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Workshops at international students‘ summer seminars
8 steps to sufficient results

8 phas of works es hops at is s s
phas 1 e
propos ing themes of common interes t forming international groups working phase in works hop meetings preparing a pres entation pres enting the works hop res ults to the audience dis sing the cus results / propos als s ending „memorandum“ to whom it may concern (deans rectors , ) publis hing the results of workshops on homepage of is ss

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phas 7 e

phas 8 e

Proposing themes of common interest
 Is it interesting for students of different countries ?  Is it possible for students of different courses and study years to contribute ?  Will the expected outcome be of relevance for these or future students ?

Forming international groups
 enrolment after the presentations (listings)  you have free choice where to participate but  each country should be represented  female and male tip :  fix date and place of first meeting

working phase : workshop meetings
 meet at a proper place (atmosphere !)  decide who is moderator  practice brainstorming  be open minded and beware difficulties with English….  summarise and fix results

during workshops……
 the moderator is not the opinion leader “but keeps the ball running” (catch the ball and give it back to the group: repeat arguments and ask questions (…for proposals / ideas / opinions / backgrounds / contributions)  ask for short reports on experiences in the different universities (…to start…)  try to compare (advantages/disadvantages, chance/threads, strong points/week points, positive/negative,….)  try to find a common position/solution/proposal  be sure that everybody can follow the discussion, encourage for contributions  fix (intermediate) results

preparing presentation of the workshop results
 find a small core group  use visualisation by media (overhead, PowerPoint, etc.)  use computer (easier for publication)  think also on intercultural aspects and experiences with your group

presenting the results and experiences to the audience
 use Adrian’s presentation tips…!!

further steps…..
depending on theme and interest :  discussion, memorandum, resolution, letter, etc..  publishing on homepage of isss  …and enjoy the afterwork-party ………

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