Whistleblowers Should Be Increased

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Whistleblowers Should Be Increased



nternational protection for whistleblowers should be increased
Last Update 11 July 2013
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FIDH calls for asylu to !e "ranted to #d$ard Sno$den FIDH ur"es concerned states to accept #d$ard%s Sno$den asylu application and conde ns the United States% a""ressi&e approach to$ards $histle!lo$ers' $hich poses a se&ere threat to Sno$den%s ri"hts' potentially leadin" hi to face ill(treat ent and an unfair trial) Sno$den%s ci&il diso!edience pro&ided infor ation essential to ensure transparency' respect for de ocratic principles and protection of the ri"ht for US and $orld$ide citi*ens and countries not to !e the su!+ect of unla$ful interference) ,he for er -ational Security ."ency /-S.0 contractor' $ho disclosed a lar"e nu !er of docu ents un&eilin" the US ass national and international sur&eillance pro"ra s' no$ faces the possi!ility of !ein" e1tradited to the US $here he has !een char"ed $ith theft of "o&ern ent property' unauthori*ed co unication of national defense infor ation and $illful co unication of classified co unications intelli"ence to an unauthori*ed person' the latter t$o offenses fallin" under the U)S) #spiona"e .ct 1232) ,he lea4s disclosed a secret court order that de anded Veri*on pass to the -S. the details of phone calls related to illions of custo ers' as $ell as details on the Pris -S. intelli"ence syste ' ai ed at collectin" data on intelli"ence tar"ets fro the syste s of so e of the a+or tech co panies) 5ore recently Sno$den also lea4ed files $ith e&idence that the -S. intelli"ence ser&ice $as also spyin" on #uropean Union Institutions as $ell as the diplo atic corps includin" of a nu !er of #U 5e !er States) ,he US has on a nu !er of occasions reco"ni*ed the i portance of $histle!lo$ers in denouncin" a "o&ern ent%s unethical or ille"al practices' includin" !y "rantin" asylu to $histle!lo$ers fro 6hina and other countries) Ho$e&er so far $histle!lo$ers $ho are US citi*ens ha&e !een su!+ect to se&ere persecution' leadin" to ill(treat ent and !reaches of the ri"ht to a fair trial' as in the case of 7radley 5annin"' $ho spent 1000 days in pre trial detention in conditions +ud"ed !y the U- Special 8apporteur on ,orture' Juan 5ende*' to a ount to inhu an and de"radin" treat ent and possi!ly torture) He is currently facin" court artial for &arious char"es carryin" life i prison ent' includin" that of aidin" the ene y' $hich attracts the death penalty) ”Given the US’s approach to whistleblowers, Snowden’s fears of facing grave human rights violations should he be extradited to the US are founded and his asylum requests should be granted,” said 9ari Lahid+i' President of FIDH)

5oreo&er dou!le standard in the use of their airspace !y #uropean countries is also shoc4in") “It is quite a paradox that European States authorised I! flights on and over their territory, in violation of international law, but refused to allow Evo "orales’s plane on the grounds that Edward Snowden might have been on board,” said 9atie :alla"her' FIDH Vice(President and Senior Staff .ttorney at /6680) FIDH calls on :o&ern ents of na ely #uropean Union 5e !er States and Latin . erica to reco"ni*e #d$ard Sno$den ay face "ra&e &iolations of his ri"hts and persecution for his political opinions and conse;uently appro&e his re;uest for asylu ) FIDH calls also on the US to ensure the ri"hts of $histle!lo$ers are respected throu"hout the course of in&esti"ations and trials and to re&ie$ its approach to$ards such fi"ures ta4in" into consideration the role they play in safe"uardin" the &alues of transparency and de ocracy) FIDH calls on the international co unity to pro ote the i ple entation and de&elop ent of le"al instru ents and fra e$or4 pro&idin" safe"uards for those $ho a4e disclosures in the pu!lic interest and in accordance $ith uni&ersal standards)

histleblowers go far to find asylum
<histle!lo$er #d$ard Sno$den is on the run ( he fled to Hon" 9on" after e1posin" secret US sur&eillance practices) 7ut $hat other countries ta4e in political fu"iti&es li4e hi ' and $hat are their oti&es=

For er 6I. e ployee #d$ard Sno$den' <i4ilea4s founder Julian .ssan"e' ci&il ri"hts acti&ist 6hen :uan"chen"' Vene*uelan opposition leader 6arlos >rte"a ( e&en in recent ti es there ha&e !een se&eral pro inent e1a ples of people loo4in" for asylu in one country !ecause they fear punish ent in another) Sno$den has fled to Hon" 9on"' the other three fled to the e !assies of countries $hich $ould' for the ti e !ein"' lea&e the alone) 6hen :uan"chen" $as e&entually allo$ed to tra&el to the US' $hile >rte"a $ent to 6osta 8ica) .ssan"e' ean$hile' has spent the past year in the #cuadorean e !assy in London) ,here is a S$edish arrest $arrant ( on a char"e of rape ( out on hi ) .ssan"e fears that he $ill !e deported fro S$eden to the US to spend se&eral years in +ail for releasin" thousands of secret US ilitary docu ents and diplo atic ca!les) 'Every state can decide for itself' #cuador has "ranted hi asylu ( !ut to $hat e1tent can any country deter ine $hether it should "rant a fu"iti&e asylu or not= ssan"e has !een in the #cuadorean e !assy in London for a year

?In principle' any state can decide for itself $ho it "rants political asylu to ( unless there is an international a"ree ent that rules it out'? says international la$ e1pert ,hilo 5arauhn of the Uni&ersity of :iessen' :er any) In other $ords' if a country has si"ned the :ene&a 6on&ention on the status of refu"ees' and the person in ;uestion is !ein" pursued !ecause of his political con&ictions' then that country ust "rant his or her re;uest for asylu ) ,hat duty does not hold if the country does not support the con&ention or the person in ;uestion is not a political refu"ee) #&en if there is no duty to "rant asylu ' the country still has the option of ta4in" so eone in) ,hen uch depends on $hether there or not there is an e1tradition treaty) .ccordin" to the e1tradition treaty !et$een the US and Hon" 9on"' for e1a ple' Hon" 9on" has the option of refusin" e1tradition if there is a suspicion that Sno$den is !ein" persecuted for his political con&ictions) ?#d$ard Sno$den can ha&e that e1a ined in a court case'? 5arauhn told D<) ?7ut "uess is that he [email protected] !e successful' and $ill only !e a!le to delay his e1tradition)? Political exploitation In the case of Sno$den' there is nothin" for it !ut to $ait and see' particularly as no char"es ha&e e&en !een !rou"ht a"ainst hi yet) .ssan"e has already ad&ised hi to see4 asylu in #cuador' and 8ussia is apparently also considerin" $hether to ta4e hi in) ,he fact that states $hich' accordin" to hu an ri"hts "roups' the sel&es ha&e a li ited freedo of opinion are declarin" that they could ta4e Sno$den in is partly do$n to the political essa"e that such a step $ould send) -o char"es ha&e !een !rou"ht a"ainst Sno$den yet ?,hat other countries are doin" that is do$n to the fact that nor ally de ocratic states "rant asylu to political refu"ees fro places li4e 6hina' 5yan ar' 8ussia' and else$here'? Syl4e ,e pel of the :er an 6ouncil on Forei"n 8elations /D:.P0 told D<) ?If they ta4e in fu"iti&es fro the US' it eans they $ant to say' @Loo4' . ericans' apparently your freedo [email protected] that "reat either' !ecause you pursue political refu"ees too)@? The case of Bobby ischer ,he ;uestion of asylu or e1tradition has !een a !one of diplo atic contention for so e ti e ( e&en $hen those !ein" sou"ht are $ar cri inals and despots) ,he for er #ast :er an leader #rich Honec4er' for instance' spent si1 onths in the 6hilean e !assy in 5osco$ in 1221 !efore !ein" e1tradited !ac4 to :er any) .fter <orld <ar II' se&eral -a*is found shelter in Latin . erica) Para"uay' for e1a ple' $hich li&ed under the dictatorship of .lfredo Stroessner' a ilitary officer of :er an herita"e' fro 12AB to 12C2' !eca e a fa&ored destination of :er an -a*is and fallen South . erican dictators) . ore surreal case $as that of US chess $orld cha pion 7o!!y Fischer' $ho fell out $ith his ho e nation and finally found asylu in Iceland ( thou"h Icelandic officials at the ti e y

