Working Process of International Freight Forwarding

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1. INTRODUCTION There are over one million businesses in India. They all have to arrange for the smooth flow of goods and services among other businesses and the Indian consumers, as well as among other businesses and consumers worldwide. While all businesses have logistics requirements, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing are the most logistics-intensive sectors. Together they employ half of the work force, and they are the largest customers of firms that provide logistics services logistics

The prospects for logistics are very strong, with demand being fueled by two leading trends: the increasing importance of logistics and supply chain management in overall  business strategies, and the increasing acceptance of outsourcing as a business practice.  

Earlier reports pointed out that logistics continued to attract a low client in India. This industry has suffered from inadequate infrastructure problems, complex tax laws, and insufficie insuf ficient nt technological technological aids. Fragmented Fragmented nature of the domestic industry could be reason for it as there are number of players offering only one or two services out of  several sever al products products comprising comprising transporta transportation, tion, warehousing, warehousing, freight freight forwarding forwarding,, shipping shipping services.

Weak transport transport infrastruc infrastructure ture is holding holding back the development development of the logistics logistics industry, industry, and thereby acts as a road block to the progress of this sector. Thee poor Th poor in infr fras astr truc uctu ture re fa faci cili liti ties es such such as road, road, regu regula lato tory ry syst system em,, unorg unorgani anize zed d warehouses has always Hampered the growth and smooth functioning of the supply chain system. Also was the problem of congestion in Indian ports and airports of handling volumes higher than their full capacity.

But now the Logistics industry is poised to grow as new companies are increasingly opting to out source their logistics requirement to specialize service providers.



India is already a heavy weight globally in the service sectors. Logistics industry makes up 10% to 20% of the GDP. India’s container trade has been growing at around 15% over   past five year which means logistics service will be growing at a multiple rate, probably around 20% per year.

Logistics industry is poised for a significant growth in coming years As new companies, especially especi ally in the automotive, automotive, pharmaceuti pharmaceutical, cal, manufacturi manufacturing, ng, and FMCG sectors are increa inc reasin singly gly opting opting to out source source their their logist logistics ics requir requireme ements nts to specia specializ lized ed servic servicee  providers.

  Now the logistics industry is expected to grow in high double digits rates for both outsou out source rced d and domest domestic ic logist logistics ics in India. India. Previo Previousl usly, y, the conditi condition on for logist logistics ics condition in India was not that great. India was a disorganized market and nothing can be  predicted. Logistics industry predicts the double digit growth rates,with GDP growing at over 9%  per year and the manufacturing sector enjoying good growth, The Indian logistics industry is an inflection point and is expected to reach a market size of over $125 bn in year 2010.

With Wi th collec collectiv tivee econom economic ic intera interacti ction on of growin growing g per capita capita dispos disposabl ablee income income,, fast fast growing manufacturing and retailing sectors ,increasing merchandise trade, infrastructure investment inves tment by the government, government, both Indian Indian Logistic Logistic and 3PL sector of this market is set to witness explosive growth. To avoid congestion at ports and airport terminal expansion of port and terminal is taking place to avoid congestion.

India spends on logistics activities equivalent to 13% of its GDP which is higher than that of the developed nations. The key reason for this is the relatively higher level of  inefficiencies in the system with lower average trucking speed , higher turn around time and high cost of administrative delays.








Inventory mg mgt.


Pack Packiing an and d uni unittisati sation on


Info Inform rmat atio ion n and com commu muni nica cati tion on

A complete complete logistics take place when all these diversifications diversifications of logistics are worked upon with proper planning and management. Logistic companies are committed to fulfill the commitment made by their service user to fulfill the commitment made by them to th thei eirr consu consume mer/ r/cl clie ient nt.. The The lo logi gical cal st star arti ting ng point point is to under underst stand and how how lo logi gist stic ical al co comp mpet eten ency cy cont contri ribut butio ion n to mark market etin ing g perfo perform rman ance ce.. Fi Firm rm guide guided d by mark market etin ing g opportunity view strategy, customer requirement as the motivational behind all activities. The objectives of market initiates is to penetrate specific market and generate profitability transactio trans action. n. The marketing marketing concept advocates the identifica identification tion of specific specific customer  customer  needs nee ds and then then respond respondss to those those specif specific ic needs needs by focusi focusing ng availa available ble resour resource ce to uniquely satisfy those customer requirements. The impact of logistics on customer need not be passive. Alternative method of delivery is available to achieve significant different leve levell of in inve vent ntor ory y av avai aila labi bili lity ty and le lead ad ti time me is desi desire red d th thro roug ugh h th thee suppl supply y chai chain. n. Logistics competency is a tangible way to attract customer that place premium on time and place related performance.


ocean.Understanding of both is necessary aspect to make your process efficient.

First we look at forwarding of cargo through Air: IN CASE OF EXPORT:1. QUOTATION IONS:

- provided by the shipping company to the customer (exporter)

to form form clarit clarity y betwee between n custom customer/ er/shi shippe pper/ r/ export exporter er on the rates rates that that will will be charged by the shipping firm on the exporter on the export of goods. This is the



first step taken by shipping company to attract a client. If the customer (Exporter) to do business.

finds the Offer Offer reasonable reasonable by the shipper he confirms 2. DOCU DOCUME MENT NT REC RECEI EIVI VING NG:

- On getting the conformation from the exporter 

the shipping company ask for documents from the exporter such as invoice,  packing list *. *. *These documents give a clear idea to the shipper on the quantity a) Total Total price price,, na natur turee of goods goods etc. etc. 3. Opening up of docket and issue job number.

1. CARGO RECEIVING RECEIVING: - af afte terr th thee docu docume ment ntss have have been been recei receive ved d from from th thee Exporter then the Shipper asks the exporter to release the goods. The Exporter  will then bring the Goods and unload it in shipping company Warehouse e also   brings in the Gate pass/delivery challan on which he takes the receipt from shipping company.

2. BOOKING WITH AIRLINE:- After the cargo being received the good is then  booked with Airline

3. AIRWAY BILL PREPARED: - After the cargo is booked in airline airline airway bill is prepared by the shipping agent. The airway bill set is provided by the airline. The number of copies is different with different airline.

4. MOVEMENT OF GOODS TO CUSTOMS: - once the air way bill is prepared the goods is being forwarded to customs for clearance. Document required by customs are :a. Gene Generral in invo voic icee  b  b.. Pack Packiing li list st.. Some

doc documents are

requir uired



custom stomss

on the ben benefit efitss

claime claimed  d 

by the exporter ; it differs from shipper to shipper.



5. HAND OVER THE GOODS TO AIRLINE : - once the goods get cleared from customs the cargo is then handed over to airline with following documents:a. Completed Completed air air way bill set.(Exclu set.(Excluding ding shipper shipper and agents agents copy) copy)  b. Security Security declara declaration tion signed signed and and stamped stamped by shipping shipping company company c. Commercial Commercial invoice invoice and packing packing list.( list.(for for airlin airlinee and consigne consignee) e) d. Airway Airway bil billl copy copy for for the the consig consignee nee.. *The shipper copy will go to the exporter and the agents copy will be retained by  shipping company.

6. BILLING: - shipment charges charged to the shipper/exporter when the


have been handed over to airline the charges are charged to shipper. 7. PRE ALERT: - a follow up process given to the agent at the receiving end, which continues till the consignment, is delivered.

IN CASE OF IMPORT: In case of Import shipping company has 2 cases:

1. AS A CUSTOM CLEARING AGENT--: here in this condition the shipping company is sole responsible for getting the goods cleared for filing bill of  entry,getting the good cleared and handing over the Goods to the buyer on  payment by him certain chargers.

2. IN THIS THIS CASE CASE THE SHIPPER SHIPPER IS NOT RESPONSI RESPONSIBLE BLE FOR FILING FILING and get th thee goods goods cu cust stom om cl clea eare red d he just just rele releas ases es th thee BILL BILL OF ENTR ENTRY Y and document to the agent of consignee.

IMPORT PRICES 1. QUOTATIONS -: Given to buyer on request presenting necessary charges and rates for getting the cargo cleared from custom and responsibility of obtaining the cargo from Airport Authority. If the buyer finds the rate reasonable he gives the shipper the approval to coordinate with his agent abroad and ship the goods.



2. COORDINATE with your agent abroad and ask him to coordinate with the supplier and send the consignment.

3. PRE-ALERT -: if consignment booked pre alert given by the agent, it contains all the information about the shipment by agent such as container number, vessel number, port of destination, HABL No, MABL No etc.

4. FOLLOW UP WITH AIRLINES -: Track and trace the consignment, ask the Air line when the consignment is going to reach.


a. When When th thee co cons nsig ignm nmen entt reac reache hess th thee po port rt of dest destin inat atio ion n th thee ship shippi ping ng company collects the documents such as house airway bill etc and the delivery report to release the consignment from the airport.

6. CARGO ARRIVAL NOTICE (CAN) TO THE CONSIGNEE –: When the cargo is received then arrival notice is sent to the buyer.

7. BILL OF ENTRY FILING FOR CUSTOM CLEARANCE -: if the buyer  doesn’t have any other agent he asks the shipping agent to get the goods Clear  from customs and file bill of entry and if the buyer has any other agent for custom clea cleara rance nce buye buyerr just just pays pays th thee charg charges es of ship shipme ment nt and ge gets ts th thee ship shipme ment nt documents transferred to his agent.


