What is the Best Educational System

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Student Name Professor Name Human Resource Management 20 September 2012 What Is The Best Educational System? The educational system of the United States is one of the most advanced and modern in the world. Its benefits are countless, especially in comparison with a lot of countries, mostly of Latin America, Asia and Africa. Nevertheless, it is far from ideal. The main problem, which was especially acute for centuries, is the question of inequality of black and white population. This problem has developed historically and, even many years after the abolition of slavery, it is still one of the most discussed in American society. Up to this day, Afro Americans compile a relatively small percentage of employment in such areas as politics, medicine, law, economics etc. Naturally, this is a consequence of a low level of education. Who are to blame? The majority of the white population thinks that this situation is a result of unwillingness of black population to study harder. The most of black population claims that they have not got such opportunities as white people have and, what is more, they do often become victims of race discrimination. In my opinion, both parties are right in some way. Should we make a radical change in the educational system? My answer is negative. The problem is not in the educational system or enrollment. Everyone has the same rights in the US and here are no exceptions. Honestly, the incidents, based on racism, do take place even today. This is the result of separation of black and white population for over decades. For this reason, the citizens of the United States should not stop doing steps towards each other. However, coming back to the educational system, there is no need to privilege black children and allow them not to pass an entering exam. The reason is that it will be the same discrimination, but this time it will be directed on white people. The measures should not harm or discriminate anyone.

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There are no barriers for those, who have an aim and motivation. I think that black children and teenagers lack both components. This is extremely crucial issue, from which all problems originate. Not only should Afro Americans understand what they want in their life, but also they must realize that they are a part of equal and multinational society where everyone should study and work for the common wealth. In other words, we need to explain to them that the real joy of life consists in working. Parasitism is unacceptable. A person becomes truly happy when he fully devotes himself to some work. What is the best educational system? It is impossible to answer because it does not exist. It is something akin a utopia. My point is that the color of skin does not matter, but it is not the reason to privilege ones and discriminate others. It is an immense responsibility to make changes in the educational system, and it is necessary to think twice if these reforms are needed or not.

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