e phasi*ed that the country $as actin" out of solidarity $ith an e1ceptional "rand and not out of sy pathy $ith his ( eccentric ( political &ie$s)


Who Will Be the Next American Whistleblower to Be Offered Asylum by a Latin American Country?
By: Kevin Gosztol a Saturda y July 6, 2013 11:11 am


Vene*uela President -icolas 5aduro /Photo !y ."Dncia 7rasil pu!lished under the 6reati&e 6o ons License .ttri!ution 3)0 7ra*il0 Vene*uela President -icolas 5aduro and -icara"ua President Daniel >rte"a ha&e offered -ational Security ."ency $histle!lo$er #d$ard Sno$den asylu ) ,he i ediate reaction $ill !e that they are left($in" anti(. erican countries) ,his offer disrespects an e1tradition treaty that the United States has $ith Vene*uela or -icara"ua) E!"P#$TE % &&'() $* E+T' 7oli&ian President #&o 5orales $ould "rant Sno$den asylu if as4ed)F US "o&ern ent officials and politicians' alon" $ith those at . erican thin4 tan4s and pundits in the edia' $ill focus upon $hat the US can do to sho$ the "o&ern ents of Vene*uela or -icara"ua that this $ill not !e tolerated) ,he 7roo4in"s Institution has already su""ested if Vene*uela "ranted Sno$den asylu the US could cut off a Gpri e econo ic lifelineHIthe Gsale of its hea&y oil to the United States)H /,he su""estion ca e fro the Diana Villers -e"roponte' the $ife of John -e"roponte' the for er 7ritish(!orn . erican diplo at $ho played a 4ey role in the dirty $ars in 6entral . erica)0 It ust !e understood that President 7arac4 >!a a and his ad inistration created the conditions that ulti ately led to this o ent) I%ll focus on Vene*uela $ith the thou"ht in ind that ost of $hat is su""ested applies to -icara"ua if that is the country $here Sno$den ulti ately lands) 5aduro' durin" the 202nd anni&ersary of the declaration of independence of Vene*uela' stated' accordin" to a rou"h translation fro the Vene*uela edia or"ani*ation' El UniversalJ In y capacity as Head of State and :o&ern ent of the 7oli&arian 8epu!lic of Vene*uela' I announce the !rother "o&ern ents of the $orld that $e ha&e decided to offer hu anitarian asylu to US citi*en #d$ard Sno$den' to protect hi fro a persecution unleashed !y the

ost po$erful e pire in the $orld /the US0 a"ainst a youn" tell the truth'H said 5aduro)

an $ho has done nothin" !ut

G<ho &iolates international la$= . youn" an $ho has decided' in an act of re!ellion' to tell the truth a!out the US espiona"e on the $orld or a "o&ern ent li4e that of the United States' or the po$er of the i perialist elites that spy on the $hole $orld=H $ondered 5aduro) .ll of $hich su""ests that 5aduro and the Vene*uela "o&ern ent &ie$ $hat Sno$den did as a political act) ,he e1tradition treaty !et$een the US and Vene*uela a"reed to on .pril 1B' 1223' specifically outlinesJ ,he pro&isions of the 6on&ention shall not i port clai of e1tradition for any cri e or offense of a political character' nor for acts connected $ith such cri es or offensesK and no person surrendered !y or to either of the 6ontractin" Parties in &irtue of this 6on&ention shall !e tried or punished for a political cri e or offenseL Vene*uela is fully $ithin its ri"hts to "rant Sno$den asylu ' especially if it &ie$s $hat he did $as a political act that $ould result in harsh punish ent if he $as returned to the US) 5aduro said durin" a eetin" $ith presidents of the U-.SU8 e !er states in 6ocha!a !a' 7oli&ia' on the incident that occurred $ith 7oli&ian President #&o 5orales% plane that the US had called the Vene*uelan Forei"n 5inistry to Glo!!y a"ainstH political asylu for Sno$den) .nticipatin" that the US i"ht need to e1tradite Sno$den fro Vene*uela' the # !assy of the United States of . erica in 6aracas sent Vene*uela a re;uest for the pro&isional arrest of Sno$den for Gthe purpose of e1tradition)H It descri!ed hi as a Gfli"ht ris4 !ecause of the su!stantial char"es he is facin" and his current and acti&e atte pts to re ain a fu"iti&e)H .lso' under the e1tradition treaty' it re;uested the Gsei*ure of all articles' instru ents' o!+ects of &alue or docu ents in the possession of Sno$den at the ti e of his arrest that ay relate to the offense for $hich e1tradition is sou"ht for later deli&ery to the United States authorities should e1tradition !e "ranted) ,his includes' !ut is not li ited to' all co puter de&ices' electronic stora"e de&ices and other for s of electronic edia)H If Sno$den ends up in Vene*uela' there is little chance he $ould !e e1tradited to the US) .ny !lusterin" !y US "o&ern ent officials a!out ho$ Vene*uela should respect so e process $ould !e under ined !y the historical fact that Luis Posada 6arriles' a suspected and 4no$n &iolent terrorist' continues to reside in the US and has not !een e1tradited to Vene*uela' as the country re;uested) 6arriles is the aster ind !ehind the !o !in" of a 6u!an airliner) He also is suspected to ha&e !een in&ol&ed in Hthe 1223 !o !in"s of t$o Ha&ana hotels that 4illed an Italian tourist)H 7ecause he $as a 6I. asset' he has ne&er !een put on trial for co ittin" this act of terroris ) He entered the US in 200A and sou"ht political asylu ) He $as put on trial in #l Paso' ,e1as' in 2011 for lyin" to i i"ration authorities a!out ho$ he "ot into the country and his participation in terrorist attac4s) In .pril of that year' he $as ac;uitted)