1. QUOTATIONS -: The first step under  which the freight forwarding Firm prepare rates sends it to the exporters for there approval whether he wants to do the   bus busin ines esss or not, not, if th thee ex expo port rter er is sati satisf sfie ied d by th thee rate ratess he ask ask th thee frei freight ght forwarding firm to open the job.



2. RECEIVING THE DOCUMENTS -: once the forwarding firm opens the job He asks the exporter to send the documents.  

Documents are-:

a. Invoice  b. Pa Paccking list c. Chec hecklist et etc.

3. FILING OF DOCUMENTS IN CUSTOMS -: after receiving the documents from Exporter, we file the documents in custom to earn  shipping bill  which is required at the time of customs clearance of goods.

4. RECEIVE THE GOODS -: once we get shipping bill number from customs the forwarder asks the exporter to send the goods to ICD/PORT .

Befo Be fore re rece receiv ivin ing g th thee goods goods it is made made cl clea earr from from th thee expor exporte terr what what Quantity of goods they want to ship so as according to the quantity the Containers can be booked.

A CONTAINER BOOKING IS DONE IN TWO WAYS -:  I) FCL -: full container load, in this the condition the forwarding company hires the full

container (either 20 feet or 40 feet) according to the quantity. In this condition the whole container belongs to the exporter, there is single shipper and single consignee.

II) LCL -: less container load is just apposite to FCL in which there is multiple shipper 

and multiple consignee.when the goods exported by a exporter is not sufficient and the container is not fully loaded (less container load) then the freight forwarding company approaches other exporter to load the container. This work is generally carried on by co-loader who arranges different shipper for  different consignee and helps to convert less than container load to full container load. Factory Factor y Stuffing -: Clients ask to send the rail to there factory so that they can


the goods in their own factory for shipping known as factory stuffing. Some time concor 



corporation also charges Money to the exporters for not returning the containers after a stipulated period of time.

Receiving /offloading the goods in Concor warehouse/Central Ware Housing Corporation. After receiving the goods it is then unloaded in Concor warehouse or 

Central warehousing corporation.

5. Custom clearance -: under this customs examines the goods and documents. Documents presented to customs -: i. Invoice. ii ii.. Pack Packiing list ii iii. i. Chec Checkl klis istt llis istt iv. Fumigation Fumigation certi certificat ficatee (if hazardous hazardous or dangerous dangerous goods) goods) v. Certificate of origin If, the custom finds the goods and documents documents positive it provides provides custom Seal/line seal, gives report on the examination of goods attested by the Custom office. Then the customs releases the goods on receiving the billing charges of Custom clearance. With the goods customs also releases some


i. Exch Exchan ange ge co cont ntro roll co copy py ii. Exporters copy iii. SDF form iv. Exporters promotion copy v. Copy Copy of any any sche schemes mes if if any (e.g. (e.g. DEPB DEPB cop) cop)

Stuffing of goods -: after getting the goods customs cleared the stuffing order is given to

stuff the goods in container on the presentation of following document-: i. TR 1 ii. TR 2  



6. Railed out to port -: once the goods get stuffed in container it is then railed out to Sea port through railways.

7. Loaded on plant vessel -: goods are finally loaded on plant vessel v essel for their final Shipment to the port of destination.

8. Billing done and pre alert given to the consignee/agent abroad.


QUOTATION -: Preparation of quotation given to buyer on Request presenting

necess nec essary ary Charges Charges and rat rates es for getting getting the cargo cargo cleare cleared d from from cus custom tom and responsibility of obtaining the cargo. If the buyer finds the rate reasonable he gives the shipper the approval to coordinate with his agent abroad and ship the goods.

PRE PR E ALER ALERT T -: Pre alert received received from from the agent abroad abroad about about the Goods

shipped .Pre alert in form of scan copy of MBL/HBL, vessel number, container  number etc. i.

Subm Submit it the the doc docum umen entt in ga gate tewa way yp por orts ts to fi file le IGM IGM Documents submitted are: o



IGM is filed in the gateway port to release the shipment from port and to be railed out to dry port or its destination. At times Local IGM Is also filed to release the shipment from dry port and to be handed over to the consignee.


Filing bill of entry -: bill of entry filed by the forwarder or by the agent or of the

consignee and get the goods custom cleared



bill of  DELIVERY ORDER FROM THE SHIPPING LINE -: after filing the bill entry we take the D.O from the shipping line by paying all his Ocean Freight Charges. 1. ISSUE D.O to the actual consignee on payment done by the consignee. Once the payment received delivery of goods done to the consignee Payment in case of import always done and received through D.D. 2. Make the delivery -: delivery of goods to consignee. 3.


As it is said efficient running of the firm depends upon A. Pric Pricee of the the pro produ duct ct B. Prod Produc uctt qual qualit ity y and and C. Promot Promotion ion of of the the of the the produc productt

Keeping this is in mind the firm should charge the  prices for these services According to the competition and market size. So for this the prices for the services should be well  planned so that it attracts exporters/importers to do business. Below are the charges that a logistics firm charges exporters/importers for supplying goods from one point of origin to another point of discharge .




1. Agency Cost 2. Documentation Charges 3. Custom Charges 4. Measurement Charges 5. Ware House Charge. 6. Transportation charges 7. Inland Haulage Charges to Sea port. 8. Ocean Freight Charges

* In case of sending the consignment through Air same quotation is presented to the exporters/importers by only excluding the Inland haulage charges. And in  spite of ocean freight Air freight is charged.

SEARCH FOR CUSTOMERS AND SALES An important aspect of every business is to attract customer and hit sales of the company so that it adds to the growth of the company. This work of the marketing department acts a backbone support to the firm which hunts client and generate revenues. This is the first step which a company follows before opening the job.  

Forr a logi Fo logist stic icss fi firm rm po poin intt of view view th ther eree are are two two wa ways ys of at attr trac acti ting ng clients: 1. Free hand : in this kind customer are searched through a. Exporter’s Yellow pages: this book contains all the information about the exporters in the country. This database provides large coverage of  exporters around the country who exports their product across the national  boundary.



 b. Trade directory: This is also same as yellow page which gives all information about the exporters. c. Through participating in trade shows: another important medium of  attracting exporters directly and gaining his confidence. In this kind of  search logistic firm personally visit trade shows and attract the exporters directly by presenting there offers and service   2. Nomination: Another way of searching searching clients is through through Nominatio Nomination n given by friends or relative about exporters. On the basis of reference received the freight forwarding Company approaches the exporters.



2. COMPANY PROFILE PINKCITY PINKC ITY LOGISTICS LOGISTICS LIMITED was float floated ed by a team of three people in 1994, with the view of providing comprehensive services under one banner. Since then the company has provided techno-commercial expertise to its clientele in the Shipping and allied industries. The main activities of the Company are:(a) (a)

Dry Dry Carg Cargo o an and d Ta Tank nker er Char Charte teri ring ng Br Brok oker ers. s.


Liner and Tramp Agency.

(c) (c)

Port Port Capt Captai ainc ncy y an and d Carg Cargo o Supe Superi rint nten ende denc nce. e.


Marine Consultancy.


Freight Fo Forwarding

The Company can provide services at all Indian ports through its following offices. PINKCITY LOGISTICS Ltd. known as a International freight forwarder for transport

logistics by Air, Sea or land for export of cargo to any worldwide destination and import cargo from anywhere around the globe. Since, its beginning PINKCITY LOGISTICS Ltd. has grown into an International freight forwarding group encompassing numerous services with operational offices along with their partners along the world.

PINK CITY LOGISTICS Ltd. has dedicated and skilled employees which has helped

PINK CITY LOGISTICS Ltd. to establish itself itself as one of the leading freight forwarding and cargo handling agents in India.

PINK CITY LOGISTICS Ltd. has also established a personal service providing team

head headed ed by its its boar board d of di dire rect ctor orss whic which h has led to im imag agee bu buil ildi ding ng of PI PINK NK CITY CITY LOGISTICS Ltd. in Market of freight handling and International commerce.

PINK CITY LOGISTICS Ltd. shipping is one of the very few All India based Freight

Fo Forw rwar ardi ding ng in invol volve ved d in al alll area areass of supp supply ly ch chai ain n manag managem ement ent,, tran transp spor orta tati tion on,,



warehousing, customs agent, IATA Agent and is also registered Multi model Transport operator.

PINK CITY LOGISTICS Ltd. presently has 13 offices in India with their corporate

offices at Bombay. The registered offices at Kanpur take care of the location at the western India and the Delhi office takes care of the Northern region. The offices across India are strategically positioned to cover markets at the important port and ICDs. The company after its starting its operations in the year 1994 has seen a steady growth over  the last 16 years. PINK CITY LOGISTICS Ltd. shipping transports bulk trade into and out of India, with

more reliable sources and efficient supply chain solutions offering real time visibility along the pipeline. PINKCITY LOGISTICS Ltd. has close relationship with all major shipping lines and

air lines so that they can offer best freight rates to their customers. This forwarding company has good reliable network of overseas partners to support global logistics needs to customers with providing consolidation services through agency network. Shortly both these firm are looking towards the joint entity to reckon with during the coming years to extend their global brand image

BUSINESS OF PINKCITY LOGISTICS LTD. The main business of Pink City is freight forwarding and act as Custom House Agent by helping in custom clearance of export ex port and import.

