Weather History: January 24: Record temps, storms, snow, ice, wind & floods - Wilmington Weather

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Weather History: January 24: Record temps, storms, snow,
ice, wind & floods - Wilmington Weather
Meteorological events which happened upon January 24th:
The coldest weather inside pre-U.S. Weather Bureau history occurred together with temperatures
regarding -50° reported in Maine, New Hampshire, and also Vermont. The Particular temperature
ended up being -30° from Boston, MA as well as -11° about Nantucket Island.
Freezing rain more than three times from Pictou, Nova Scotia Canada coated trees, fences,
telegraph wires along with buildings.
The temperature from Browning, MT plunged 100 degrees inside 24 hours coming from 44° for you
to -56°. This kind of may end up being the U.S. record to obtain a round your clock temperature
Wisconsin recorded their own coldest temperature actually when Danbury dropped to -54°. This
can additionally be the particular coldest temperature ever recorded east in the Mississippi River.
This specific record has been broken upon 2/1/1996 at Couderay.
Snowstorms hit the northeastern U.S. and in addition the Pacific Northwest producing record round-
the-clock snowfall totals associated with 23 inches at Portland, ME and 52 inches with Winthrop,
Romania recorded their particular coldest night about record as the town associated with Bod
dropped for you to -37.3°.
High strain centered inside the Gulf associated with Mexico brought record high temperatures from
the southern Plains for the Ohio Valley. Spots in which possibly tied or broke January records
included: Wichita Falls, TX: 89°-Tied, Lexington, KY: 80°, Cincinnati, OH: 77°, Louisville, KY:
77°-Tied and Evansville, IN: 76°.
Locations that will reported day-to-day record highs included: Del Rio, TX: 89°, Dallas, TX: 84°,
Waco, TX: 83°, Dallas (DFW), TX: 82°, Shreveport, LA: 82°, Jackson, MS: 80°-Tied, Meridian,
MS: 79°, Tupelo, MS: 78°, Fort Smith, AR: 78°, Tulsa, OK: 78°, Memphis, TN: 78°,
Charleston, WV: 77°, Huntington, WV: 77°, Nashville, TN: 77°, Oklahoma City, OK: 76°,
Springfield, MO: 75°, Knoxville, TN: 73°, St. Louis, MO: 71°, Dayton, OH: 70°, Beckley, WV:
70°-Tied, Indianapolis, IN: 68°, Elkins, WV: 66° as well as Youngstown, OH: 59°.
As your cold front blasted through Springfield, MO, the actual temperature dropped through 75°
for you to 13°.
A significant storm hit Southern California, particularly the deserts starting the actual previous day.
26.12 inches fell within twenty 4 hours in Hoegees Camp inside the San Gabriel Mountains, setting
your state's round-the-clock precipitation record.
38 inches involving rain has been recorded inside a 24-hour period through the 25th at the Kilauea
Plantation, Hawaii. 12 inches occurred in just 1 hour.
A fantastic arctic outbreak reached the southern U.S. the cold wave broke many records for duration
associated with cold weather across the Gulf Coast. Lexington, KY set their all-time record low using
-21° along with New Orleans, LA tied their particular January record lower along with 14°.