Vene*uela had pushed for his e1tradition) 7ut' a US i i"ration +ud"e ruled he could not G!e sent to either country' for fear he could !e tortured)H If the Ghar!orin"H of a Gfu"iti&eH $ho li4ely co itted real acts of terroris is accepta!le $ithin the rule of la$' it should "o $ithout sayin" that anythin" Vene*uela does to help Sno$den $ill' $ithout any ;uestions $hatsoe&er' deser&e to !e accepted as $ithin the rule of la$ too) ,he State Depart ent $ill li4ely clai the US and Vene*uela ha&e Gshared ties of friendship and co on &aluesH and the t$o countries should !e a!le to $or4 out so e 4ind of a"ree entIone that ends $ith Sno$den in the custody of the US "o&ern ent) >n July 3' Secretary of State John 9erry offered this rosy &ersion of history !et$een the t$o countries to con"ratulate Vene*uela on its co e oration of its independence dayJ Vene*uela and the United States ha&e uch in co on) For e1a ple' re&olutionary leader :eneral Francisco de 5iranda also played a part in our o$n stru""le for independence' participatin" in the 7attle of Pensacola in 13C1) His contri!ution is fore&er e oriali*ed in a onu ent that stands in the heart of Philadelphia' the ori"inal capital of the United States) <hen a de&astatin" earth;ua4e struc4 Vene*uela in 1C12 the United States sent the Vene*uelan people the first hu anitarian assistance it e&er pro&ided to a forei"n country) ,hese t$o e1a ples de onstrate that Vene*uela and the United States ha&e shared ties of friendship and co on &alues since the !irth of our t$o nations' and the ties !et$een our people endure) I $ish Vene*uelans e&ery$here health' happiness' and hope on the anni&ersary of your independence) 7oth Vene*uela and the United States ha&e had Gshared ties of friendship and co on &alues'H if one i"nores the last t$o decades' includin" that coup the US "o&ern ent !ac4ed $hen President :eor"e <) 7ush $as in po$er) -oa 6ho s4y%s !oo4' Hopes and Prospects' hi"hli"hts the Gtraditional echanis sH of G&iolence and econo ic $arfare'H $hich the US "o&ern ent has e ployed a"ainst Latin . erican countries li4e Vene*uelaJ L7ush and his associates did try to resort to the traditional eans in 2002' !ac4in" a ilitary coup to o&erthro$ the de ocratically elected "o&ern entIanother illustration of the Gstron" line of continuityH in de ocracy pro otion) 7ut the effort failed) .fter a popular uprisin" restored the elected "o&ern ent' <ashin"ton i ediately turned to fundin" "roups of its choice $ithin Vene*uela $hile refusin" to identify recipientsJ M2N illion !y 200N for the ne$ pro"ra after the failed coup atte pt' all under the "uise of supportin" de ocracy) <hen the facts $ere reported !y $ire ser&ices' la$ professor 7ill 5onnin" at the 5onterey Institute of International Studies in 6alifornia' G<e $ould screa !loody urder if any outside force $ere interferin" in our internal political syste )HL ,he t$o countries ha&e not had a !assadors since the late President Hu"o 6ha&e* e1pelled the US a !assador to Vene*uela in 200C' $ho he suspected of !ein" in&ol&ed in plottin" a ilitary coup a"ainst hi ) ,he US e1pelled the Vene*uelan a !assador after this happened)

Increasin"ly' these Gtraditional echanis sH are failin" as countries li4e Vene*uela ta4e easures to protect their countries fro US eddlin") .ny dependence they ha&e on the US is !rou"ht to an end' as the countries turn to 6hina or 8ussia for the aid' support or ties they could ha&e had $ith the US if it did not insist it i pose neoli!eral econo ic policies on their populations) ,he US "o&ern ent ust ad it it is responsi!le for creatin" "eopolitical conditions $here Vene*uela or any other Latin . erican country $ould !e ea"er to help a $histle!lo$er a&oid persecution) In the end' $hat is ost si"nificantIand $ill continue to recei&e little to no attention !y US "o&ern ent officials' politicians' pundits or e !ers of thin4 tan4sIis the reality that $hat has happened $ith Sno$den is a result of >!a a%s failure to pro&ide protections for national security a"ency $histle!lo$ers) <hat Gproper channelsH did Sno$den ha&e to "o throu"h to !lo$ the $histle on $hat the $ron"doin" he !elie&ed the -S. $as co ittin"= He had none !ecause the <histle!lo$er Protection #nhance ent .ct si"ned into la$ !y >!a a e1e pted national security a"ency $histle!lo$ers) .nd had he "one to the inspector "eneral' there $ould ha&e !een no "uarantee that the inspector "eneral too4 any actions $hatsoe&er on !ehalf of hi ) He ay ha&e e&en "i&en his na e to so e superior official and Sno$den ay ha&e lost his security clearance or +o! as a contractor) If he $ent to the press and re ained in the United States' there $ould ha&e !een little opportunity in a court of la$ to ount a defense that his disclosures $ere in the pu!lic interest and not so e act of espiona"e) He ay ha&e !een put in ad inistrati&e se"re"ation or in solitary confine ent in a federal prison and endured harsh pretrial confine ent conditions li4e Pfc) 7radley 5annin" did for nine onths of his pretrial confine ent) ,hus' the reality is that those $ho dare to !lo$ the $histle on their o$n "o&ern ent ore li4ely to follo$ the e1a ple of Sno$den and fly to a country $here they eet $ith a +ournalist li4e :lenn :reen$ald' e&entually "o pu!lic and ta4e responsi!ility for $hat they e1posed and then !e"in the possi!ly lon"' arduous process of see4in" asylu fro a country in the $orld $illin" to stand up to the United States) <ho $ill !e the ne1t $histle!lo$er to !e offered asylu !y a Latin . erican country=

So lon" as there is no "uarantee that the US $ill not depri&e $histle!lo$ers of their ri"ht to a fair trial' Latin . erican countries li4e Vene*uela $ill !e a refu"e for $histle!lo$ers' $ho do not $ish to spend a lon" period of ti e or the rest of their li&es in prison !ecause they decided to spea4 up and tell the truth a!out $hat they $ere seein" fro $ithin the sterile corridors and cu!icles of the national security state

,o protection for whistleblowers in -ndia
.!hi+it Patnai4 and Para ita :hosh' Hindustan ,i es -e$ Delhi' July 02' 2013 First Pu!lishedJ 1BJ33 IS,/2O3O20130 P Last UpdatedJ 00JBB IS,/3O3O20130 Email print

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7ein" at the heart of a &olatile South .sia' India has !een the ho e to refu"ees fro Pa4istan' Sri Lan4a' ,i!et' 7an"ladesh' .f"hanistan and 5yan ar' to na e a fe$) #d$ard Sno$den' !y applyin" for asylu in India' has +oined the o&er 3'A00 other asylu see4ers a$aitin" official response on their status) .ccordin" to the U- 8efu"ee ."ency' the U-H68' there are o&er 1)C la4h refu"ees residin" in India) . proper le"al fra e$or4 addressin" the issue of refu"ees is a!sent in India) .llo$in" or disallo$in" those see4in" refu"e is Gpurely political'H said D Su!a 6handran' director' Institute of Peace and 6onflict Studies' a thin4 tan4 !ased in -e$ Delhi) G-ot ha&in" a proper national la$ for refu"ees in !lac4 and $hite "i&es India lee$ay'H he added) Historically' India has had a li!eral policy of "rantin" asylu to people $hether they !e fro .f"hanistan' -epal' ,i!et(( people $ho ha&e escaped political persecution) ,he ost $ell(4no$n e1a ple is the Dalai La a' $ho escaped to India in 12A2) Since the early 1220s' for er .f"hanistan president [email protected] fa ily has !een stayin" in Delhi $ith a onthly allo$ance and security) For Sno$den' asylu here $ould !e a lon" shot) India is far ore interested in its relationship $ith a strate"ic partner such as the US than one indi&idual) 7rah a 6hellaney' professor' Strate"ic Studies' at the 6entre for Policy 8esearch' a -e$ Delhi !ased thin4 tan4' a"rees $ith 6handran) G:rantin" or re+ectin" asylu is al$ays a political decision of a "o&ern ent) ,he US has deported its o$n citi*ens on char"es of terroris 'H he said) /histleblower, protection0 ,he ;uestion of $histle!lo$ers !ein" protected under la$ is acade ic) GIn a de ocracy all its citi*ens ha&e constitutional freedo s) -o person' e&en a $histle!lo$er can !e denied such freedo s R he has the ri"ht to a fair trial'H said 6hellaney) 7ut in reality' $histle!lo$ers in India ha&e it !ad) 8,I acti&ists ha&e !een e1posin" sca s across the country) urdered for