Key Business of Pink city logistics ltd. 1. TRANSPORTATION •

Mode and service selection

Carrier routing

Vehicle scheduling


By sea(export and import) By air(export and import)




Determining customer needs and wants for service

Determining customer response to service


































LITERATURE REVIEW FREIGHT FORWARDER  A freight forwarder forwarder is a third party logistics provider. As a third party provider a forwarder dispatches shipments via asset-based carriers and books or otherwise arranges space for those shipments. Carrier types Carrier  types include waterborne vessels, vessels, airplanes, airplanes, trucks or  railroads.. railroads Freight forwarders typically arrange cargo movement to an international destination. Also referred to as international freight forwarders, they have the expertise that allows them to   prepar preparee and proces processs the docume documenta ntati tion on and perfor perform m relate related d activi activitie tiess pertai pertainin ning g to international shipments. Some of the typical information reviewed by a freight forwarder  is the commercial invoice,  invoice, shipper's export declaration,  declaration, bill  bill of lading and other documents required by the carrier or country of  export, export, import, or  transshipment. transshipment. Much of this information is now processed in a paperless a paperless environment.

The FIATA short-hand description of the freight forwarder as the 'Architect of Transport' illus illustra trates tes clearl clearly y the commer commercia ciall positi position on of the forwar forwarder der relati relative ve to his client client.. In Europe Eur ope there there are forwar forwarder derss that that specia specialis lisee in 'niche 'niche'' areas areas such such as Railfr Railfreig eight ht and collection and deliveries around a large port. The latter are called Hafen(port) Spediteure (Port (Po rt Forwar Forwarder ders). s). A forwar forwarder der in some some countri countries es may someti sometimes mes deal deal only only with with domestic traffic and never handle international traffic. (see also Forwarding Agent). Ag ent). The original function of the forwarder, or spediteur, was to arrange for the carriage of his customers' good by contracting with various carriers. His responsibilities included advice on all docume documenta ntatio tion n and custom customss requir requireme ements nts in the countr country y of destin destinati ation. on. His



correspondent agent in far-away lands looked after his customers' interests and kept him informed about matters that would affect movement of goods. In modern times the forwarder still carries out those same responsibilities for his client. He still operates either with a corresponding agent overseas or with his own company  branch-office. In many instances, the freight forwarder also acts as a carrier for part of a movement it can happen that in a single transaction the forwarder may be acting either as a carrier (principal) or as an agent for his customer. FREIGHT FORWARDER ROLES IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES  USA

In the U.S., a freight forwarder involved with international ocean shipping is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary. Intermediary. Similarly, fr frei eigh ghtt fo forw rwar arde ders rs th that at handl handlee ai airr fr frei eigh ghtt wi will ll freq freque uent ntly ly be accr accred edit ited ed wi with th th thee International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a cargo agent. UK 

In the U.K., freight forwarders are not licensed, but many are members of the British Internatio Inter national nal Freight Freight Associati Association on (BIFA). Freigh Freightt forwar forwarder derss in the UK consoli consolidat datee various goods from different consignors into one full load for road transport to Europe, this is often known as groupage. Some freight forwarders offer additional related services like like export export packin packing g and case case making making.. The regula regulatio tions ns regard regarding ing export exporting ing untrea untreated ted timber pallets and cases has got increasingly more strict and many for countries an exporter will be expected to provide a phytosanitary certificate or risk the expense of  having their cargo fumigated. Australia

In Australia most licensed Customs Clearance Agents (now more commonly referred to as Customs Brokers), operate under a freight forwarder. Ireland



Even in smaller markets, such as Ireland, the role of freight forwarders is strategically important. International merchandise trade is worth €148 billion to the Irish economy. 82% of manufactured products are exported, further highlighting the importance of the freight forwarders to a nations' economy. Associations like the Irish International Freight  Freight  Association and FIATA help help mainta maintain in the profes professi sional onalism ism of this this indust industry ry throug through h educational and representative roles. The FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding is an example of how this can be achieved. Nigeria

 Nigeria is a very large market dealing with import and export. Freight-forwarding in  Nigeria has been in place since the exporting of  groundnut as a cash crop since 1914, though not initially as freight forwarding but as the means of transportation of both goods and services from one country to another. Following the methodology of their British forebears, agents were used to facilitate the transport of goods and services. Freight forwarding is a service used by companies that deal in international or multinational import and export. While the freight forwarder doesn't actually move the freight itself, it acts as an intermediary between the client and various transportation services. Sending products from one international destination to another can involve a multitude of  carr carrie iers rs,, requ requir irem emen ents ts and and le lega gali liti ties es.. A fr frei eight ght fo forw rwar ardi ding ng serv servic icee hand handle less th thee considerable logistics of this task for the client, relieving what would otherwise be a formidable burden. Freight forwarding services guarantee that products will get to the proper destination by an agreed agreed upon upon date, date, and in good condition condition.. The freigh freightt forwar forwardin ding g servic servicee uti utiliz lizes es establ est ablish ished ed relati relations onship hipss with with carrie carriers rs of all kinds, kinds, from from air freig freighte hters rs and trucki trucking ng companies, to rail freighters and ocean liners. Freight forwarding services negotiate the  best possible price to move the product along the most economical route by working out various bids and choosing the one o ne that best balances speed, cost and reliability. A freight forwarding service generally provides one or more estimates to the client along with advisement, when necessary. Considerations that effect price will range from origin



and destination to special requirements, such as refrigeration or, for example, transport of    potentially hazardous materials. Assuming the client accepts the forwarder's bid, the fr freig eight ht is readie readied d for shippi shipping. ng. The freigh freightt forwar forwardin ding g servic servicee then then underta undertakes kes the responsibility of arranging the transport from point of origin to destination. One of the many many advanta advantages ges of using using freigh freightt forwar forwardin ding g is that that it handles handles ancill ancillary ary services that are a part of the international shipping business. Insurance and customs documentation and clearance are some examples. As a consolidator, a freight forwarding serv servic icee might might al also so prov provid idee NonNon-Ve Vess ssel el Opera Operati ting ng Comm Common on Carr Carrie ierr (N (NVOC VOCC) C) documentation, or bills of lading. Warehousing, risk assessment and management, and methods of international payment are also commonly provided to the client by the freight forwarding service. A good good freigh freightt forwar forwardin ding g servic servicee can save save the client client untold untold ti time me and  potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates. rates. A freigh freightt forwar forwardin ding g servic servicee is an asset asset to almost almost any compan company y dealing dealing in international transportation of goods, and is especially helpful when in-house resources are not versed in international shipping procedures. FREIGHT FORWARDER

An organization that collects shipments from a number of businesses and consolidates them into larger shipments for economies of scale. A freight forwarder often also deals with route selection, price negotiation, and documentation of distribution, and can act as a distribution agent for a business. By consolidating loads, a freight forwarder can negotiate cheaper rates of transportation than the individual businesses and can pre book space to ensure a more rapid delivery schedule.



With a complete range of  Sea Freight Services, we leverage volumes smartly to delive del iverr compet competiti itive ve sea transp transport ortati ation on in every every major major trade trade lane lane between between USA, USA, European Countries, Canada, Far East Countries and others. Through our network of  experienced professionals, strong world shipping connections and extreme flexibility, we are able to specif specifica icall lly y respond respond to whateve whateverr your your shippi shipping ng needs needs may be. Our representatives stay close to your shipment from pick-up to delivery, keeping you clos closel ely y in info form rmed ed of it itss prog progre ress ss.. We provi provide de advi advice ce,, te techn chnic ical al assi assist stan ance ce and supervision in order to guarantee safe delivery of the cargo at the entire satisfaction of  our clients.


Sea Freight Forwarder 

Warehousing Services, Distribution and delivery

Door to Door delivery

Custom brokerage

L.C.L Consolidation.

F.C.L Consolidation.

Order follow-up tracking systems.

Supply chain tracking systems.

Factory Stuffing.

Multi-Model Transport Operators.



Infrastructure and Services Facilities at all sea ports and Dry Parts.


PinkCity Logistics are being managed efficiently by a team of well experienced and  professionally qualified personnel in their respective fields of activity. The company's management comprises of Directors and Managers who are having vast experience in shippi shi pping ng and allied allied activi activiti ties, es, cargo cargo operat operation ionss and genera generall busine business ss manage managemen ment. t.


We provide multidisciplinary and comprehensive professional services that enable our  clients to succeed across a wide range of goals regardless of size, scope or complexity. We have the professionals and expertise knowledge to understand the dynamics of your   business and the services to support your entire supply chain with integrated end-to-end solution from procurement and pick-up of raw materials to the delivery at your customers doorstep. The understanding of our o ur professionals of every aspect of logistics coupled with sophisticated technology work together to create a facility that provides innovative and unusual solutions.

OUR SERVICES We offer a comprehensive range of services that are customized to suit the needs and wants of our clients. Our services include : •

Sea Freight Forwarding

Air Freight Forwarding

Cargo Warehousing

Custom Clearance - Import/Export

Cargo Consolidation Services


Door to Door Delivery 26


Multimodel Transport Services


We also have highly motivated and experience staff to handle the marketing Op Operations, erations, documentation and accounting matters and also who have gained experience working in  prestigious shipping agency houses.

Through careful planning. A state of the art computerized system and the flexibility of  our knowledge staff. We strive to meet each individual clients needs.

Our staff is committed to giving our customers exceptional service standards. The same  people who contributed to our success will continue to dedicate themselves to ensure complete customer satisfaction.



At, PinkCity Logistics, an Air Freight Forwarding company we can meet all your  global transportation needs around the world by our best Air Freight Services Services. Whether  you're flying a television to Tokyo or medical equipment to USA or Handicrafts supplies to Canad Canada. a... ..yo you u can can count count on us to get get yo your ur frei freigh ghtt wher wheree it it's 's goin going g - on ti time me..