Locations which reported every day record low temperatures included: Akron, OH: -21°, Grand
Island, NE: -20°, Mansfield, OH: -20°, Louisville, KY: -20°, Cincinnati, OH: -19°, Cleveland, OH:
-19°, Dayton, OH: -19°, Youngstown, OH: -18°, Beckley, WV: -18°, Pittsburgh, PA: -18°,
Toledo, OH: -17°, Indianapolis, IN: -16°, Elkins, WV: -16°, Evansville, IN: -15°, Fort Wayne, IN:
-15°, Columbus, OH: -15°, Huntington, WV: -15°, Nashville, TN: -15°, Erie, PA: -15°, Detroit,
MI: -13°, Flint, MI: -13°, Charleston, WV: -12°, Paducah, KY: -11°, Buffalo, NY: -11°,
Binghamton, NY: -10°, Rochester, NY: -10°, Bristol, TN: -8°, Oak Ridge, TN: -8°, Chattanooga,
TN: -7°, Asheville, NC: -7°, Knoxville, TN: -6°, Avoca, PA: -5°, Huntsville, AL: -4°, Roanoke,
VA: -4°, Atlanta, GA: -3°, Tupelo, MS: -2°, Birmingham, AL: -2°, Lynchburg, VA: -1°, Memphis,
TN: 0°, Baltimore, MD: 1°, little Rock, AR: 2°, Wilmington, DE: 2°, Columbus, GA: 3°,
Washington, D.C.: 3°, The Large Apple (LaGuardia), NY: 3°, Bridgeport, CT: 3°, Meridian, MS:
4°, Athens, GA: 4°, Greensboro, NC: 4°, Sterling (Dulles Airport), VA: 4°, Wichita Falls, TX:
5°, Montgomery, AL: 5°, San Angelo, TX: 6°, Macon, GA: 6°, Charlotte, NC: 7°, Raleigh, NC:
7°, Dallas, TX: 8°, Mobile, AL: 8° (broke previous record by 14 degrees), Dallas (DFW), TX: 9°,
Midland-Odessa, TX: 9°, Shreveport, LA: 9°, Greenville-Spartanburg, SC: 9°, Waco, TX: 11°,
Pensacola, FL: 11°, Baton Rouge, LA: 12°, Austin (Camp Mabry), TX: 12°, Austin (Bergstrom),
TX, 14°, Augusta, GA: 14°, San Antonio, TX: 15°, Del Rio, TX: 16°, Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX:
16°-Tied, Tallahassee, FL: 17°, Wilmington, NC: 17°, Victoria, TX: 17°-Tied, Corpus Christi, TX:
18°, Charleston, SC: 18°, Houston, TX: 18°-Tied, Galveston, TX: 19°, Savannah, GA: 19°,
Jacksonville, FL: 24° along with Brownsville, TX: 26°.
The temperature in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada fell under 0° in this date and remained down
below pertaining to 26 consecutive days.
A tornado outbreak over the Central U.S. ended up being the particular furthest north actually
recorded inside the winter as a lot as that time. Severe weather occurred across a great part of
southeast and also east central Iowa. 2 inch hail fell at Armstrong as well as over a couple of dozen
tornadoes were reported. five miles north of Fort Madison, one fatality occurred from a tornado
along with 6 injuries. Yet Another 6 injuries had been furthermore reported elsewhere. Any tornado
causing F4 damage killed 3 individuals as well as injured 216 inside St. Louis County, Missouri.
Tornadoes additionally affected parts of northern and central Illinois. 1 strong tornado within Mason
County killed a single person as well as injured 3 others. another tornado moved throughout the
Champaign-Urbana metropolitan area, injuring 5 people. other strong tornadoes had been reported
across Carroll County in Mt. Carroll, where 12 everyone was injured, as well as near Gladstone
inside Henderson County. Funnel clouds had been reported over the southwest portion of Chicago,
IL. high winds gusting in order to 48 mph caused a new wall of your constructing below construction
in order to collapse killing 1 and injuring 4 others. Iowa had never recorded a new tornado in
January prior to this outbreak. 32 total tornadoes occurred, 14 of which throughout Iowa. Nine
twisters happened in Missouri, 8 in Illinois and one out of Wisconsin.
South in order to southwesterly winds out before your storm brought record highs to parts of your
Ohio Valley and also Fantastic Lakes. Lansing, MI soared to always be able to 66° breaking their
own record substantial pertaining to January.
On this date through the 26th, higher winds blasted over the Colorado Rockies. The Particular
National Middle regarding Atmospheric Study from Boulder, CO reported the gust regarding 122
mph. This place furthermore reported a gust regarding 109 mph about the 26th. Usually wind gusts
at Boulder ranged coming from 60 in order to 70 mph. The Particular wind was accountable for
broken windows, downed tree limbs along with energy lines. A New roof ended up being blown off
inside Eldorado Springs south involving Boulder.
Blizzard circumstances affected much in the northwest 50 % of Illinois, accompanied by simply just
as much as 10 inches involving snow near Chicago as well as Pontiac. The Actual southeast 50 % of
their state observed a number of freezing rain, as well as 2 for you to 6 inches regarding snow.
Parts regarding central Florida found a little outbreak involving severe weather. six tornadoes
struck from near Palatka for you to Venice like a strong, fast-moving cold front swept across central
Florida. Widespread minor property damage, but just one injury reported in the mobile residence
inside Desoto Co.
An upper level ridge ahead of your cold front brought record substantial temperatures coming from
areas of your eastern Rockies towards the Midwest. Areas that reported record highs with regard to
January included: Sioux Falls, SD: 66°, St. Cloud, MN: 56°, Austin, MN: 55° and also Preston,
MN: 55°.