G<histle!lo$er protection in India is not a "rey area' it%s an open area R if you $ant to find out $ho has e1posed sca s' you can'H said 6handran)

War on Whistleblowers, Democracy & nli!htenment" #$ Authoritarianism #nsto%%able?
!y 6hristopher ,uc4erFollo$
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,his article $as ori"inally pu!lished on 3O23O12 hereJ httpJOOthe"lo!al22 o&e ent)!lo"spot)co O)))
$%ve &u'lis(ed many arti)les"'lo*s durin* t(e &ast several years, ar*uin* t(at t(ere are many ominous warnin*s si*ns t(at we are witnessin* +, toleratin*- t(e emer*en)e o. a 21st )entury /S )or&orate0aut(oritarian, oli*ar)(i) system, w(i)( .ew a)tually desire, and most will &ro.oundly re*ret, a.ter it is too late1

2ne result o. t(e to&i)al nature o. re&ortin* , 'lo**in* is t(at we%re too o.ten myo&i)ally .o)used on &ie)emeal issue, 'ills, s&ee)(es, and 'linded to t(ere &la)e as &art o. 'roader, (olisti), )om&le3 &atterns and te)toni) trends1

$n t(is 'lo* &ost, $ will s(are insi*(ts .rom my resear)( involvin* interviews wit( &oliti)al0 asylum see4ers .leein* aut(oritarian re*imes, and .o)us more on t(e some o. t(e stru)tural, )ultural .or)es )ausin* , rein.or)in* t(is trend towards t(e collective irrationality ne)essary .or t(e new steamroller o. 21st )entury aut(oritarianism to 'e .ully institutionalized, w(i)( $%m )on.ident will 'e our .ate, unless a si*ni.i)ant ma5ority 'e)omes )ons)ious o. t(e .a)t t(at t(e &at( we%re on leads to unima*ina'le (orrors, su..erin*, )atastro&(es, o&&ression and deat( o. t(e 6meri)an 7ream, and t(at our only (o&e lies in restorin* t(e demo)rati) )(e)4s , 'alan)es, w(i)( &reviously &rovided systemi), invisi'le &ressures t(at 4e&t &us(in* t(at meta&(ori)al &endulum into e8uili'rium w(en t(in*s went a too .ar le.t, or ri*(t1

$n t(e &ast 10011 we%ve 'e)ome inured to realities, &oli)ies, w(i)( were &reviously unt(in4a'le +e1*1 a))e&tan)e o. torture, a /S 9resident )laimin* &ower to murder )itizens, or inde.initely lo)4 t(em in a dun*eon wit(out )(ar*e or trial, &ermanent war, et)1-1 6t t(is rate, we%ll (ardly 'e a'le to re)o*nize )olle)tive selves in 1002: years1

9ut sim&ly, we must 'e)ome )olle)tively sel.0)ons)ious

t(at our system is severely 'ro4en, (ow, and w(y, in order to .i3 it 'e.ore it%s too late1 ;at(er t(an 'ein* t(e im&lementation o. some )a'al%s <master &lan,< $ see t(is unidire)tional &ro)ess as mostly t(e result o. unintended )onse8uen)es o. .lawed, s(ort0si*(ted de)isions, &oli)y a)tions, and stru)tural varia'les +e1*1 te)(nolo*y ena'lin* terrorism to t(reaten states, *lo'alization, et)1-1 =or e3am&le, t(e Su&reme !ourt%s disastrous Citizens United vs. FEC de)ision .a)ilitated t(e emer*en)e o. a )or&orate"elite0run state, w(i)( )ould i*nore t(e interests, values o. t(e 'ottom >>?1 $n my [email protected]"1:"12- 'lo* &ost, <S)andal !on*ress , Aedia Aissed: Bow 2'ama%s #ew <Ce*al< 6ut(oritarian 9owers, Dar on D(istle'lowers T(reatens /S Se)urity , 7emo)ra)y Au)( Aore T(an ven !riti)s Sus&e)t,< $ illustrated (ow 'ot( t(e Bus( , 2'ama administrations, and !on*ress (ave e..e)tively0 i. not intentionally0 )reated t(e le*al edi.i)e , un&re)edented 2rwellian <Surveillan)e State )a&a)ity, o. a new 8uasi0totalitarian /S e3e)utive 'ran)(, (eaded 'y a /S 9res1 wit( virtually unlimited, di)tatorial &owers, w(i)( now )laims +via se)retly , o&en inter&retations o. un&re)edented &owers, eit(er su&&osedly in(erent, or <twisted< misreadin*s o. !on*ressional intent- virtually totalitarian &owers, t(ou*( you%d never *uess t(is .rom t(e unt(in4in*, dan*erously )redulous media , even stron*est )riti)s o. t(is mar)( towards aut(oritarianism in !on*ress1

In fact' I challen"e readers to de!un4 the lo"icalOle"al interpretations of 4no$n e1ecuti&e po$ers that I delineate) I ar"ue that it lo"ically follo$s that if >!a a can secretly order the urder or indefinite i prison ent of any US citi*en $ithout char"e or trial' he i plicitly has po$er to secretly order &irtually any i a"ina!le depri&ation of life' li!erty SOor property of any person or "roup he secretly dee s a threat' includin" the ost horrific ille"al a!uses of e1ecuti&e po$er in US history /e)") 5c6arthyis ' [email protected] 6>I-,#LP8>' [email protected] 59UL,8. that entailed -a*i(type e1peri ents on hu ans $Oo their per ission0' and no$ ?le"ally? resort to inhu ane practices used !y authoritarian S co unist re"i es)

5y $arnin" a!out authoritarian a!uses of unprecedented e1ecuti&e ?$ar on terror? po$ers S >r$ellian state capacity S secrecy' $as further le"iti ated days later' $hen the scandal a!out FD. spyin"' ?ene ies list? S fascist retaliation &s) $histle!lo$ers $ho $ere tryin" to protect the pu!lic' $as reported in the press /see y 3O1CO12 !lo"' FD. Spyin" S @#ne ies [email protected] ScandalJ Ho$ 6orporate State .!uses .nti(,error Po$ers to .ttac4 the 22T ' <histle!lo$ers' De ocracy S ,ruth0)

Indeed' -S. $histle!lo$ers' <illia 7inney /See De ocracy-o$)or" inter&ie$ !elo$0 S ,ho as Dra4e' $ho ris4ed their li&elihoods' careers' e&en +ail to e1pose truth' ha&e clai ed the US already has the architecture of an >r$ellian' ?turn4ey totalitarianis '? $hich "oes $ay !eyond anythin" 6on"ress or the pu!lic 4no$s a!out)