When your time-definite or hazardous goods demand extra care, we have the talented  people backed by powerful information visibility tools to optimize carrier schedules and see your most important shipments move door-to-door almost anywhere in the world - on time and intact.


Door to door delivery to most world-wide locations

Warehousing Services, Distribution and delivery.

World-wide Consolidation

Qualified personnel for handling dangerous goods

Option of carriers based on your cargo needs n eeds

Project work & flight chartering

We as a Cargo Warehousing Agents providing high level professional warehousing services and care that is the assurance of the safe arrival of your product anywhere, anytime. Through our integrated inventory management system, we not only provide control on a worldwide basis but also allow customers to supplement and redistribute cargo. This approach reduces cycle time while assuring constant availability of product. We offer special warehousing facilities for containerized, refrigerated and hazardous materials.



Cargo Warehousing Services Include : •

Adequate insured private warehousing space.

Warehouse space at the ICD's for storage of goods carted direct at these centres.

Safe storage of goods. Control checks on entry & exit of goods.

Helps our clients to reduce fixed overheads, increase efficiency, cut down valuable management time and offer great efficiency


We can gather many types of intelligence not only in India but also among foreign countries. We provide our clients with fine-tuned service in transportation, warehousing, carg cargo o trac tracin ing g and et etc. c. We pl plac acee our exper experts ts in trad tradin ing g proc procedu edure res, s, in inte tern rnat atio iona nall transportation, and custom clearance at company-owned import-export cargo handling facilities in major ports and airports in India. Thus, import-export cargo forwarding is carried out utilizing land, sea and air as well as quick custom clearance work. The distribution related to trading is not only transportation and storag storagee of commod commodit ities ies,, but also also variou variouss proces processes ses such as custom custom cleara clearance, nce, documentation, authority procedures and banking. We possess much knowledge in trading, fostered by many years' experience. We save time and energy through integrated services that match user needs, and offer optimum distribution to international businesses.


Custom Documentation

Carting /Receiving goods

Examination of shipment

Handling of stuffing and de-stuffing at ports




We also facilitate cargo consolidation (By Air/Sea) for our customers which includes the tr trans anspor portat tation ion of cargo cargo to the stuffi stuffing ng point, point, stuff stuffing ing of cargo cargo in contai container ner,, custom custom  process of shipping documents, use of Premium Air / Shipping lines and we make sure that the cargo will reach at the respective destination well before the time given by our  reputed customer. We follow very carefully all the important shipping instructions given and take care of cargo by warehousing it until the shipment is physically effected.

Cargo Consolidation Services Include: •

Transportation of cargo to the stuffing point

Stuffing of cargo in container 

Custom process of shipping documents

Use of Premium Air/Shipping Lines


We provide our customers the comfort of cargo transportation for delivery, dispatch &  pick up.

The array of our services comprises of : •

Cargo marking facility round the clock.

Transport of goods from port of discharge to hinterland destinations.

Door to Door delivery of cargo.




Domestic cargo movement (Rail / Air)

Cargo Pickup & Delivery round the clock 

Time bound guaranteed door delivery

Warehousing & Distribution of cargo Priority booking with rail authorities & Air lines

Domestic & International Air ticketing


We can plan and execute multi modal service for all types of cargo especially complying with specific statutory requirement of the respective country. •

Engaged in multi-modal transport using various modes of transportation.

Registered as a multi-modal transport operator with the Director General of  shipping, Mumbai & licensed to carry out such activities.

The company has its own multi-modal transport document (MTD), authorized by the concerned Ministry, which is used as a negotiable document and acceptable all over.

Movement of Export & Import Containers by own trucking.


From automobile automobile compone components nts to electronic electronic equipment to printed printed material, material, we handle all airfreight shipments in the most professional, reliable and expeditious means possible.

The Cargo with network of offices and agents throughout the world allow you the opportunity, with one phone call, to coordinate airfreight shipments worldwide for the most safe, timely, seamless and cost effective manner possible. At Cargo, we have been meeting our customers' air freight needs ever since our establishment with fast, efficient



serv servic icee and and an on-t on-tim imee perf perfor orma manc ncee re reco cord rd th that at is seco second nd to none. none. Our Our cust custom omer  er  commitment is as strong as ever. We provide expedited Air Freight Service to destinations around the world. Our airportto-airport service is ideally suited to customers with a high volume of business requiring time-critical delivery. We provide Air Freight services based on your needs and your  schedule. We select the most appropriate carrier for your shipment that we gives you a head start over other air freight India companies. For example, taking into account the variations in summer and winter timetables and the impact of size and weight restrictions will help you av avoi oid d unnec unneces essa sary ry costs costs and dela delays ys in ship shippi ping ng your your frei freight ght arou around nd th thee worl world. d.

Although we have a wide variety of services to offer, our most important tool is our   personali  pers onalized zed service. We take a personal personal interest in every shipment shipment we handle. handle. We will take great care in the proper transport of your product, whatever it may be, and give it the attention it deserves SERVICES FOR YOU: •

Air Freight - Direct & Consolidation Services.

Custom Clearance & Forwarding.

Automated Shipment Status Tracking.

Multi-Modal Transport Operators.

Warehousing & Distribution.

We can meet all your global transportation needs around the world. Whether you're flying smallest to largest consignments to any part of the world, just reckon on us, as it reaches your » freights to the designated place at the earliest.  




Our ocean carriers are available to meet the challenges and deadlines of your overseas shipping itinerary, whether it is automobile or motorcycle shipping for individuals or  show shows. s. We can can ship ship FCL FCL (f (ful ulll conta contain iner er lo load) ad) or LCL LCL (les (lesss th than an cont contai ainer ner lo load ad)) shipments anywhere in the world - door to door.

Pink City customizes cargo management service programs that provide most costeffective usage of ocean container space are:

» Custom Clearance & Forwarding. » Full-container-load (FCL) Consolidation. » Less-than-container-load (LCL) Consolidation. » On-The-Spot/Factory Stuffing of Containers. » Multi-Modal Transport Operators. » Infrastructure & Services Facilities at all sea Ports and Dry Ports. » Dry or liquid bulk shipments » Refrigerated Services for living animals and perishable products. » Insurance and packing options » Customs warehousing » Automated documentation » Cargo tracking system » Communication facilities As an ocean transportation provider and ocean freight services India, we are engaged with more than a dozen ocean carriers for trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic service. You enjoy significant savings on landed costs, and you can choose from a large pool of weekly sailing options.



We offer a comprehensive import & export program, allowing your purchasing and  procurement department’s total control over inbound international freight. With partners str strate ategic gicall ally y locate located d throug throughout hout the world, world, Expert Expert Logisti Logistics cs provid provides es coast-t coast-to-c o-coas oastt coverage. We are proud of our excellent reputation for handling time sensitive cargoes. We organize and manage sea freight shipments worldwide. Backed by the latest computer  technology and staffed by dedicated specialist staff.


We have gained immense expertise in numerous freight forwarding activities. Most of the suppliers & overseas clients know Shine Cargo because we specialize in handling all kinds of shipment including flat packing, (GOH) Garment on hangers. To provide our  customer a hassle free service, we have set up a separate department to handle the visa & quota related information, so that our clients can have all the information from one place. OVERSEAS AGENTS

We have a wide network of Our Branches/ Associates Worldwide. This helps us to ensure you the quality of services and Door to Door delivery around the World. This has also helped us in providing more easy and prompt services, while building a strong base overseas.


Cust Cu stom omer er sati satisf sfac acti tion on is our our fo fore remo most st ai aim. m. And And to make make it po poss ssib ible le,, we have have commissioned some well trained and aggressive sales team in our company. We keep our  all clients updated with best prices. Time & Delivery schedule is our main motto to keep our clients satisfy on every stage.

We give a lot of thought to the marketing programs aimed at customers. We give proper  attention to what our customers tell us. To make our customers happy we listen to their 



complaints very carefully. Over the years, listening to customers has helped us to shape our services so they're easier, better and faster to use.

To offer more & more good quality service, we have set up a customer care unit, which handles the problems of the customers very smoothly. We try to resolve their problem within a given period.




International Air Transportation Association

International Federation of  Freight Forwarders Association

Air Cargo Agents Association of India

The International Air Cargo Association

International Freight Association




Here at you will find all that makes your logistics business successful. We are committed to customer satisfacti satisfaction. on. We understand that your freight freight needs to be shipped shipped through through a cargo company or freight brokerage that you can trust and we truly believe that is that company. We also know what it takes to move your freight to your customer in a timely and efficient manner. We feel that a quicker and more economical national shipping service is vital for the logist log istics ics busine business ss into into the new millen millenniu nium. m. We conside considerr oursel ourselves ves as the freigh freightt forwarding facilities in India. Dedication to providing the best quality of shipping service available in our industry is our number one objective. However, we also realise that "time is money", therefore not only the quality, but the punctuality of the shipping service is also be provided in our  industry. Experienced and well-trained staff are the foundation of our company. Our  employees have overwhelming desire to service our valued customers. This along with a high degree of satisfaction from our customers, not only explains our current phenomenal growth, but also foresees an even larger future growth. To improve on quality, we constantly scrutinize our available services and add on more services to make our customers completely satisfied. We are totally committed to quality services with customer satisfaction. We have set-up a well defined quality control system to ensure reliable and trustworthy service. To achieve our main goal that is "customer satisfaction", we are working on various aspects like   proces processs techni technique ques, s, proces processs capabi capabilit lity, y, quality quality circle circles, s, time time managem management ent,, etc. etc. We emphasis on providing constant training to our employees on regular intervals. Apart from this, we also aim to be an employer of choice in the industry, attracting and retaining high quality skilled people, further enhancing the company's logistics expertise to meet customers' challenges.



