepharial; Primary Directions Made Easy; 1st; 80p.
Sepharial; The Arcana or Stock and Share Key; 1st; 30p.
Sepharial; The Book of Charms and Talismans;1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The Daily Guide; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The New Dictionary of Astrology; 1929, 1st; 192p.
Sepharial; The Numbers Book; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The Solar Epoch; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The Theory of Geodetic Equivalents; 1st; 61p.
Sepharial; The Wheel of Fortune; 1932, 1st; 316p.
Sepharial; The World Horoscope; 1st; 71p.
Sepharial; Transits and Planetary Periods; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; Your Fortune in Your Name or Kabalistic Astrology; 6th; 96p.
Shaftesbury, Edmund; Instantaneous Personal Magnetism: 1957, 1st; 370p.
Shaftesbury, Edmund; Mental Magnetism: A Study of the Seven Realms of Mind; 1950;
Smith, Worth; House of Glory; 1939; 110p.
Stauffer, Mack; Humanity and the Mysterious Knight; 1914; 200p.

Taylor, Ariel Yvon; Character Grams; 1934, 1st; 141p
Taylor, Ariel Yvon; Numerology: Its Facts and Secrets; 1958, 4th; 141p.
Troward, Thomas; The Creative Process in the Individual; 1951, 21st; 185p.
Troward, Thomas; The Edinburg Lectures on Mental Science;1909, 1st; 130p.
Troward, Thomas; The Hidden Power;1947, 11th; 216p
Troward, Thomas; The Law and The Word; 1955, 18th; 208p.


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