,hey and other $histle!lo$ers' li4e Si!el #d onds /6lassified <o en0' scientists' and acade ics' ha&e e1perienced the horror of ho$ ;uic4ly the rule of la$ can !e suspended' S ho$ this assi&e >r$ellian state apparatus can !e used to crush' i prison' discredit' destroy li&es of anyone dee ed a ?pro!le ? !y an ?a!o&e the la$? secreti&e elite' e;uipped $ith /&irtually=0 totalitarian po$ers) >f course' the cases reported !y the edia are the tip of the ice!er"' and al ost certainly the ? ildest? a!uses of the ne$ >r$ellian US. state' $hich no!ody &oted for' or re;uested)))and too fe$ li4e yself had $arned of for years)

Indeed' y contro&ersial /Sprin" 200B0 paper pu!lished in Global Security & Cooperation /:SU0 Uuarterly' ?Ideolo"ical Protectionis J ,he 7ush .d [email protected] 5isuse of Science S Infor ation in the Policy Process'? presciently $arned that the under reported censorship of science' repression of acade ics' and $histle!lo$ers posed a "ra&e threat to our de ocracy' national security' pu!lic healthOsafety' and that . ericans $ould suffer serious har if 6on"ress [email protected] in&esti"ate these practices' and potential <ater"ate(le&el type cri es)

I $arned that US ad inistrations $ere increasin"ly resortin" to ?ideolo"ical protectionis ? /co !o of censorship' repression' propa"andistic anipulation of pu!lic opinion0 !ecause the US rhetoric' policies' positions $ere !eco in" increasin"ly di&orced fro e pirical reality' !ut instead of adaptin" !eliefs' ideolo"ies' and policies to o!+ecti&e reality' the US rulin" political S econo ic elite $ere increasin"ly resortin" to the totalitarian ?realityOperception control? ethods' historically associated ore $ith co unist S fascist re"i es)

Ho$e&er' I also ar"ued !ac4 then that this $as not happenin" in a political' cultural &acuu ' !ut rather in an . erican political culture' e1hi!itin" distur!in"' if not patholo"ical' sy pto s co on in totalitarian countries) >fficial censorship S fear( induced self( censorship $ere rapidly !eco in" ?nor al)? ,he edia and !oth parties ha&e increasin"ly contri!uted to a ?post( odern polity? $here no o!+ecti&e truth e1ists' !ut often t$o e;ually &alid positions / edia practice of reportin" each [email protected] position as e;ually &alid out of fear of !ein" ridiculed as @!iased'? e po$erin" those $ith $ea4est' ost dishonest' false &ie$s0)

I also noted there $as so e !i*arre' unthin4in" faith S trust in the ?charis atic authority? of the US e1ecuti&e' $hich has si"nificantly increased no$ that De ocrats in 6on"ress S <hite House ha&e officially e !raced any of the authoritarian &alues' &ie$s S policies' $hich [email protected] pre&iously decried durin" the 7ush ad [email protected] rei"n S $hen :>P controlled 6on"ress)

[email protected] fa ous research on pu!lic opinion sho$ed that [email protected] partisan identification $as stron"est predictor of the opinions' and pu!lic opinion $ould chan"e S ali"n on issues $hen

!oth parties elites con&er"ed on a certain !elief' policy' &alue' etc)

-o$ !oth parties ha&e no$ supported trustin" the US e1ecuti&e $ith unprecedented' unchec4ed authoritarian po$ers' and i plicit &ie$ that $e should !lindly ?trust? any US President or US e1ecuti&e a"ency $ill not a!use these po$ers' and the e1istin" chec4s S !alances ade;uately protect us fro the despotic a!uses of po$er' $hich the Foundin" Fathers' atte pted to fore&er pre&ent in the US.) Steadily' . ericans are unconsciously a!andonin" the Foundin" [email protected] funda ental distrust of "o&ern ent po$er' and e !racin" authoritarian &alues S &ie$s of !lind trust in e&er(e1pandin"' concentrated' unprecedented US e1ecuti&e po$ers S secrecy) -aturally' ost still re"ur"itate traditional US &alues' !ut their actions S tolerance of practices S policies' $hich $ould !e ridiculed as anti( de ocratic' authoritarian' inhu ane S ille"al else$here' are increasin"ly accepted $ithout uch protest in the US.)

.s :lenn :reen$ald' 6hris Hed"es' Dan 8ather S others ha&e pointed out' US +ournalists S edia are afraid to as4 tou"h ;uestions' 4neel at the heals of po$er' and ha&e !eco e increasin"ly propa"andistic for the political S corporate #sta!lish ent elite' $ho ust increasin"ly resort to ?reality control? easures /pseudo(science thin4 tan4s' sophisticated spin operations' .stro,urf fa4e "rassroots or"ani*ations0' political repression S censorship /often under "uise of @national security0 to co&er(up the increasin"ly horrific truths' 7i" Lies' syste ic fraud' corruption' desecration of the . erican Drea ' steady utation of US fro de ocracy into authoritarianis ' and co petiti&e capitalist free ar4et into anti(co petiti&e' unfair 9leptocracy S ri""ed 6rony 6apitalis )

Just li4e the assi&e housin" ar4et fraud S to1ic assets that $ere concealed S nearly tri""ered a :lo!al :reat Depression' the the oli"archic US political S econo ic elite are a""ressi&ely concealin" the truth a!out our increasin"ly suicidal path fro the . erican pu!lic /a4a ?the 22T0' $ho $ould sa&e us fro catastrophe S de and correcti&e easures' if they only had access to the incon&enient truths' $hich enrich S e po$er a narro$ elite that al$ays i uni*es itself fro ( S often profits fro ( the catastrophic' pre&enta!le disasters' $hich the asses ust pay for /e)") 2O11 attac4s' housin" crisis' LI7>8 scandal' Ira; <ar0)

Instead of returnin" to its historical stren"ths' i ic4in" the ;ualities of successful corporations' countries' S or"anis s in Dar$inian e&olution' $hich ;uic4ly respond to syste ic feed!ac4 to !etter co pete' thri&e' the US elite is increasin"ly pursuin" the suicidal path of failed corporations' dead # pires' and e1tinct species' !y insulatin" itself and the population fro e pirical reality and real threats to our de ocratic' econo ic health' and actual national security' proppin" up the syste $ith 7i" Lies' coo4ed science' propa"anda' o!ili*in" sacrifice S o!edience fro the asses $ith terror of !oth forei"n !o"ey en S hidden ene ies hidin" in plain si"ht' ne&er(endin" <ar' and &arious for s of repression)

Increasin"ly' the US elite S culture(shapers' are !eha&in" li4e the oli"archical elite in the USS8' -a*i(:er any' and >[email protected] dystopian 12CB) Increasin"ly the US is a!andonin" the &alues present in cultures of thri&in"' fertile ci&ili*ations $here creati&ity' free thou"ht S e1pression' scientists' and truth(tellers $ho ;uestion stale orthodo1ies are re$arded and cele!rated' the culture adapts its !eliefs to ne$ realities' and the rulin" re"i e encoura"es intellectuals S artists to challen"e con&entional $isdo ' ;uestion authority'

.s -ao i <olf $arned in' ,he #nd of . erica' after the 2O11 attac4s' the US has e1hi!ited any of the policiesOpractices' $hich ha&e !een historically associated $ith open societies !ein" transfor ed into authoritarian' repressi&e societies) <hile a&era"e . ericans $ould li4ely interprets her $arnin"s as alar ist' if not hysterical' I do not !elie&e she S other critics of the creepin" authoritarianis "o far enou"h in docu entin" +ust ho$ authoritarian [email protected]&e !eco e' and +ust ho$ horrific thin"s i"ht already !e' or could soon !eco e)

<olf S yself ha&e +ust !een echoin" any of >[email protected] $arnin"' such as' ?In syste s !ased upon uni&ersal deceit' tellin" the truth !eco es a re&olutionary act)?