We owe our success to the dedicated and outstanding staff that we employ across the nation. Since our formation back in 1985, 1985, we have focused heavily heavily on quality quality service to our customers. We are recognized and adopted widely in the shipping business for our  quality management principles. We provide exceptional levels of customer service to clients all over the world, and we have never looked back. We attr attrib ibut utee our our lo long ngst stand andin ing g co comm mmit itme ment nt to quali quality ty prim primar aril ily y to our our de dedi dicat cated ed employees, who believed in providing customer service above and beyond that which could be reasonably expected.


In addition to our LCL & FCL inbound services, we also provide an import consolidation  program for those consignees with multiple suppliers. Rather than small shipments, LCL shipments, we can consolidate your vendor’s cargo into a full container for maximum contai con tainer ner utiliz utilizati ation. on. This This also also allows allows for pre-so pre-sort rting ing,, accord according ing to destin destinati ation on and   possible

distribut utiion

opt ptiions ons

thro hrough ugh


de-con consolidat dation

pro program.

We Endeavour to offer value added Consolidation Services to our clients & are the major  forc forcee to re reck ckon on with within in th thee in indus dustr try. y. We have have exper experti tise se in handl handlin ing g in haza hazard rdou ous, s, dangerous and odd dimensional cargo with very competitive rates. We also offer volume shipment discounts, charter and part charter rates for air movement of your cargo. Also   provi provides des for logist logistics ics consult consultati ations ons.. We keep keep Track Track of consta constantl ntly y changi changing ng rules rules & regulations of the Customs, Bank & Other Government department for our customers  benefit.

Our consolidation service offers the advantages of competitive freight rates, competitive insurance premiums, reduced risk of pilferage and reduced packing costs. We make all arrangements for combining of goods at origin, and separation of cargo at destination.



This means that you can enjoy the economic benefits of consolidated shipment, without the concerns of separating your goods at destination. We can save your time and money while systematizing your transportation and logistics  program  progr am in the process. We consol consolidate idate multiple multiple pieces of freight destined for the same locations at our cross-dock facility, and then load the freight on trucks to be sent to destinations in the India and abroad. In coordination with our vendor management efforts, we will work closely with both you and your shipper to ensure that we maximize the container utilization, as per the defined and agreed upon shipping guidelines. This will help to effectively minimize your transportation costs.


To offer value added service to you and your customers, we have equipped our offices with high quality Communication/Tracking system, which enables do our work in more fast and convenient manner.


IFA Logitrack 

Traxon Traxon-mail


Concor India


TOTAL LOGISTIC SOLUTION PROVIDER  Whether it is residential shifting or commercial consignment, We offers end to end logistic solution irrespective of the place. We offer tailor made logistic services, which



are not only cost effective but also, safe and secured as well. More over, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

WAREHOUSING AND DISTRIBUTIONS We are one of the leading companies providing reliable distribution services to our clients that cover almost all destinations. For bulk manufacturers, buyers, exporters and traders, we offer competent warehousing facility. Our warehouse is having the latest inventory management and security system, while there is battery of trained staff to look after the client's needs.


For us customers are the most valuable, therefore we strive to exceed the customer's expectations. Using superior methodologies, we ensure total safety of consignments. Our  custom cus tomer' er'ss tr trust ust in our capabi capabilit lities ies promin prominent ently ly places places us in the indust industry ry.. This This also also enables us to stand ahead in the industry from our industry competitors. To ensure effective services to our clients, we follow following set of actions: • Entire clearance processes of pre-shipment • Consultation for most effective air and sea shipment • Timely action on client's business inquiries • Offering complete documentation • Timely delivery • Constant tracking of cargo during motion




We offer Export Freight Booking by sea through LCL/FCL/OPEN TOP / Flat Rack  (ODC) / ISO TANK booking for entire sectors at competitive freight rates. In addition, we offer air cargo & courier booking of DGR Goods through FedEx / UPS / DHL under  contract rates. We undertake clearance of products in various Schemes like: • Clearance under DBK S/Bill • Clarance under Free S/Bill • Clearance under 100% EOU Scheme • Clearance under Advance License • Clearance under DEPB Scheme • Clearance under EPCG Scheme • Re-Export Shipments • Clearance of Samples / Gift Items • Clearance of Un-accompanied Baggage

IMPORT FREIGHT BOOKING We offer works shipment services from any destination under FOB term at most competitive cost. We assist clearance of products in various Schemes S chemes such as: • Clearance under Advance License (Authorization) • Clearance under Merit / Duty Payment • Clearance under 100% EOU Scheme • Goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions and the like. • Project Imports • Clearance under EPCG Scheme • Clearance for Bonded Warehousing & Ex-bonding • Clearance of New / Second Hand Machinery • ATA Carnet Cover (for import of Commercial samples, Professional equipment, • Re-import for Repair/Reprocessing under Bond / BG (without paying Duty)




Using our industry expertise, we offer complete logistic solutions that include importexport clearance & freight booking of any product. In this way, we are offering

cateri cat ering ng to the requir requireme ements nts of variou variouss indust industrie ries. s. We are specia speciali lized zed in follow following ing  products:

EXPORT ITEMS:  • Ready made Garments • Handicrafts • Carpets • Chemicals • Engineering Goods • Leather Goods • Sports Goods • Agro Commodities

IMPORT ITEMS: • Yarns • Chemicals • Machineries • Tiles & Marbles • New & Second Hand Machinery • Light Fittings • Other Consumer Goods



INFRASTRUCTURE We have turned into a prominent logistic solutions provider. This is possible because of  our state-of-the-art infrastructure. We always move forward with changing times by incorporating the entire modern trends. Our vast facilities enable us to undertake any  business order from the clients. For effective operations, we have our associate offices at  prominent locations in India provided with a team of experts.

TEAM We have employed dexterous professionals that assist us in each step of import & export  procedures & government policies. to accomplish the entire production targets well on time. For providing effective training, we implement various training modules to train our   p per erso sonne nnel. l. Our Our work workfo forc rcee is fo focu cuse sed d to towa ward rdss th thee part partic icul ular ar requi require reme ment ntss of th thee organization.

TRANSPORTATION   We have developed associations with various transportation agencies for arranging Truck  & Tempos Trailers for factory stuffing & de-stuffing.




Container ship at Helsinki Port, Finland. There is a wide range of marine of  marine cargoes at seaport terminals operated. The primary types are these: •

Automobiles are handled at many ports.

Break bulk  cargo is typically material stacked on wooden  wooden  pallets and lifted into and out of the hold of a vessel by cranes on the dock or dock  or aboard the ship itself. The vo volu lum me of brea break k bu bullk car cargo ha hass de decl cliine ned d dram dramat atic ical allly wor world ldwi wide de as containerization has grown. A safe and secure way to secure Break bulk  and freight in containers is by using Dunnage Bags. Bags.

Bulk Cargoes, such as salt, salt, oil oil,, tallow, tallow, and Scrap metal, are usually defined as commod com moditi ities es that that are neithe neitherr on  pallets nor in containers, and which are not handled as individual pieces, the way heavy-lift and project cargoes are. Alumina, Alumina, grain,  gypsum, logs and wood chips, for instance, are bulk cargoes. grain,

Containers are the larges largestt and fastes fastestt growin growing g cargo cargo categor category y at most most ports ports worldw wor ldwide ide.. Contai Container nerize ized d cargo cargo includ includes es everyth everything ing from from auto auto pa part rtss and machinery components to shoes,  shoes, toys, and frozen meat and seafood.  seafood. 

Project cargo and heavy lift cargo may include items such as manufacturing equipment, factory components, power equipment such as generators and wind  wind 



turbines, military equipment or almost any other over sized or overweight cargo too big or too heavy to fit into a container.


Cargolux Boeing 747-400F with the nose loading door open

Air cargo is commonly known as air freight. There are many firms which collect freight from a shipper and deliver it to the customer customer such as Nightfreight as  Nightfreight   or UPS or  UPS.. Aircraft were firs firstt used used for for carry carryin ing g mail mail as cargo cargo in 1911, 1911, but eventually eventually manufacturers manufacturers started started designing aircraft for freight as well. There are many commercial aircraft suitable for  carrying cargo such as the Boeing 747 and the bigger An-124 bigger  An-124,, which were purpose built to be easily converted to a cargo aircraft. aircraft. Such very large aircraft also employ quick  loading containers known as ULDs much like containerized cargo ships.It is located in front mismo of the aircraft the triangular shaped in front. Most nations own own and and ut util iliz izee la larg rgee num number berss of carg cargo o ai airc rcra raft ft such such as th thee C-17  C-17  Globemaster III, III, for airlift for airlift logistics needs of such operations.

FREIGHT TRAIN  Trains are capable of transporting large numbers of containers which have come off the shipping ports. Trains are also used for the transportation of steel, wood and coal. Trains are used as they can pull a large amount and generally have a direct route to the destination. Under the right circumstances, freight transport by rail is more economic and energy efficient than by road, especially when carried in bulk or over long distances. The



main disadvantage of rail freight is its lack of flexibility. For this reason, rail has lost much mu ch of the the fr frei eigh ghtt bu busi sine ness ss to road road tr tran ansp spor ort. t. Rail Rail frei freigh ghtt is of ofte ten n subj subjec ectt to transshipment costs since it must be transferred from one mode to another in the chain; these costs may dominate and practices such as containerization aim at minimizing these. Many governments are now trying to encourage more freight onto trains, because of the environmental benefits that it would bring; rail transport is very energy efficient.

