What is Petroleum engineering?

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1. Raise your hand if you heard the following phrase: “Major for men”.
Since I was a child I have always liked to be different from the rest of the
people I knew; for that reason, I decided to study petroleum engineering
because this major allows me to make the difference that I want to do as
there are not many women in this major because it is considered like a
“major for men”. From my point of view, all of these ideas should not
exist. Some people may disagree with me, but as far as I am concerned
the oil industry needs the work of men and women in order to form
excellent teams that achieve best productions of hydrocarbons.
2. Good afternoon dear colleagues and teacher, let me introduce myself my
name is Alejandra Santos today I am going to talk about Petroleum
engineering, I have limited my speech into 10 minutes.
3. What I would like to do today is to explain the definition and the areas of
petroleum engineering and in addition my future plans.
4. I have divided my presentation into 3 sections:
First I will explain what is PE?...Secondly I am going to show you the
areas…In the part three I’ll explain my future plans.
5. At the end of this presentation I will answer your questions, Now let us
turn to point one…
What is petroleum engineering?
1. A petroleum engineer is a person who looks for evidence of hydrocarbon
and their principal function is to extract the oil or natural gas from the
2. According to ACGAS editors the aim of PE is to maximize hydrocarbon
recovery at minimum cost while maintaining a strong emphasis on
reducing environmental impact.
3. PE has 2 principal workplaces the offshore and onshore rigs. For working
in these places it is necessary to have a rig pass. In comparison, these
two places have many different things but the principal is that in the
offshore the installations are submerged in the sea, and in the onshore
the rig is always in the earth’s surface.
4. As I mentioned before P. Engineers looks for evidence of hydrocarbons,
then extract the oil or natural gas and is sent to laboratories for analysis
of their properties and is stored for sale. This process is performed in the
different areas of the industry.
Areas of Petroleum engineering
The areas of PE are four:

1. Exploration: Process of exploration in order to looks for evidence of
2. Drilling: process of drilling the well in order to open the reservoir and
extract the oil or gas.
3. Production: process of recovery, and storage of the oil or natural gas.
4. Transporting: process of distribution of raw materials to factories to
produce new petroleum products.
All of these areas are important but before I decide on which I want to work, I
would like to work for a short period of time in all of them.
Future Plans
Short-term plan: First I will finish my major and I will specialize in
“Hydrocarbon exploration” then I will work in any area in order to gain
experience, knowledge and money. I want to start working in fields. All of these
plans I would like to do in four or three years after finishing may major.
Medium-term plan: I will work in Halliburton and I will decide a specific work
area and after two years I see myself studying a master’s degree. I will have a
good job because of this I want to save money first so then with that money I
am going to buy a new house and I am going to travel around the world.
Long-term plan: I want to work in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is the
state-owned oil company of the UAE it is considered to be the world’s fourth
largest oil company with access to country’s oil and gas reserves. I want to
save a lot of money with that money I am going to build a school for homeless
1. As I have tried to explain this afternoon the principal function of this
major is to extract oil or natural gas from the reservoirs and the areas in
which is divided in order to do this process in the correct form.
2. In conclusion I would like to say what I enjoy is being different from the
rest of the people; therefore, I decided to study petroleum engineering
as my future profession, I really love this major. If I work hard, I can do it.
3. Thanks for your attention, I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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