Locations which reported daily record highs included: Dodge City, KS: 74°, Wichita, KS: 74°,
Pueblo, CO: 73°, Grand Island, NE: 72°, Lincoln, NE: 72°, Topeka, KS: 72°, Norfolk, NE: 71°,
Concordia, KS: 71°, North Platte, NE: 70°, Sioux City, IA: 70°, Kennebec, SD: 69°, Valentine,
NE: 68°, Pierre, SD: 67°, Omaha, NE: 66°, Colorado Springs, CO: 65°, Sisseton, SD: 65°,
Watertown, SD: 65°, Scottsbluff, NE: 63°, Huron, SD: 62°, Des Moines, IA: 62°, Wheaton, SD:
61°, Aberdeen, SD: 60°, Sheridan, WY: 58°, Waterloo, IA: 58°, Minneapolis, MN: 57°,
Mobridge, SD: 57°, Rochester, MN: 55°, Madison, WI: 55°-Tied, Alamosa, CO: 54°, Grand
Junction, CO: 54°, La Crosse, WI: 54° as well as Fargo, ND: 52°.
Chinook winds plagued the actual foothills associated with southeastern Wyoming along with
northern as well as central Colorado. Winds gusted for you to 140 mph with Wondervu, CO, found
northeast involving Denver, 92 mph from Boulder and 61 mph in the former Stapleton Airport
throughout Denver. Structural damage occurred such as nine planes in the Boulder Airport in add-
on to four mobile homes and many cars.
Blizzard circumstances related having an Arctic front moved into western Minnesota and northeast
South Dakota during the afternoon and also continued in in order to the evening. the blizzard
brought journey to some standstill. Winds elevated to be able to 40 for you to 60 Equestrian
Property For Sale Mount Pleasant DC mph. Numerous roads had been closed due to become able to
drifts involving snow. Temperatures fell rapidly powering the front along with wind chills associated
with -30° to -50° during the overnight. Generally there had been a number of accidents and
stranded motorists. The Particular National Guard ended up being referred in order to as upon in
order to research with regard to stranded motorists. Portions involving northeast South Dakota
experienced near blizzard conditions as wind speeds gusted to near 60 mph using harmful travel
Arctic high pressure brought record lows in order to several places from your Fantastic Lakes to end
up being able to Florida including: Marquette, MI: -17°, Sterling (Dulles Airport), VA: -2°,
Orlando, FL: 32°, Vero Beach, FL: 33°, Immokalee, FL: 35° and also Canal Point, FL: 36°.
Warroad, MN has been the particular cold spot inside the nation with a reduced of -45°.
A storm creating within northeastern Texas produced severe thunderstorms along with significant
hail throughout Texas, Louisiana and also Arkansas. Camden, AR reported soccer ball size hail.
A blizzard rapidly developed throughout the north central U.S. in just one hour weather conditions
throughout eastern North Dakota switched from sunny skies, light winds and temperatures in the
20s, to end up being able to rapidly falling temperatures as well as near zero visibility within snow
along with blowing snow. Substantial winds throughout Wyoming, gusted to end up being able to 72
mph with Gillette, producing snow drifts 16 feet high. Northwestern Iowa experienced their
particular second blizzard throughout just 24 hours. high Equestrian Property And Land For Sale
Mount Pleasant DC winds within Iowa produced wind chill readings as cold as -65°.
Heavy snow blanketed the Rockies and in addition the Northern Plains. Hettinger, ND received 12
inches involving snow. Wolf Creek Pass, CO has been blanketed together with 16 inches regarding
snow throughout just 24 hours.
Severe cold prevailed across Alaska. locations in which reported record lows included: McGrath, AK:
-60°, Barrow, AK: -50° and also Nome, AK: -45°.
A deep low strain system brought substantial winds as well as heavy snow towards the western
Aleutian Islands regarding Alaska. Winds gusting to become able to 82 mph with Shemya reduced
the actual visibility for you to near zero in blowing snow.
Rain and also gale force winds lashed the northern Pacific coast. Thunderstorms produced in your
neighborhood hefty rains more than the central Gulf coast states.
High winds raked the particular Eastern Foothills involving Colorado for your third day inside a row.