VAN OR TRUCK CARGO There are many firms which transport all types of cargo, ranging from letters to houses to cargo car go contai container ners. s. These These fir firms ms like like Parcelforce or  FedEx FedEx   wh whic ich h deliv deliver er fa fast st and and sometimes same day deliverly services. A good example of road cargo is supermarket stock, as these require deliveries every day to keep the shelves stacked with goods for  sale. Retailers of all kinds rely upon delivery trucks, be they full size semi trucks or  smaller delivery vans. Freight is a term used to classify the transportation of cargo and is typically a commercial  commercial    process. Items are usually organized into various shipment categories before they are transported. This is dependent on several factors: •

The type of item being carried, i.e. a kettle could fit into the category 'household goods'.

How large the shipment is, both in terms of item size and quantity.

How long the item for delivery will be in transit.

Shipments are typically categorized as household goods, express, parcel, and freight shipments. Furniture, art, or similar items are usually classified as “household goods” (HHG). Very small business or personal items like envelopes are considered “overnight express” or “express letter” shipments. These shipments are rarely over a few kilos/pounds, and almo almost st alwa always ys tr trav avel el in th thee carr carrie ier’ r’ss own packa packagi ging. ng. Se Serv rvic icee le leve vels ls are are vari variab able le,,



depending on the shipper’s choice. Express shipments almost always travel some distance  by air. An envelope may go USA coast to USA coast overnight or it may take several days, depending on the service options and prices chosen. Larger items like small boxes are considered “parcel” or “ground” shipments. These shipments shipm ents are rarely rarely over 50 kg (110 lb), lb), with no single piece of the shipment weighing more than about 70 kg (154 lb). Parcel shipments are always boxed, sometimes in the shipper’s shipp er’s packaging and sometimes sometimes in carrier-pro carrier-provided vided packaging. Service levels levels are again variable; but most “ground” shipments will move about 800 to 1,100 kilometres (497 to 684 mi) per day, going coast to coast in about four days depending on origin. Parcel Par cel shipme shipments nts rarely rarely tr travel avel by air, air, and typica typically lly move via road road and rail. rail. Parcel Parcelss represent the majority of business-to-consumer (B2C) shipments. Beyond HHG, express, and parcel shipments, movements are termed “freight shipments.”

 LESS-THAN-TRUCKLOAD (LTL) FREIGHT  “Less than truckload” (LTL) cargo is the first category of freight shipment, and represents the majori majority ty of “frei “freight ght”” shipme shipments nts and the majori majority ty of busine businessss-toto-bus busine iness ss (B2B) (B2B) shipments. LTL shipments are also often referred to as "motor freight" and the carriers involved are referred to as "motor carriers". LTL shipments range from 50 to 7,000 kg (110 to 15,400 lb), and the majority of times they will be less than 2.5 to 8.5 m (8 ft 2.4 in to 27 ft 10.6 in). The average single piece of LTL freight is 600 kg (1,323 lb) and the size of a standard pallet standard  pallet.. Long freight and/or large freight are subject to "extreme length" and "cubic capacity" surcharges. Trailers used in LTL can range from 28 to 53 ft (8.53 to 16.15 16. 15 m). The standar standard d for city city delive deliverie riess is usuall usually y 48 ft (14.63 (14.63 m). In tight tight and residential environments the 28 ft (8.53 m) trailer is used the most. The shipments are usually palletized, palletized, shrink-wrapped and packaged for a mixed-freight environment. Unlike express or parcel, LTL shippers must provide their own packaging, as LTL carriers do not   provi provide de any packagi packaging ng suppli supplies es or assist assistanc ance. e. How However ever,, cratin crating g or oth other er substa substanti ntial al  packaging may be required for LTL shipments in circumstances that require this criterion. “Air cargo” or “air freight” shipments are very similar to LTL shipments in terms of size and packaging requirements. However, air freight shipments typically need to move at



much faster speeds than 800 km or 497 mi per day. da y. Air shipments may be booked directly with the carriers or through brokers or online marketplace services. While shipments move faster than standard LTL, “air” shipments don’t always actually move by air.

TRUCKLOAD (TL) FREIGHT  In the United States of America, shipments larger than about 7,000 kg (15,432 lb) are typically classified as “truckload” (TL), given that it is more efficient and economical for  a large shipment to have exclusive use of one larger trailer rather than share space on a smaller LTL trailer. The total weight of a loaded truck (tractor and trailer, 5-axle rig) cannot exceed 36,000 kg (79,366 lb) in the U.S. In ordinary circumstances, long-haul equipment equipm ent will weigh about 15,000 kg (33,069 (33,069 lb); leaving about 20,000 kg (44,092 lb lb)) of freight capacity. Similarly a load is limited to the space available in the trailer; normally 48 ft (14.63 m) or 53 ft (16.15 m) long and 2.6 m (102.4 in) wide and 2.7 m (8 ft 10.3 in) high high (13 ft 6 in/4.1 in/4.11 1 m high high over over all). all). While While expres express, s, parcel parcel,, and LTL shipments shipm ents are always always intermingl intermingled ed with other shipments on a single single piece of equipment equipment and are typically reloaded across multiple pieces of equipment during their transport, TL shipments usually travel as the only shipment on a trailer and TL shipments usually deliver on exactly the same trailer as they are picked up on. Often, Oft en, an LTL shippe shipperr may reali realize ze saving savingss by uti utiliz lizing ing a freigh freightt "broke "broker," r," online online market mar ketplac place, e, or other other interm intermedi ediary ary instea instead d of contra contracti cting ng direct directly ly with with a trucki trucking ng company. Brokers can shop the marketplace and obtain lower rates than most smaller  shippers shipp ers can directly. directly. In the Less-than-T Less-than-Truckl ruckload oad (LTL) marketplace, marketplace, intermedia intermediaries ries typically receive 50% to 80% discounts from published rates, where a small shipper may only be offered a 5% to 30% discount by the carrier. Intermediaries are licensed by the DOT and have requirements to provide proof of insurance. Truckload (TL) carriers usually charge a rate per kilometer or mile. The rate varies depending on the distance, geographic location of the delivery, items being shipped, equipment type required, and service times required. TL shipments usually receive a variety of surcharges very similar to those described for LTL shipments above. In the TL



market, there are thousands more small carriers than in the LTL market; so the use of  transportation intermediaries or “brokers” is extremely common. Another cost-saving method is facilitating pickups or deliveries at the carrier’s terminals. By doing this, shippers avoid any accessorial fees that might normally be charged for  liftgate, residential pickup/delivery, inside pickup/delivery or notifications/appointments. Carriers or intermediaries can provide shippers with the address and phone number for  the closest shipping terminal to the origin and/or destination. Shipping experts optimize their service and costs by sampling rates from several carriers,  brokers, and online marketplaces. When obtaining rates from different providers, shippers may find quite a wide range in the pricing offered. If a shipper uses a broker, freight forwarder, or other transportation intermediary, it is common for the shipper to receive a copy of the carrier's Federal Operating Authority. Freight brokers and intermediaries are also required by Federal Law to be licensed by the Federal Highway Administration. Experienced shippers avoid unlicensed brokers and forwarders; because if brokers are working outside the law by not having a Federal Operating License, the shipper has no  protection in the event of a problem. Also shippers normally ask for a copy of the broker's insurance certificate and any specific insurance that applies to the shipment.



“Methodolo “Met hodology gy concerns concerns the philosophi philosophical cal evaluation evaluation of investigati investigative ve techniques techniques and strategies employed within a discipline to manipulate data and acquire knowledge. The design of a methodology is a matter of strategy whereby the methods employed by a stud study y ar aree more more or le less ss ef effe fect ctiv ivee and appr approp opri riat atee gi give ven n th thee objec objecti tive ves, s, goal goalss and and circumstances of the research.” (…Romans 1949).

In other words it can be the method through which the research is to be done and what are reasons for choosing a particular method. It also includes the method of analysing the data and the sources of data d ata collection.



“A research design is simply a framework or a plan for a study, used as a guide in collecting and analysing data”

(….Churchill, 1995).

A research design is an overall sketch or plan of the area of study. It is used in analysing and collecting data. It is like a plan to be followed in order to complete the study. A research design ensures that the study undertaken is relevant to the problem and will use economical actions. On the basis of the research objective the research can be divided into two categories that are: 1) Explo Explora rator tory y Res Resea earch rch.. 2) Concl Conclusi usive ve Resea Researc rch. h.


The exploratory research is undertaken generally when the problem is not clear. It helps the researcher to familiarise with the problem and generate the hypothesis to be tested. Exploratory research sometimes helps to decide the best research design, data collection method and selection of subjects, and sometimes it even concludes that the problem does not exist.



Exploratory research is quite informal relying on secondary research such as reviewing available literature and data, or qualitative approaches such as informal discussions with consumers, employees, management or competitors, and more formal approaches through in-depth interviews, focus groups, case studies, etc.


Once the research problem has been identified and the objective of the research has been defined the next step in the process is the collection of the relevant data for the research  purpose (Churchill).

The data used in the research process could either be Primary Data & Secondary Data.

