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Woodstock IL Estate Sale Auction No.11


Mon, Apr 26, 2010 6:00 PM - Fri, Apr 30, 2010 9:45 PM Central Estate sale auction with costume jewelry, dolls, figurines, linens, tools, antiques, appliances, quilt, afgan, handywork, and more Auction is active on Monday April 26. There will be additional lots added until Tuesday April 27. Check back often.

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 1 15.5" Palm Tree Bedroom Lamp High Bid: $0.00

15. 5" palm tree bedroom lamp
Lot# 2 Lot Of 10 Decorative Plates- Different Varieties High Bid: $0.00

Lot of 10 decorative plates- different varieties
Lot# 3 Lot Of 5 Pieces Of Etched Clear Glass Items High Bid: $0.00

Two covered candy dishes, two bud vases, one glass basket
Lot# 4 Small Piece Of Petrified Wood- 4" X 3" High Bid: $0.00

Small piece of petrified wood- 4" x 3"
Lot# 5 Lusterware Wall Pocket High Bid: $0.00

Floral design- made in japan- 7" tall
Lot# 6 Sheet Music Design Wall Pocket High Bid: $0.00

Majolica capodimonte- 6" wide and 4" tall
Lot# 7 Vintage Wall Pocket With Two Lovebirds High Bid: $0.00

7" tall, 4" wide- not marked
Lot# 8 Red Glass And White Wire Wall Pocket High Bid: $0.00

Pigeon blood red vase
Lot# 9 High Bid: $0.00



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Eddie Bower Leather Laptop Case- Good Condition

Eddie bower leather laptop case- good condition

Lot# 10 Circa 1950s Juice Pitcher- 9" Tall

High Bid: $0.00

Circa 1950s juice pitcher- 9" tall

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 11 The Wind In The Willows Wall Pocket- 7" Tall High Bid: $0.00

The wind in the willows wall pocket- 7" tall
Lot# 12 Swan With Cattails Wall Pocket High Bid: $0.00

Made in japan- 6. 5" tall
Lot# 13 Benjamin Franklin Wheaton Bottle- Green High Bid: $0.00

Benjamin franklin wheaton bottle- green
Lot# 14 Florida Art Seashell Oval Mirror- 16" X 12" High Bid: $3.00

Florida art seashell oval mirror- 16" x 12"
Lot# 15 Enterprise Cast Iron Antique Meat Grinder High Bid: $0.00

Enterprise cast iron antique meat grinder
Lot# 16 Working Polaroid 500 Film Camera High Bid: $0.00

Working polaroid 500 film camera
Lot# 17 High Bid: $0.00

American Airline Collectibles- Two Gate Bags, Iridescent Vest, Eastern American Handbook

American airline collectibles- two gate bags, iridescent vest, eastern american handbook
Lot# 18 High Bid: $0.00

Navy Boot Camp Photos And Bumper Stickers And Stars And Stripes Pins

Navy boot camp photos and bumper stickers and stars and stripes pins
Lot# 19 High Bid: $0.00



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Pair Of Chocolate Brown Porcelain Bedroom Lamps- 14" Tall

Pair of chocolate brown porcelain bedroom lamps- 14" tall

Lot# 20 Two Teacups And Saucers And Porcelain Teapot

High Bid: $0.00

Two teacups and saucers and porcelain teapot

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 21 High Bid: $0.00 Set Of Four Golden Wheat Shot Glasses And Two Decorative Cordial Glasses- Circa 50s

Set of four golden wheat shot glasses and two decorative cordial glasses- circa 50s
Lot# 22 Two Dark Brown Porcelain Vases- One 10" And One 6" Tall High Bid: $0.00

Lot# 23

High Bid: $0.00

Three Vintage Items- One Black Amethyst 5" Tall Vase, Amethyst Etched Shot Glass, Pewter Leaf Dish

Three vintage items- one black amethyst 5" tall vase, amethyst etched shot glass, pewter leaf dish
Lot# 24 Gas Cap With Key- 4" Diameter High Bid: $0.00

Gas cap with key- 4" diameter
Lot# 25 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Vintage Toothpick Holders And Pair Of Dove Candleholders

Lot of two vintage toothpick holders and pair of dove candleholders
Lot# 26 Two Art Glass Ashtrays High Bid: $0.00

Two art glass ashtrays
Lot# 27 High Bid: $0.00

Pink Art Glass Pitcher- 7" Tall With Ruffled Top And Applied Handle

Pink art glass pitcher- 7" tall with ruffled top and applied handle
Lot# 28 High Bid: $0.00

Two Pieces Of Art Glass- One Blue Swirl 6" Tall Budvase And Blue-green Hand-blown Bottle 6" Tall