,he first &icti s of such authoritarian re"i es are acade ics' scientists' $histle!lo$ers' uni&ersity students' $ho are tar"eted as if terrorists' or actual ene ies' !ecause they ha&e 4no$led"e' e1pertise' co unication s4ills to e1pose the horrific truths' and 7i" Lies' $hich the re"i e needs ost of the population to !elie&e in $ithout ;uestion)

Usually' inside $histle!lo$ers S those li4e yself' $hose e1pertise S research focuses on e1posin" S illu inatin" ho$ po$er is a!used S the truth repressedO anipulated' are seen !y the re"i e as the ost ?dan"erous? threats' so $e are often falsely accused S discredited as helpin" ?the ene y'? e&en if our oti&es $ere the opposite) See the 7ush ad [email protected] unprecedented censorship of science' >!a [email protected] ?<ar on <histle!lo$ers? S the tools of $arfare S authoritarianis used to destroy <i4ilea4s S discredit its founder' Julian .ssan"e)

Durin" the transfor ation to authoritarianis Ototalitarianis ' policies S practices that $ere for erly unthin4a!le "radually !eco e accepted as ?nor al'? and e&en cele!rated) .s -ao i <olf' 6hris Hed"es' :leen :reen$ald S yself ha&e repeatedly pointed out' any of the tell(tale ?red fla"? policies S practices of an e er"in" authoritarian re"i e ha&e already !e i ple ented' institutionali*ed' or used $ithout uch serious protest)

Such syste s treat truth(spea4ers as the ene y and re$ard !lind' unthin4in" o!edience to( S

trust of( authority' irrational dou!lethin4 /i)e) co"niti&e dissonance0 in population' $hich can !e easily duped S anipulated into collecti&e !lindness to the lies S a!surd contradictions !et$een the re"i [email protected] actions S rhetoric' or dou!le(standards utili*ed' so that a certain practice can !e "ood $hen the re"i e does it and !adO#&il $hen the ?ene y? of the day does it) For e1a ple' Pres) >!a a can clai the po$er to urder his or forei"n citi*ens any$here in the $orld' $hile the US can si ultaneously &ilify any other leader $ho clai s such po$ers' and this authoritarian dou!lethin4 allo$s the US to torture ?!ad? suspects' $hile pu!licly decryin" hu an ri"hts a!uses e&ery$here else in the $orld' $ithout any people noticin" or re ar4in" on the !latant hypocrisy)

.nother ?red fla"? indicator a country is sufferin" fro the institutionali*ation of authoritarian policies' practices and ass psycholo"y' is $hen irrational' for erly i unaccepta!le authoritarian practicesO&alues' are openly e !raced and cele!rated !y influential political or cultural authorities)


<hile there ha&e any any indicators that the . erican culture $as !eco in" increasin"ly irrational' anti(science' anti(intellectual' this story /,e1as :>P DeclaresJ ?-o 5ore ,eachin" of @6ritical ,hin4in" [email protected] in ,e1as Pu!lic Schools'0?re&eals another ?canary in the coal ine? $arnin" that the US is on a path to$ards !eco in" re ar4a!ly si ilar to the totalitarian dystopia depicted in >[email protected] classic' 12CB' in $hich the a!surdly contradictory slo"ans of 7i" [email protected] rulin" elite party are !lindly accepted !y an unthin4in" loyal esta!lish entJ

"Ignorance is Strength, Slavery is Freedom, and War is Peace."

Bere we see one o. t(e two ma5or &arties o&enly em'ra)in* aut(oritarian values and o&&osin* t(e tea)(in* o. )riti)al t(in4in* s4ills, &re.errin* t(at 21st )entury 6meri)ans do not learn (ow to )riti)ally e3amine t(eir &re0e3istin* 'elie.s, 8uestion aut(ority1 #o, 'lind o'edien)e, and .ait( in aut(ority .i*ures is 'e)omin* t(e new 6meri)an et(os, and a&&arently it%s no lon*er s(ame.ul, and em'arrassin* to o&enly denoun)e nli*(tenment values, w(i)( ins&ired t(e =oundin* =at(ers to )reate a !onstitutional demo)ra)y1

$t%s revealin* t(at at a time w(en /S s(ould 'e .o)used on )reatin* t(e 'est )riti)al t(in4ers, )a&a'le o. )om&etin* in an in)reasin*ly )om&etitive *lo'alized e)onomy, a ma5or &arty0 alon* wit( many si*ni.i)ant )ultural .or)es0 wants our nation to .lee .rom o'5e)tive reality, and ensure t(e ne3t *eneration un)riti)ally a))e&ts t(is )ulture o. sel.0destru)tion , un8uestiona'ly o'eys t(e aut(ority o. t(e e3istin* elite, w(i)( &ro.its o.. t(is &at( o. irrational )olle)tive sui)ide1

T(is is not an isolated )ultural anomaly, 'ut an o&en em'ra)e o. t(e )ulture o. irrationality, w(i)( is rein.or)ed on a daily 'asis 'y &oliti)al leaders w(o )an o&enly de.end a'surdly illo*i)al, )ontradi)tory (y&o)riti)al, uns)ienti.i) views, w(i)( are all too o.ten treated as &er.e)tly valid 'y an un)riti)al, unt(in4in*, su'servient mass media1

!(ris Bed*es (as re&eatedly o'served in t(e /S6, w(at instein o'served in &re0DD$ Germany, sel.0destru)tive madness111collective insanity1

2.ten in )ountries w(ere even t(e edu)ated )lasses 'e)ome 'linded 'y , res&onsi'le .or sel.0destru)tive, militant aut(oritarian )olle)tive insanity, t(ose de.endin* reason, o'5e)tive trut(, rationality, are deemed0 , even deli'erately dia*nosed0 as delusional1

T(e .a)t t(at several renown a)ademi)s , 5ournalists (ave sued t(e /S in .ederal )ourt, 'ased t(eir )ase on .ears o. totalitarian &erse)ution , (orri.i) (uman ri*(ts violations +i1e1 inde.inite detention .or .ormerly le*al resear)( , &oliti)al )riti)ism-, w(i)( /S do)tors are trained to automati)ally dia*nose as symtoms o. mental illness111delusional, &aranoid t(in4in*1

Cu)4ily .or #oam !(oms4y, 7aniel lls'er*, !(ris Bed*es, #aomi Dol. and !ornel Dest, t(ey (ad su..i)ient .ame , &ower.ul allies, to 4now t(ey )ould now &u'li)ly , )redi'ly e3&ress 'elie.s , .ears o. /S &erse)ution, w(i)( would *et +or (as *otten- youn*er, not0yet0 .amous t(in4ers dis)redited ,"or lo)4ed away .orever in a &sy)(iatri) institution, li4e !(inese dissidents, and Guantanamo Bay terrorist sus&e)ts, w(o are <)(emi)ally restrained< +see 7o7 re&ort- or lo'otomized via ele)tro0s(o)4 torture +see re&ort"video on !(ina%s usin* law, 5ud*es, do)tors to .or)i'ly institutionalize , ele)tros(o)4 )riti)s , w(istle'lowers, deemed s)(izo&(reni) .or e3&ressin* &ro0demo)ra)y views, deemed %)(aoti)"in)o(erent% t(in4in*E also see/S6 today re&ort-1