PRIMARY DATA In this kind of research the data is collected directly by techniques such as Observation

and Interview. The Observation technique includes Human techniques and Mechanical techni tec hnique ques. s. The interv interview iew method method includ includes es Mai Maill interv interview iew,, phone phone interv interview iew and the  personal interview. (Ghauri, Gronhaug, and Kristianslund, 1995, Research Methods in Business Studies, Pg 57, Prentice Hall)


“Secondary data can provide a useful source from which to answer, or begin to answer, your research question.”

(Saunders et al, 2000, pg. 188)

The study at hand was mainly done with the help of the secondary data. The important sources of the data which contributed valuably to the study were the TEXTBOOK, ONLINE ONLIN E JOURNALS, JOURNALS, EXPORT RELATED RELATED ARTICLES, ARTICLES, INTERNET INTERNET (WEB SITES)   AND THE ELECTRONIC RESOURCES  available. The data was collected for the

 purpose of showing the overview of the Indian exports and the changes in its pattern, the effect government policy implications and influence of trade liberalisation. The data was obtained from sources like Export Promotion Promotion Council, Council, DGCIS, Government Government of India, Department of Commerce, COMTRADE, United Nations Statistics Division, etc.



The secondary source of data played a vital role in providing the data for this dissertation. Over and above this, there is difference between the qualitative and the quantitative data in terms of secondary data.



Scrutiny of Shipping Documents 52

Preparation of Shipping Bill Annexure  

Submission of Shipping Bill with custom for checklist

For EDI shipments -receipt of Check  list from Customs on the basis of  information provided in Annexure

Re-submit the checklist after scrutiny

Carting of cargo at the CFS

Custom Examination by Custom Examiner 

Printout of S/Bill

Confirm Container onboard

Let Export Order (LEO) by the Appraiser 

Hand over to Carrier for stuffing

O B/L release




Scrutiny of Shipping Documents

Preparation of Bill of Entry

Submission of Bill of Entry with custom

Re-submit the checklist after scrutiny

Audit of the value by the Customs Auditor  

Group asst. Commissioner 

For EDI shipments - Printout of Bill of Entry for payment of duty

For EDI shipments -receipt of Check  list from customs

Carting of cargo at the Airport W/H

Audit done by the Asst. Commissioner 

License debiting incase of restricted item

Duty to be paid




Checks on cargo readiness on a regular basis and informs the principal

Works out a tentative stowage plan based on information received from the vessel.

Liaises with the shipper to expedite cargo and documentation readiness

Liaises with the local agent / port on availability of an appropriate berth to ensure fast cargo operations.


Liaises with the ships staff 

Discusses the stowage plan with the master / mate and finalises the same.

Ensures maximum cargo is load ready on trailers. Ensures enough loading gear, viz slings, forklifts (if required / available) and dunnage is alongside.

Inspects hatches for load readiness in consultation with the appointed surveyors.


Ensures cargo is being loaded according to finalised stowage plan.

Constantly supervises stowage of cargo.

Constantly speeds up cargo feeding, trailer loading at the yard

Meets with the stevedores to ensure sufficient trailers etc are available

At least once a day has a joint meeting with the shipper, ships staff, and stevedores, surveyors to discuss the precious and next days loading and make any changes to the stowage plan if necessary.

Constan Cons tantly tly monit monitors ors the cargo cargo operati operations ons and make make any emerge emergency ncy changes changes in consultation with the ships staff if necessary.

Reports on a regular basis to the principal. Checks the draft requirements on a daily d aily basis.




Ensures that the lashing is as per the vessels / surveyors requirements.

Draws up a stowage plan.

If required advises the master / principal in remarking the mates receipts.

Apart from the above we also place our own on board supervisors to monitor the operations.

DISCHARGING: A similar operation as above but in the reverse. Logistics is a supply chain process that  plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to point of consumption in order to meet th thei eirr requi require reme ment nts. s.It It is an in indu dust stry ry th that at prov provid ides es to tota tall di dist stri ribu buti tion on solu soluti tion on to exporters/importers/distributors exporters/importers/di stributors around the globe.





FROM FY 2003-2009:



(Rs. In crore)


2003 – 2004 2004 – 2005


14 20


2005 – 2006




2006 – 2007


2007 – 2008


2008 – 2009




Sea Export


3500000 3000000 2320581 2500000 2000000 1500000


Sea Export


1000000 500000 0 Apr07 Apr 07-Se -Sep0 p07 7

Apr0 Apr08-S 8-Sep0 ep08 8

Apr0 Apr09-S 9-Sep ep09 09

The above graph shows the sea export for the past three years for the period of six month, from from April April to September 

The sea export in the year 2007 for a period of six months was Rs. 1220516

In the year 2008, for the same period the export was Rs. 2320501

The sea export in the year 2009, for six months was Rs. 3267690

It shows a increasing trend in the sea export for the last three years.

The sea export has increased nearly at a rate of 90% and 50% for the year 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Using the trend analysis, the sea export for the year 2010 can be predicted to be more than Rs. 6000000, with a growth rate of more than 50% from the year 2009.






1909465 2000000 1800000 1600000 1400000 1200000 1000000 800000 600000 400000 200000 0





Apr07Apr 07-Se Sep0 p07 7

Apr08 Apr08-Se -Sep08 p08

Apr0 Apr09-S 9-Sep0 ep09 9


The above graph shows the air export for the past three years for the period of six month, from April to September 

The Air export in the year 2007 20 07 for a period of six months was Rs. 441210

In the year 2008, for the same period the export was Rs. 1472027

The sea export in the year 2009, for six months was Rs. 1909465

It shows a increasing trend in the air export e xport for the last three years.

The Air export has increased at a rate of 300% and 25% for the year 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Using the trend analysis, the sea export for the year 2010 can be predicted to be more than Rs. 3000000, with a growth rate of more than 50% from the year 2009.



Air Import

350000 300000 250000 200000

Air Import

150000 100000 50000 0 Apr07Apr 07-Se Sep0 p07 7

Apr08 Apr08-Se -Sep0 p08 8

Apr0 Apr09-S 9-Sep0 ep09 9

The above graph shows the air import for the past three years for the period of six month, from April of September 

The air import in the year 2007 for a period of six months was Rs. 121481 1 21481

In the year 2008, for the same period the import was Rs. 346083

The air import in the year 2009, for six months was Rs. 262458

It shows a increasing trend in the air import for the last three years.

The Air import has increased nearly at a rate of 90% and 50% for the year 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Using the trend analysis, the sea export for the year 2010 can be predicted to be more than Rs. 6000000, with a growth rate of more than 50% from the year 2009.



Sea Import 178802 180000 160000 140000 120000 100000



Sea Import

80000 60000 40000 20000 0 Apr07 Apr 07-Se -Sep0 p07 7

Apr08 Apr08-Se -Sep08 p08

Apr09 Apr09-S -Sep ep09 09

The above graph shows the sea import for the past three years for the period of six month, from April to September 

The sea import in the year 2007 for a period of six months was Rs. 87730 8 7730

In the year 2008, for the same period the sea import was Rs. 7651 76518 8

The sea import in the year 2009, for six months was Rs. 178802

It shows a increasing trend in the sea import for the last three years.

The sea import has decreased nearly at a rate of 15% and has increased at a rate of  130% for the year 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Using the trend analysis, the sea import for the year 2010 can be predicted to be more than Rs. 300000, with a growth rate of more than 75% from the year 2009.



5.FINDINGS 1. India has has the second second largest largest road network, network, the the aggregate aggregate lengths lengths of roads in India increased from 0.4m km in 1950 to 3.34m km by the end of 2008. 2. An Indian Indian rail networ network k is one of the largest largest railwa railway y networks networks in the world world with total 63,465 route km at the end of 2007-2008. 3. Indian Indian rail can handle handle total total of 666.5 tones tones of cargo in 2006-2007. 2006-2007. 4. Another Another strength strength for the the Indian logist logistics ics firm firm are that strong strong growth growth enablers enablers exist exist in India today in the form of over $ 300 bn worth of infrastructure investments , introduction of VAT and development of organized retail and agri-processing industry. 5. Dominance Dominance by disorgani disorganized zed market market is one of the the major weaknes weaknesses ses of this this sector. sector. 6. The another another key challenge challenge for the logist logistics ics industr industry y in India India is that it it is current currently ly Hamper Ham pered ed due to poor poor infras infrastru tructu cture re facili facilitie tiess such such as roads, roads, ports, ports, Untidy Untidy warehouses and complex regulatory structures. 7. Nation National al highway highway form only only 2% of the entire entire road road network network in India, India, but handles handles 40% of the national road freight traffic by putting enormous pressure on highway infrastructure. 8. The average average speed speed of commerci commercials als vehicl vehicles es in India India is around 20 miles miles per hour  compared to 60 miles per hour in mature logistics market of Europe and USA. 9. Infrastru Infrastructure cture congesti congestion on in Indian Indian ports handlin handling g volumes higher higher than than their full full capacity which results in delays of timely shipments of cargo. 10. The Indian Indian economy economy is is expected expected to grow grow at an average average of 9% per annum annum during during the period from 2007-2008 to 2011-12,it is expected that freight industry will grow at a CAGR of 9.9% from 2008 to 2012 11. The Strength Strength for the logistics logistics firm in India is strong foreign (FDI) in automo automotive, tive, capi capita tall goods goods,, el elec ectr tron onic ics, s, reta retail il and te tele lecom com wi will ll le lead ad to in incr crea ease se mark market et opportunities for providers of 3PL. 12. Si Signi gnifi fica cant nt mone money y bein being g pu pump mped ed in into to new new and and im impr prov oved ed in infr fras astr truct uctur ure. e. Establishments of new airports, terminal expansion are a great opportunity for  India to enhance is supply chain management.