Two pieces of art glass- one blue swirl 6" tall budvase and blue-green hand-blown bottle 6" tall
Lot# 29 High Bid: $0.00



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4" Square Inlaid Wood Trinket Box

4" square inlaid wood trinket box

Lot# 30 7" X 3" Covered Trinket Box With Decoupage Raccoons

High Bid: $0.00

7" x 3" covered trinket box with decoupage raccoons

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 31 Six Circa 50s Rock Glasses- Good Condition High Bid: $0.00

Six circa 50s rock glasses- good condition
Lot# 32 Cranbury Swirl Glass Flower Vase- 9.5" Tall High Bid: $0.00

Cranbury swirl glass flower vase- 9. 5" tall
Lot# 33 Nib Three Bosch Windshield Wipers- 22" Long High Bid: $3.00

Nib three bosch windshield wipers- 22" long
Lot# 34 Wooden Breadbox- 16" X 9.5" X 11" High Bid: $0.00

Wooden breadbox- 16" x 9. 5" x 11"
Lot# 35 Newer Green Candlestick Lamp- 23" Tall High Bid: $0.00

Newer green candlestick lamp- 23" tall
Lot# 36 Etched Cranbury Bud Vase- 10" Tall High Bid: $0.00

Etched cranbury bud vase- 10" tall
Lot# 37 Etched Blue 7.5" Rose Bowl On Stem High Bid: $0.00

Etched blue 7. 5" rose bowl on stem
Lot# 38 Pair Of Majolica Angels- 7" Long, 6" Tall High Bid: $3.00

Pair of majolica angels- 7" long, 6" tall
Lot# 39 High Bid: $0.00



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Pedestal Chess Set With All Pieces And Glass Chessboard- 27" Tall

Pedestal chess set with all pieces and glass chessboard- 27" tall

Lot# 40 Cobalt Blue Bud Vase Hand Painted- 8" Tall

High Bid: $0.00

Cobalt blue bud vase hand painted- 8" tall

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 41 High Bid: $0.00 Six Vintage Youth Books Including Robin Hood, Kenilworth, Jane Eyre, Robinson Crusoe, Kidnapped, And

Six vintage youth books including robin hood, kenilworth, jane eyre, robinson crusoe, kidnapped, and 50 famous stories
Lot# 42 Maple Magazine Rack- 13" Tall, 9" Wide, 21" Long High Bid: $0.00

Maple magazine rack- 13" tall, 9" wide, 21" long
Lot# 43 Wicker Plant Stand- 14" Tall, 11" Wide, 12" Deep High Bid: $0.00

Wicker plant stand- 14" tall, 11" wide, 12" deep
Lot# 44 Small Watercolor Autumn Landscape 11" X 8.5" High Bid: $0.00

Small watercolor autumn landscape 11" x 8. 5"
Lot# 45 Lefton Collector Plate With Cameo Seagulls- 8" Wide High Bid: $0.00

Lefton collector plate with cameo seagulls- 8" wide
Lot# 46 Fostoria American Sugar Creamer High Bid: $0.00

Fostoria american sugar creamer
Lot# 47 Magic Chef Newer Microwave For The Button Challenged High Bid: $0.00

Magic chef newer microwave for the button challenged
Lot# 48 Circa 60s Daisy Woven Yarn Afghan- Good Condition High Bid: $0.00

Circa 60s daisy woven yarn afghan- good condition



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Lot# 49 Wrought Iron Quilt Rack- 37" Tall, 31" Wide

High Bid: $0.00

Wrought iron quilt rack- 37" tall, 31" wide

Lot# 50 Navy Blue Large Umbrella- 39" Tall

High Bid: $0.00

Navy blue large umbrella- 39" tall

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 51 High Bid: $0.00 Collection Of 6 Chicago Newspapers With Historical Headlines Including Man On The Moon, Nixon Quits,

Collection of 6 chicago newspapers with historical headlines including man on the moon, nixon quits, watergate, and more
Lot# 52 Small Metal Patio Oil Lamp- 8" Tall- Made In Portugal High Bid: $0.00

Small metal patio oil lamp- 8" tall- made in portugal
Lot# 53 Set Of Four Chrome Barbeque Tools High Bid: $0.00

Set of four chrome BBQ tools
Lot# 54 Decorative Mirror- Frame Painted Silver- 31" X 25" High Bid: $0.00

Decorative mirror- frame painted silver- 31" x 25"
Lot# 55 Vintage Ge Travel Iron With Cloth Electrical Cord Including Case High Bid: $0.00