6 &ro.ound indi)ator o. in)reasin* /S )olle)tive insanity is t(at a /S .ederal 5ud*e (as ruled t(ese nonviolent a)ademi)"5ournalist &lainti..s (ave )redi'le .ears o. (orri.i) /S &erse)ution, w(i)( /S do)tors"&sy)(olo*ists are trained to automati)ally dismiss as in)redi'le, delusional, &aranoid t(in4in*111individual insanity1

$roni)ally, as t(e /S in)reasin*ly 'orrows , im&roves u&on !(inese totalitarian met(ods +e1*1 /S torture manual 'ased u&on !(inese met(odsE (i*(0te)( mass surveillan)e, so)ial0 en*ineerin*-, and !(ina in)or&orates t(e 'est o. /S )a&italism, and ea)( state seems to 'e mor&(in* into a new 21st )entury aut(oritarian model, w(ile demo)ra)y s&reads to $slami) nations1

$roni)ally , &erversely, only 6meri)ans remain 'lindly )redulous , trustin* o. *overnment &ower, and only t(e )itizens outside o. t(e /S +!(ina, $ran, Aiddle ast- s(are t(e &ro.ound, a&&ro&riate distrust o. un)(e)4ed *overnment &ower o. t(e /S% =oundin* =at(ers, w(o ens(rined inaliena'le ri*(ts in a !onstitution, w(i)( (ave 'een evis)erated , nearly rendered as irrelevant, as Catin )ate)(isms to a 9riestly &edo&(ile1

$ndeed, $ interviewed several $ranian &oliti)al asylum0see4ers w(o (ad &ositive views o. t(e /S, 'ut e3&ressed similar o'servations )a&tured in a &ro.oundly insi*(t.ul 8uote:

"Americans do not know how to think for themselves...in Iran...we know the government lies, so we try to figure out the truth for ourselves...you Americans always believe the government...even when you say you don t."

$. /S (istory is any *uide, and my analysis , warnin*s are even )lose to t(e mar4, $ su&&ose $ s(ould .ear writin* su)( &ie)es, w(i)( $ do, and w(y $ do not .eel sa.e re&ortin* all my resear)( .indin*s1

+See interview wit( award0winnin* 5ournalist, !(ris Bed*es, a'out t(e )ourt )ase vs1 totalitarian #766 &rovisions, w(i)( $ 'elieve are even more swee&in* t(an Bed*es , ot(er &lainti..s-

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6ut(oritarianism !ulture du)ation Aedia 2'ama Totalitarianism


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6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 12J0NJ13 .5 PD,

* [new] Your words sound sane to me. (4+ / 0-) $. /S (istory is any *uide, and my analysis , warnin*s are even )lose to t(e mar4, $ su&&ose $ s(ould .ear writin* su)( &ie)es, w(i)( $ do, and w(y $ do not .eel sa.e re&ortin* all my resear)( .indin*s1 =or a truly )ons)ious 'ein*, t(e .irst &riority is to &ut onesel. 'eyond dan*er1 T(is is an im&ortant &ost0national )onsideration .or someone w(o (as a voi)e to lend and a &ers&e)tive to o..er1 $t is, indeed, an o'li*ation1

>nce you are in a country $here you are $elco e and sta!le and secure' you can then help others) In the case of the US' chan"e is "oin" to co e fro the outside $orld' no$' as the nation declines in "lo!al stature and influence) .nd outside is $here you $ant to !e)
. child of fi&e $ould understand this) Send so eone to fetch a child of fi&e) (( :roucho 5ar1

!y Pluto on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 12JB2J2A .5 PD,

* [new] Than s. Your !omment sounds sane to me. (2+ / 0-)

So eti es' [email protected] a tension !et$een the o!li"ationOinstinct for self( preser&ation and self(sacrifice for the truth and "reater "ood) So eti es' the t$o are conflated) So eti es' [email protected] no $ay to put oneself !eyond dan"er) .t this point in history' Julian .ssan"e is learnin" that e&en $O access to the "lo!al edia S le&era"e' there is no place @outside the US'@ S any na eless others li4e hi ha&e learned the sa e thin") <[email protected] see if [email protected] ri"ht a!out chan"e) ,han4s for readin" S co entin")

6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 01J03J32 .5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] the authorit" to i## $ia drones (%+ / 0-)

is li ited in scope to co !atants that are in re ote "eo"raphic areas such that capture is i possi!le) "i&en that' its pretty clear that this authority poses no threat to us citi*ens /unless they fall $Oin the t$o a!o&e criteria0 !y +ohnny $urster on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 0BJB2JBA .5 PD,

* [new] &the authorit" to i## $ia drones (%+ / 0-)

is limited in scope to combatants that are in remote geographic areas1 Source of your authority for this state ent= ,he .: has stated /in y &ie$ incorrectly0 that the due process /actually due process of law ( the "uy [email protected] e&en accurately ;uote the constitution0 does not ean judicial process' and that a rap session in the >&al >ffice o&er pi**a is sufficient due process to +ustify assassination of an . erican citi*en) I tre !le for y country $hen I reflect that :od is +ustK that his +ustice cannot sleep fore&er) W,ho as Jefferson !y !o!de&o on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 0AJ02JA2 .5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] sure. (%+ / 0-)

here) !y +ohnny $urster on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 0AJ22JA3 .5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] 'in to sou!e doesn(t wor . (2+ / 0-)

<hile the edia repeats the propa"anda to con&ince us that this po$er to secretly order assassination of anyone /includin" US citi*ens0 on ?9ill List'? only applies to re ote areas' $hen capture [email protected] possi!le) Fro $hat I "athered' it $as possi!le to capture >sa a !in Laden' !ut it $as dee ed !etter to assassinate hi )

,[email protected] also nothin" re;uirin" the y &ie$( it !e outside the US)

ethod to !e a drone' or( in

[email protected] say a $histle!lo$er e1presses intent of e1posin" a top secret pro"ra that $ould horrify US citi*ens' e !arass officials or allies' and si ply char"in" the $O cri e [email protected] stop truth fro co in" out' [email protected] to stop >!a a of orderin" co&ert urder of $histle!lo$er' or dee in" the a ?threat to national security)? .lso' this does not refute y delineated lo"ic' a!out the ?lesser is included in the "reater? constitutional le"al principle) -a ely' it $ould !e ridiculous to clai >!a a can order you urdered' !ut [email protected] order [email protected] do" 4illed' you !lac4listed' tar"eted $ith &arious for s of repression' persecution' psyops' cy!er($arfare' etc) See y other posts on -D.. S Free Speech for this' $hich su""est such ?lesser? attac4s are under$ay inside the US.' +ust li4e they $ere under J) #d"ar Hoo&er) 6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 11JB0JA1 .5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] Tr" a)ain* that do) won(t hunt. +) n/t (0+ / 0-)

I tre !le for y country $hen I reflect that :od is +ustK that his +ustice cannot sleep fore&er) W,ho as Jefferson !y !o!de&o on 5on Sep 13' 2012 at 03J22J10 .5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] ,-(s re-de.inition o. !onstitutiona# ri)ht to (2+ / 0-)

due proces of la$ !ein" secretly "uaranteed !y secret process $O secret e&idence is a oc4ery of the concept' e thin4s) I a"ree $ith constitutional la$ prof) Jonathon ,urley on this one) Loo4 ho$ any innocent people "et i prisoned or e1ecuted' despite ha&in" trappin"s of due process of la$ /+ud"e' la$yers' +ury0) . !asic idea of the concept is that citi*ens ha&e a ri"ht to respond to the char"es and defend their innocence) .lso' as [email protected]&e ar"ued else$here' [email protected] nothin" pre&entin" the .:O>!a a ad inistration fro usin" this ne$ concept of due process