13. Indi Indiaa soon soon to expa expand nd it itss nati nation onal al hi high ghwa way y netw networ ork k suppl supplem ement ented ed by by an efficient rail cargo network. 14 14.. Intr Introd oduc ucti tion on of VALU VALUE E ADDE ADDED D TAXE TAXES S is a supp supply ly ch chai ain n bo boon on.. With With Implementation of VAT has removed number of state and central Government taxes which taxes which will will li likel kely y enhance enhance the effici efficienc ency y of logist logistics ics indust industry ry in India. India. Implementation of vat will reduce transit time and associated paper works and will prove efficient for 3PL provider and

their customers.

15. Development Developmentss of new technologies technologies standardize standardized d data processing processing formats and new supply chain tools will open up new ways for management and storage of goods. 16 16.. Sett Settin ing g up of “investme investment nt commission commission” by India will cut barriers and create favorable investment climate. 17. Another great opportunity for the the Indian logistics firm iiss entrance of Retail giants such as wall mart, bharti airtel etc.., fast growing manufact manufacturing uring sector, increase increase in merchandise trade will surely witness explosive growth in years to come. 18. Weakening Weakening of US dollar, dollar, lack of consumer confidence confidence in west, surge in world oil  prices. 19. Terrorism Terrorism and geographical geographical terms can any time hamper and become a matter of  concern for the logistics industry.





6. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH: a. Own licensed CHA to clear inbound and outbound consignments.  b. Is a member of  of IATA to service air consignments. c. Provides Provides own transpor transportt facilities facilities for for import/e import/export xport of cargo cargo with with their own own trailers trailers and delivery vans. d. Own warehou warehousin sing g facility facility and licens licensed ed multi multi model operato operatorr to issues issues HBL for  shipments world wide. e. Has netw network ork in in all majo majorr port, port, ICDs, ICDs, Gatew Gateway ay ports ports.. f. Equi Equipp pped ed with with la late test st co comm mmun unic icat atio ion n te tech chni niqu ques es fo forr fa fast st an and d ti time mely ly fl flow ow of  information. g. One of the freight freight forwar forwarding ding companies companies to provide provide consoli consolidatio dation n services services through through agency networks. h. Maintains Maintains good rapport rapport and and relation relation with all all ports, custom custom,, licensing licensing authoriti authorities es and shipping lines

WEAKNESS   Pink city logistics logistics ltd. also has some weakness that the company should should take care off so as to remove hindrances in their smooth functioning. SOME OF THEM ARE -:

a. Though the the company company has CHA CHA license license it is not very very pro-active pro-active in in Clearance, Clearance, now now the era is of fierce competition and being just active will not work the firm has to  be pro- active in clearance of cargo to be economical in terms of Time.   b b.. The The comp compan any y ha hass th thee IATA IATA li lice cens nse, e, but lacks lacks in bu buil ildi ding ng speci special al Ai Airf rfre reig ight ht agreements with airlines. c. Thou Though gh th thee co comp mpan any y has has th thee ware wareho hous usin ing g fa faci cili lity ty but but do does es not not have have an any y warehouse for Perishable Cargo.



Lack of understanding business promotion requirements.



OPPURTUNITY : a. Signif Significa icant nt money being being pumped into into new and improved improved infras infrastru tructu cture re which creates lot of opportunities for logistics service provider.  b. Another Another great opportun opportunity ity for the the Indian logist logistics ics firm firm is entrance entrance of Retail Retail giants giants such as wall mart, bharti airtel etc.., fast growing manufact manufacturing uring sector, increase increase in merchandise trade will surely witness explosive growth in years to come.

THREAT: a. One of the the biggest biggest threat threat to freight freight forwar forwarding ding company’ company’ss is airlin airlinee company contacting directly there customer booking of shipments.  b. Terrorism Terrorism and and geographical geographical terms can any time hamper hamper and become a matter matter of  concern for the logistics industry.

ISSUES AND CHALLENGES FACED BY ORGANIZATION  No company is perfect or no company is there that does not have any issues. While my internship for two months in this organization I could see some issues and challenges faced by the organization


a. RATES  – As the era now is filled up with competition and there are number of  forwarding company offering best to there customers. So in order to capture the market and increase the customer base they should charge the possible rates.  b. Compan Company y not very pro pro active active in clearance clearance due to which which delays delays occur occur in Timely Timely clearance and shipment of goods. c. The The an anot other her major major issue issue fa face ced d is compan company y does doesn’ n’tt have have an any y ware warehou house se for    perishable goods because of which it loses it customer who wants to supply  perishable cargo. d. The Indian Indian transport transport industry industry is unorganized unorganized and ineffi inefficient cient because because of which which the company faces the problem of timely availability of cargo for Shipment and timely delivery to there customers.



e. The tax rate keeps keeps on changing changing which which is also a major major issue issue for any company. company. f. Anothe Anotherr major major issue issue for the firm firm is that that company company has the the IATA licen license, se, but lacks lacks in building special air freight agreements with airlines.  



7. RECOMMENDATIONS According to my study it was found that India container trade is growing, huge amount is  being pumped in Indian manufacturing, automotive and retail sector which means the lo logi gist stic icss serv servic icee wi will ll be grow growin ing g at a mult multip iple le rate rate,, and wi will ll dema demand nd si signi gnifi fica cant nt opportunities for the logistics industry and will play a important role in world economic trade. So, after studying all the necessary aspects about logistics industry and after doing my summers internship in PINKCITY LOGISTICS LTD. for two months in operations and I have drawn some recommendation for the organization -:

1. A logistics logistics provide providerr should should have the the expertise expertise and global global connectivi connectivity ty to manage manage cargo from the time it leaves to delivery destination to customer location. So they are requir required ed to establ establish ish or attrac attractt more more Busine Business ss connec connectiv tivity ity to untapp untapped ed countries where PinkCity doesn’t have any partner.

2. Pinkcity Pinkcity logistics logistics ltd. ltd. to make it it presence presence felt and to optimi optimize ze performance performance it must must operate in coordinated manner.

3. Logi Logist stic icss is the depa depart rtme ment nt wher wheree th thee compa company ny is in di dire rect ct conta contact ct wi with th the customers hence the forwarding agent is the representative of the Company, so to satisfy the customers and maintain a long lasting Business relationship with the company in this fierce competition and keep on satisfying there customers in maintaining and sustaining Competition.

4. Another Another important important aspect aspect PinkCity PinkCity should should keep keep in line is is that it should match match the service with there capabilities, they should identify their resources and then plan what they can do to keep themselves satisfied as well as there customers.



8. CONCLUSIONS Accord Acc ording ing to PINKCI PINKCITY TY LOGIST LOGISTICS ICS LTD., LTD., India India Contain Container er Trade Trade is growin growing, g, huge huge amount is being pumped in Indian manufacturing, automotive and retail sector which means the logistics service will be growing at a multiple rate, and will demand significant opportunities for the logistics industry and will play a important role in world economic trade. The necessary aspects about logistics industry and in PINKCITY LOGISTICS LTD. in oper operat atio ions ns and and mark market etin ing g an and d expo export rt an and d im impo port rt proc proced edur uree of carg cargo o i. i.e. e. frei freigh ghtt forwarding system used in an organization. India is one of the fastest growing logistics market in the world and so is the PINKCITY LOGISTICS LTD. It is also fast emerging freight forwarders in the country. The main obje object ctiv ivee is to ensu ensure re th that at cons consig ignm nmen ents ts ar aree deli delive vere red d safe safely ly wi with th prop proper er cust custom om clearance and remain economical to its customers. A logistics provider should have the expertise and global connectivity to manage cargo from the time it leaves to delivery destination to customer location. So they are required to establish or attract more Business connectivity to untapped countries where Pinkcity doesn’t have any partner. partner. Pinkcity logistics logistics ltd. to make it it presence felt and to optimize  performance it must operate in coordinated manner. Pinkci Pin kcity ty shippi shipping ng also also got associ associate ated d with with their their global global partne partnerr which which was a great great achievement on their part. It has all over the world from Australia, Africa, Europe, Far  East, Middle East, UK, USA etc. This association provides uniform standard of services from and to these areas while executing jobs of varied nature keeping in mind the flexibility required due to ever changing demands. The business partner of Pinkcity also has dedicated customs clearing personnel in nearly in all 120 countries where it operates to assist with customer shipments. These advantages help in faster transit times, custom clearance, effective tracking of shipments and simplified billing to customer. Pinkcity now with its global partner operates in various hubs, gateways, warehouse and terminals which allows for rapid and efficient movement of shipments resulting in fast reliable and cost effective service to thousands of customer world wide.




J Donald and J David Closs, Closs, Logistical Management, Tata Mc Gr Graw aw Publication

Khurana P. K, Export management

Cargo Talk Journal

Times Shipping line journal







1. Invoice 2. Packing ing Li List 3. Cert Certif ific icat atee of Ori Origi gin n

4. Shipping Bill Check List 5. Ai Airw rway ay Bill Bill / Bill Bill of of Lad Lading ing

6. Delivery Order (At the time of import when good is being handed over to the actual importer) 7. Fact Factory ory De-st De-stuff uffing ing Bo Bond nd








2. CFS 3. HABL






5. MBL



6. HBL



7. FCL



8. LCL



9. IGM



10. D.O



11. FDS



12. CWC


13. RR



14. IWB



15. IHC




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