Vintage ge travel iron with cloth electrical cord including case
Lot# 56a May Basket With Spring Silk Flowers High Bid: $0.00

May basket with spring silk flowers
Lot# 56b Standing White Rose And Other Flowers Bouquet High Bid: $0.00

Standing white rose and other flowers bouquet
Lot# 56c Retaan Basket Vase With Silk Flowers And Silk Grass High Bid: $0.00

Retaan basket vase with silk flowers and silk grass



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Lot# 57

High Bid: $3.00

Group Lot Of 4 Men's Belt Buckles- Native American, Five Point Star, Levi Strauss, And Country Music

Group lot of 4 men's belt buckles- native american, five point star, levi strauss, and country music

Lot# 58 Three Currier And Ives Mugs

High Bid: $0.00

Three currier and ives mugs

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 59 Set Of Three Teacups And Saucers- Made In Japan High Bid: $0.00

Set of three teacups and saucers- made in japan
Lot# 60 Set Of Three Decorative Straw Hats High Bid: $0.00

Set of three decorative straw hats
Lot# 61 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Vintage Sewing Books And Notions- Coca Cola Ruler, Dritz Zipper Fly Guide, Sewing Machine Boo

Lot of vintage sewing books and notions- coca cola ruler, dritz zipper fly guide, sewing machine books, quilt pattern
Lot# 62 Set Of Five Colored Stem Etched Cordials Circa 50s High Bid: $0.00

Set of five colored stem etched cordials circa 50s
Lot# 63 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Vintage Linens Including Two Sets Of Napkins, Tablecloth, And Embroidered Dresser Scarf

Lot of vintage linens including two sets of napkins, tablecloth(stained), and embroidered dresser scarf
Lot# 64 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Vintage Tools Including Two Wooden Handled Soldering Irons And One Brace

Lot of three vintage tools including two wooden handled soldering irons and one brace
Lot# 65 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Pieces Of Vintage Glassware Including One Spooner, One Creamer, And One Fruit Plate

Lot of three pieces of vintage glassware including one spooner, one creamer, and one fruit plate
Lot# 66 Pair Of Ruby Red Glass Wall Pockets Wrought Iron Holders High Bid: $0.00

Pair of ruby red glass wall pockets wrought iron holders



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Lot# 67 Set Of Six Wooden-handled Barrel Color Glass Beer Mugs

High Bid: $0.00

Set of six wooden-handled barrel color glass beer mugs

Lot# 68 Ruby Red Indiana Glass Vase- 8" Tall

High Bid: $0.00

Ruby red indiana glass vase- 8" tall

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 69 Set Of Six Blue Stem Clear Glass Martini Glasses High Bid: $0.00

Set of six blue stem clear glass martini glasses
Lot# 70 Gone With The Wind Style Glass Electric Lamp High Bid: $0.00

17. 5" tall circa 50s
Lot# 71 Ceramic Gray Cat- 15.5" Long, 9" Wide, 5" Tall High Bid: $0.00

Ceramic gray cat- 15. 5" long, 9" wide, 5" tall
Lot# 72 5" Tall Vintage Pitcher Decorated With Fruit- Crazed High Bid: $0.00

5" tall vintage pitcher decorated with fruit- crazed
Lot# 73 Three Heisey Glasses With Gold Rims High Bid: $0.00

Three heisey glasses with gold rims
Lot# 74 Lot Of American West Airline Stationary High Bid: $0.00

Lot of american west airline stationary
Lot# 75 Lot Of Three Blagojevich For Governor Buttons High Bid: $0.00

Lot of three blagojevich for governor buttons
Lot# 76 Cd Re Writer With Atapi-interface Nib High Bid: $0.00

Cd re writer with atapi-interface nib
Lot# 77 High Bid: $0.00



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Lot Of Six Music Awards

1970s to 1990s metal german music awards

Lot# 77a Accordion Wooden Rack- 15.5" Tall, 23" Long, 8" Wide

High Bid: $0.00

Accordion wooden rack- 15. 5" tall, 23" long, 8" wide

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 78 High Bid: $0.00 Lot Of Costume Jewelry With Four Brooches, One Necklace, And One Pair Of Earrings

Lot of costume jewelry with four brooches, one necklace, and one pair of earrings
Lot# 79 Fresh Air Machine Air Purifier High Bid: $0.00

Fresh air machine air purifier
Lot# 80 Mark Christopher Hawaiian Lime Green Necklace And Earring Set High Bid: $0.00

Mark christopher hawaiian lime green necklace and earring set
Lot# 81 Pelonis Air Purifier High Bid: $0.00

Pelonis air purifier
Lot# 82 High Bid: $0.00

Costume Jewelry Lot Of Three Necklaces- Pewter- Butterfly, Mushroom, And Rose

Costume jewelry lot of three necklaces- pewter- butterfly, mushroom, and rose
Lot# 83 Lot Of Five Copper Bracelets High Bid: $0.00

Lot of five copper bracelets
Lot# 84 Lot Of Marquisate Waltham Lady's Watch High Bid: $0.00

Lot of marquisate waltham lady's watch
Lot# 85 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Beaded Necklaces Including Faux Pearl, Gold, Blue And White, And Navy Blue Beads

Lot of beaded necklaces including faux pearl, gold, blue and white, and navy blue beads.Gold demi set is Monet.



