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Wrangler Re-launch Campaign
Why are we doing this campaign?
Wrangler has lost its share in the market. From a 40% MS to a low of 10%. Top of the mind brands which come in a consumer’s consideration set today are Levis, Lee and Flying Machine. Wrangler is out-of-sight and out-of-mind now. It is considered to be an old fashioned jean brand, which has failed to keep up with changing times. In fact it has been so out that people don’t even have it in their radar. The objective of this campaign is to bring back Wrangler in the consideration set of a consumer, by talking about the new 20 ounce original denim. The stuff every jean worth its rivets should be made of.

Whom are we talking to? What do we know about him?
Meet Sid, The Jean Fanatic. At 24, that’s all he has. He once quipped that he feels naked when he wears a trouser. Pairs and pairs of jeans line up his wardrobe. Newly bought jeans, old frayed and torn jean, blue jean, black jean. Jean with zip fly, jean with button fly. This boy lives in jean. He goes to college in a jean, he sleeps in a jean. He likes Jean Claude Van Damme because his first name is spelt ‘Jean’. He fought with his grandmother when she wanted to throw one of his old torn jeans away. He appeared in a jean at his sister’s wedding. Jean to him is like his skin.

What is the desired response we want from him?
Wrangler understand that once I wear a great fitting jean, I want to wear it again and again.

What should we say?
Wrangler 20 Ounce. Hard to part with.

Why would he believe is?
Wrangler jeans are made from the original 20 ounce denim, the ones which made stars like Elvis and James Dean look like gods. The 20 ounce original denim gives a fit that that is unmatched, and comfort that’s makes denim feel more like skin rather than cloth. The 20 ounce original denim is still made in our original warehouse in Texas.

How should we speak?

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