Welding Screens

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Welding screen is the best and cheapest protection against UV rays, welding arcs and flashes. It creates a true safety barrier to contain fumes and contaminants. It isolates sparks and fumes generated by the welding process and helps to control temperature, light, sound and smells. Welding screens are a small investment which incredibly improve work environments in your company. Welding screen is easy to install, clean, move and replace. It is a free-standing curtain with frames made in zinc-coated steel, provided with wheels which add to the structure mobility and portability. The screen is manufactured with plasticized polyvinyl chloride and additives and it complies to all the European standards: Transmission 4.1 EN 1598 Transmission factor is measured between 210 and 1400 nm. Transmission factor should be less than 0,002 % between 210-313 nm, less than 3% between 313-400 nm, less than 1% between 400-1400 nm. Reflection 4-2 EN 1598 Reflection factor between 230 and 400 nm should be less than 10% and light reflection should be less than 10%. UV stability 4.3 EN 1598 Relative transmission variation in visible light should not be greater than +/- 20%. Fire safety and resistance to combustion 4.4 EN 1598 The burner flame test should not reach a certain height on the sample (150 mm). The sample should not continue to smoulder after removal of the burner.

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Translucid red plastic strip for welding screen 570/1 mm; 300/2 mm Rounded Translucid red EN1598 1.25 g/cm3 about -15 C°

Dimensions: Edges: Colour: Fire resistance: Weight: Min. working temperature:

Property Volumetric weight Shore A hardness Breaking extension Breaking resistance Extension after breaking Water absorbing Transparency Tear resistance Vicat point Resistance temperature Breaking temperature Acoustic protection

DIN 53179 DIN 53505 DIN 53455 DIN 53455 DIN 51034 DIN 53495 ASTM D 1003 DIN 53515 NFT 51021 DIN 5372 DIN 52210

Unit g/cm3 daN/cm3 % % % daN/cm3 °C °C °C dB

Cod.301-302 1.25 80 300 1.8 62 -0.2 55 50 +50/-15 -30 >35

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