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Lot# 86 Two Necklaces- One Polished Black Glass, Other Is Stone

High Bid: $0.00

Two necklaces- one polished black glass, other is stone

Lot# 87

High Bid: $0.00

Two Bone Necklaces- One With Elephants, One With Egyptian Women

Two bone necklaces- one with elephants, one with egyptian women

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 88 Demi Set Of Necklace And Clip Earrings And Cz Slide Necklace High Bid: $0.00

Demi set of necklace and clip earrings and cz slide necklace
Lot# 89 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Lapis And Shell Chipped Necklace, Mother Of Pearl Pierced Earrings, And Gemstone Chip Bracele

Lot of lapis and shell chipped necklace, mother of pearl pierced earrings, and gemstone chip bracelet with rose quartz hematite peridot, and more
Lot# 90 Cameo Cabochon High Bid: $0.00

Cameo cabochon
Lot# 91 50 Repair Cameos, .5" High Bid: $0.00

50 repair cameos, . 5"
Lot# 92 Victorian Style Glass Necklace High Bid: $0.00

Victorian style glass necklace
Lot# 93 Lot Of Jewelry Chains High Bid: $0.00

Great for repair or making new jewelry
Lot# 94 Large Lot Of Repair Jewelry High Bid: $0.00

With onesies, stone missing, and broken jewelry
Lot# 95 Large Box Of Wooden Blocks High Bid: $0.00

Very heavy



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Lot# 96 Lot Of 10 Crocheted And Tatted Doilies

High Bid: $0.00

Lot of 10 crocheted and tatted doilies

Lot# 97

High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Bracelet Watches Including Two Pulsars, One Lulter, One Mother Of Pearl Face

Lot of bracelet watches including two pulsars, one lulter, one mother of pearl face

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 98 High Bid: $3.00 Lot Of Porcelain- E & R 4" Bud Vase And Antique Women Flower Frog

Lot of porcelain- e & r 4" bud vase and antique women flower frog
Lot# 99 High Bid: $0.00

Ashton-drake Reco Clown Doll From Mcclland Children's Circus Series

Ashton-drake reco clown doll from mcclland children's circus series
Lot# 100 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Clear Glass Including Two Epergne Vase Parts, One Swedish Crystal Bowl 3" Wide, Pair Of Press

Lot# 101 Three Story Book Dolls- Eyes Open And Close- 7" Tall- No Boxes

High Bid: $0.00

Three story book dolls- eyes open and close- 7" tall- no boxes
Lot# 102 Small Hairdryer- 1875 Watt- Can Be Used In Europe High Bid: $0.00

Small hairdryer- 1875 watt- can be used in europe
Lot# 103 Two Lefton Dog Figurines High Bid: $0.00

Two lefton dog figurines
Lot# 104 Black And Decker Drill In Origianal Box High Bid: $0.00

1/4 inch drill
Lot# 105 German Creamer With Saucer High Bid: $0.00

Good condition
Lot# 106 High Bid: $0.00



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Two Flannel Blanket In A Bags

Two flannel blanket in a bags

Lot# 107 Bag Of Drawer Pulls

High Bid: $0.00

Over twenty

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 108 Cotton Red Asian Night Dress Size Med High Bid: $0.00

Cotton red asian night dress size med
Lot# 109 Vintage 1960's Colorful Bias Printed Chemise High Bid: $0.00

Vintage 1960's colorful bias printed chemise in linen fabric
Lot# 110 Vintage Cotton 50s Shirtwaist Dress High Bid: $0.00

Low cut! (needs cleaning)
Lot# 111 Double Breasted No Sleeve Coat Dress High Bid: $0.00

Cotton from the 60s
Lot# 112 Taupe Linen Shirtwaist From The 50s High Bid: $0.00

Taupe linen shirtwaist from the 50s
Lot# 113 Thermocell Mosquito Hand Held Repellent Device High Bid: $0.00