?protections? to secretly depri&e citi*ens of life' li!erty or property' in other innu era!le $ays)))not +ust drone assassinations in forei"n countries) [email protected] a &ery dan"erous' authoritarian &alueOpracticeOidea' in 6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 11J01JA2 .5 PD, E Parent F

y &ie$)

* [new] /ou#d the remote areas o. ,#as a or other states (1+ / 0-)

ser&e a si ilar criteria if they $ere dee ed too difficult to safely send in police forces= !y 6laudius 7o !arnac on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 10JB2J2C .5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] Yeah* 01ama said ,#as ans are s!rewed 1/! o. !o#d. (0+ / 0-)

Seriously' you raise a "ood point) ?8e oteness? is hardly a credi!le criteria' $hich is ost cases is +ust a ?la*iness? criteria' thou"h there ay !e places that are too $ell(fortified to capture $Oo si"nificant US casualties) I also seriously ;uestion ?safely capture? is a credi!le standard) .fter all' the F7I [email protected] +ust !o ! <.6>' and try to capture hea&ily ar ed people in the US' $hich can !e &ery unsafe) If capture $as really the "oal' the US [email protected]&e said to the US "uy in Xe en' [email protected] "oin" to !o ! you unless you turn yourself in S [email protected] $atchin" &ia satellite)))you ha&e 1 hour)? In fact' I thin4 in any cases the US prefers the tar"et dead' not captured' li4e >sa a' or [email protected] say)))an innocent $histle!lo$er $O da nin" e&idence >!a a dee s a threat to his re(election)))I ean ?national security)? Xou raise the dar4ly co ic spectre of >!a a orderin" urder of .las4an ta1 e&aders !Oc [email protected] si ply too cold S far a$ay to con&eniently capture the ) 6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 11JAAJ30 .5 PD,

E Parent F

* [new] !hort#e (1+ / 0-)

1N year old . erican .!dulrach an al .l$4a4i $ould disa"ree' !ut a !o ! !le$ hi up !efore he could retort) His cri e= <al4in" do$n a road loo4in" for his father' $ho he feared had !een !lo$n up already) ?Find out +ust $hat any people $ill ;uietly su! it to and you ha&e the e1act easure of the in+ustice and $ron" $hich $ill !e i posed on the )? ((Frederic4 Dou"lass !y -ada Le E Parent F

in" on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 12JB0J1B P5 PD,

* [new] 01ama )uarantees due pro!ess ri)ht to pro$e (0+ / 0-)

>[email protected] innocent' after they are 4illed !y a drone stri4e' $hich should co fort anyone fearin" they i"ht !e $ron"ly urdered) . lesson fro the urder of al [email protected] son' is that children should !e careful $hen choosin" their parents))) 6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 01J20JB1 P5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] ri)ht (1+ / 0-)

especially $here their parents ta4e the ) ?Find out +ust $hat any people $ill ;uietly su! it to and you ha&e the e1act easure of the in+ustice and $ron" $hich $ill !e i posed on the )? ((Frederic4 Dou"lass !y -ada Le E Parent F

in" on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 01J2NJ13 P5 PD,

* [new] 2t(s 3oin!iden!e Theor" To 3#aim That 2n!reasin) (2+ / 0-)

concentration of po$er happens accidentally) <e are called to spea4 for the $ea4' for the &oiceless' for &icti s of our nation and for those it calls ene y)))) ((5L 9in" ?7eyond Vietna ?

!y :ooseroc4 on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 0AJ13JA2 .5 PD,

* [new] 4a#id point. Than s. (0+ / 0-)

<hile I $anted to distin"uish fro all of [email protected] !een happenin" fro a $ell( or"ani*ed coup !y cohesi&e ca!al $O clear lon"(ter plan' I did $ron"ly de( e phasi*e the role of strate"ic choicesOtactics !y 4ey actors' thou"h I do this ore in y other !lo" posts /e)") USOpri&ate contractors tar"etin" critics of the 6ha !er of 6o erce S supporters of <i4ilea4s $O co&ert $arfare0 6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 10JB2J3B .5 PD, E Parent F

* [new] This wou#d 1e more !ompe##in)... (%+ / 0-)

)))if it distin"uished actual authoritarian tendencies fro / ere0 policies $e [email protected] li4e' especially on the social and econo ic fronts) ,o lu p the all to"ether a4es o!&ious social(scientific sense' !ut as a rhetorical de&ice it only consolidates the ,rue 7elie&ers' $ho are relati&ely fe$ in nu !er' $hile alienatin" the people you need to reachK it co es off as sour("rapes ?the only reason $e [email protected] $innin" is that [email protected] !ein" oppressed)? .nd you 4no$' ay!e if $e had underlyin" pro"ressi&e a+orities /for so ethin" $ay to the Left of the De ocratic Party as it is today0 [email protected] see so ethin" really sinister !loc4in" us any$ay' !ut $e [email protected] ha&e any$here near those a+orities so in&o4in" so e unified syste of oppression +ust a4es us loo4 li4e losers e&en if [email protected] so e acade ic chops to it) 8o ney @12J 7erlusconi $ithout the se1 and alcoholY !y 8ich in P. on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 0NJ23J21 .5 PD,

* [new] 2($e a!tua##" 1een meanin) to ma e a !hart (0+ / 0-)

of o!+ecti&e conceptual S e pirical indicators so one could ran4s countries on a continuu fro pure authoritarianis to ideal de ocracy' and trac4 trends o&er ti e) I [email protected] thin4 [email protected] accurate to say that I si ply la!el policies I [email protected] li4e as authoritarian) <hile' I [email protected] li4e >!a [email protected] positiion on [email protected] @indefinite [email protected] pro&ision /see recent posts here0' it also is a &ery authoritarian position) ,here are policies I [email protected] /e)") dissol&in" #P.0' !ut $ould not call this authoritarian) Ho$e&er' you correctly re ind e that I should ore clearly define the concept' to de onstrate that y o$n !iases [email protected] distortin" y analysis' $hich should not si ply !e( and I [email protected] thin4 is( ?e&erythin" I [email protected] li4e is authoritarianis )?

It actually $ould !e !ad social science to lu p the all to"ether' as you say) >ne needs clear concepts' o!+ecti&e criteria for distin"uishin" e pirical pheno ena) I [email protected] ha&e su! itted this to social scientific re&ie$ /at least in its current for 0) I $hipped this out a fe$ onths a"o' and ha&e !een de&elop it' !ut thou"ht [email protected] "et so e feed!ac4 first) So than4s) 6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 11J22J03 .5 PD, E Parent F

eanin" to clean it up S

* [new] To answer "our tit#e 5ustion+ (1+ / 0-)

Xeah' pretty

uch) J(/

!y cor&o on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 0CJ20J2A .5 PD,

* [new] 2 .ear we(re 1oth ri)ht + ) (1+ / 0-)

6hristopher 5) ,uc4er !y 6hristopher ,uc4er on Sun Sep 1N' 2012 at 11J22JB3 .5 PD, E Parent F

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