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Thomas Michael Voss choreographs for both the contemporary dance/arts world and the commercial sector. He is a young dynamic and versatile choreographer with many facets and styles and he has successfully competed in Latin and Ballroom in 92/ 93. He is a professional Latin and ballroom dance teacher who resides in UK, London and has his own dance studio in Fulham, London. There he trains couples for various competitions including Blackpool, where his students receive a majority of the gold medals. He combines his experience with creativity and brings it all together in his work as a choreographer and coach and his colourful skills stretch from Latin/Ballroom, to Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, African Dance and Flamenco. His website can be viewed at . This is to inform all the Barbados dance teachers that Thomas Michael Voss is interested in coming to Barbados for a couple of days during the month of February to hold workshops in Ballroom and Latin dancing to coach couples who want a little extra push for competitions including Strictly Latin. It would be greatly appreciated if you could ask your dancers if they would be interested and get back to us as he would like to know an estimate of the number of couples who will be interested in attending the workshops.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Friday, January 18th, 2013
Eronica Burgess

(1) 246 248 9268 [email protected]

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