With one package of refills
Lot# 114 Pentex 35 Mm Camera High Bid: $0.00

With af zoom macro lens
Lot# 115 14 Inch Touch Desk Lamp High Bid: $0.00

14 inch touch desk lamp
Lot# 116 High Bid: $0.00



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Six Cup Strawberry Chocolate Set

Pot is missing the lid

Lot# 117 Six Bird Butter Pats

High Bid: $0.00

Six bird butter pats

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 118 Magnet Oil Lamp High Bid: $0.00

No chimney and small dent in side
Lot# 119 High Bid: $0.00

Two Small Dresser Dishes-one Is A Milk Glass Hand And The Other Is A Made In Japan Majolica Dish

Two small dresser dishes-one is a milk glass hand and the other is a made in japan majolica dish
Lot# 120 Sampler Print "as For Me, My House Will Serve The Lord High Bid: $0.00

18 by 20
Lot# 121 Sampler Print Isaiah Quote High Bid: $0.00

Sampler print isaiah quote
Lot# 122 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Handywork Including Dresser Scarves, Napkins, Towels And Pillowcases

Lot of handywork including dresser scarves, napkins, towels and pillowcases
Lot# 123 Lot Of Handywork Including Dresser Scarves High Bid: $0.00

Lot of handywork including dresser scarves
Lot# 124 Pair Of Asian Figurines High Bid: $0.00

12 inches tall
Lot# 125 Pastel Of Shelty Dog High Bid: $0.00

Pastel of shelty dog
Lot# 126 High Bid: $0.00



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Walnut Framed And Matted Pair Of Victorian Children

9 by 12

Lot# 127 Lot Of Misc Silverplate Flatware

High Bid: $0.00

Lot of misc silverplate flatware

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 128 Large Handpainted Glass Sugar And Creamer High Bid: $0.00

Large handpainted glass sugar and creamer
Lot# 129 14 Inch Milk Glass Vase Handpainted With Forget-me-nots High Bid: $0.00

14 inch milk glass vase handpainted with forget-me-nots
Lot# 130 Lefton Lilly Of The Valley Candle Holders High Bid: $0.00

Lefton lilly of the valley candle holders
Lot# 131 Double Sided Picnic Basket High Bid: $0.00

Tall enough for wine bottles
Lot# 132 Three White Myott Meakin Dinner Plates High Bid: $0.00

Three white myott meakin dinner plates
Lot# 133 High Bid: $0.00

Two Collector Beam Bottles: Bingo In Illinois And A Candlestick Phone

Two collector beam bottles: bingo in illinois and a candlestick phone
Lot# 134 Plate Rail Shelf: Pine-dark Stain-23.5 Inches Long High Bid: $0.00

Plate rail shelf: pine-dark stain-23. 5 inches long
Lot# 135 Crewel Embroidered Pillow High Bid: $0.00

Crewel embroidered pillow
Lot# 136 High Bid: $0.00



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Japenese Geisha Doll

11. 5 inches tall

Lot# 137 Pair Of Victorian Figure Lamps

High Bid: $0.00

Man and woman19 inches tall

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 138 Silverplate Water Pitcher And Tongs High Bid: $0.00

Silverplate water pitcher and tongs
Lot# 139 William Gatewood Fan Poster Picture High Bid: $0.00

24 b7 36
Lot# 140 Kitchen Sink Sprayer High Bid: $0.00

Kitchen sink sprayer
Lot# 141 Two Citronella Candles By Cutter High Bid: $0.00

Triple wick (one slightly burnt)
Lot# 142 Two Heavy Duty Staplers With Staples High Bid: $0.00

Two heavy duty staplers with staples
Lot# 143 Pink With Gold Fleck Art Glass Bowl High Bid: $0.00

Pink with gold fleck art glass bowl
Lot# 144 Light Pink With Gold Flecks Art Glass High Bid: $0.00

Light pink with gold flecks art glass
Lot# 145 Vintage Tandy7 Cosmic 1000 Fire Away Game High Bid: $0.00

Vintage tandy7 cosmic 1000 fire away game
Lot# 146 High Bid: $0.00



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Four Bracelet Lady's Watches

Four bracelet lady's watches

Lot# 147 Ceramic Wishing Well Planter And Two Mini Ceramic Baskets

High Bid: $0.00

Ceramic wishing well planter and two mini ceramic baskets

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via proxibid.com
Lot# 148 Two Terra Cotta Asian Children High Bid: $0.00

Figurines 7. 5 inches
Lot# 149 Two Porcelain Kittens High Bid: $0.00

Two porcelain kittens
Lot# 150 Asian Goddess With A Dragon High Bid: $0.00

Blue and white - 12 inches tall



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