Winds gusted to become able to 105 mph at the National Middle for Atmospheric Study in Boulder,
one hundred mph about Fritz Peak near Rollinsville, 93 mph at north Boulder along with 86 mph at
Rocky Flats. A Amount Of tractor-trailers had been overturned between Boulder and Golden. Visitors
lights, signs as well as power lines were downed.
Prolonged freezing rain, glaze as well as ice pellets affected significantly of central England as well
as Wales as well as parts of southern England throughout the evening along with overnight. The idea
ended up being the most widespread prolonged spell involving frozen precipitation since late
January 1940.
A strong storm brought snow for the upper Midwest along with severe weather in order to parts of
the actual South. The slow shifting band involving snow brought 6 to 9 inches across areas of Iowa,
Minnesota and Wisconsin. Severe storms produced hail across a sizable part regarding Mississippi.
Right now there had been 24 reviews of soccer ball to always be able to baseball dimension hail.
Rare mid-winter tornadoes struck areas of Alabama as well as Tennessee. 1 twister struck the actual
eastern section of Tuscaloosa, AL, killing one individual as well as injuring 8 others. Your tornado
struck the strip purchasing center, crushing the roof of a crowded supermarket as well as tossing
cars inside the parking area like toys.
On this date by means of the particular 25th, 16.5 inches involving snow fell from Valkeakoski,
Finland, situated 93 miles through sea. the storm caused a massive choice of vehicle accidents,
ferries remained in harbors, airports closed, and also delayed trains.
Florida's $53 billion dollar agriculture sector dodged a bullet as a blast regarding cold air brought
record cold towards the Sunshine State. Growers turned the particular sprinklers in their strawberry
fields in order to encase all of them in an insulating blanket regarding ice. Your record low of 45°
in key West only agreed to always be able to be 4 degrees away from his or her all-time record low.
Ocean impact snow showers had been reported as far north as Flagler Beach to as far south as Fort
Locations from Ny to Florida that reported record lows for the date included: Jackson, KY: 4°, Islip,
NY: 8°, The Huge Apple (Kennedy Airport), NY: 8°, Wallops Island, VA: 13°, Columbia, SC: 13°-
Tied, Augusta, GA: 14°-Tied, Wilmington, NC: 16°, Savannah, GA: 17°, Charleston, SC: 17°,
Cape Hatteras, NC: 18°, Jacksonville, FL: 19°, Daytona Beach, FL: 25°, Orlando, FL: 27°,
Tampa, FL: 27°, Lakeland, FL: 27°, St. Petersburg, FL: 29°, Sarasota-Bradenton, FL: 29°, Vero
Beach, FL: 30°, West Palm Beach, FL: 33°, Naples, FL: 33° as well as Miami Beach, FL: 38°.
Snow along with intense cold killed at least 24,000 head of livestock inside parts of Mongolia. the
heavy snowfall had been accompanied by simply temperatures that will dropped to -58°.
It would always be a warm late winter day from your northern Plains to the northern Rockies as a
few places reported record high temperatures including: Sheridan, WY: 69° (broke previous record
simply by 11 degrees), Rapid City, SD: 69°-Tied, Valentine, NE: 68°-Tied, Havre, MT: 64°,
Scottsbluff, NE: 63°-Tied, Billings, MT: 62°, Timber Lake, SD: 60° and Casper, WY: 56°.
Heavy rains caused the actual worst flooding inside two decades from Medina, Saudi Arabia. Any
dam collapse isolated many villages along with killed 8 people.
An ivu (a surge of ice in the ocean to the shore,
the first since 1978) came ashore with Barrow,
AK on the 22nd. Simply By today, your collision
had caused onshore ice piles 25 feet high thus
blocking roads. Front finish loaders had been
accustomed to distinct blocked roads.
A bitter cold wave hit parts of Europe. The
Actual temperature from Gross Gerungs,
Austria dropped to an all-time reduced regarding -24°.
In New Zealand, Auckland's Skytower recorded a gust involving 94 mph as well as an average wind
speed of 81 mph.
End of the particular very expensive freeze event throughout modern California history (1980-
prsent) with $1.3 billion dollars in damages statewide. Fresno had 19 days, beginning around the 6th
along with low temperatures associated with 32° or perhaps lower, their particular second longest
such streak on record. Cooperative observers reported lower temperatures were as reduced as 13°
from Merced as well as 16° at Hanford. between 50 and also 70% involving citrus upon trees ended
up being damaged and a huge quantity of farm workers were left unemployed.
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