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Chinese SVD Scope Title: Chinese SVD NDM-86 Dragunov Scope NIB This is a hard to find Chinese commercial version of the Type 85 or o r NDM-86 sniper  scope. This version lacks the IR IR detection screen but is still still well made like like the standard JJJ scopes that came on the the NDM-86. This is not one of the cheap air soft scopes scopes currently being imported and being sold sold at gun shows and online. These were imported  back in 2007 and after the first batch, no more of these were al allowed lowed to be imported. It comes with import papers and English manual for sniper scope. The scope has the military ranger finder light up reticule, rubber eye piece, built in sun shade, and quick detach lever. Scope comes new in the box with batteries batteries installed, small screw driver, and small brush for cleaning the lens. Shipping: $15 USPS insured Starting bid price $180  NDM86 Scope Title: NDM-86 Sniper Scope w/ Metal Case SVD Dragunov 85 This scope was imported with the NDM-86 rifles from China. This includes everything you see in the picture. The NDM-86 scope has the same serial number as the m metal etal case. The carry case is in great condition and would be perfect for replacing a beat up unit or  one of the many NDM rifles rifles that came without tthe he case. In the box there is a small screw driver, wooden compartment that you can store extra pieces for the scope and the rubber  eye piece. Also included is the paperwork and manual manual for the scope. There are two problems with the the scope. First of all, the the eye piece has a very small small tare in the rubber that could easily be fixed for replaces wit with h another eye piece. Secondly, the inner lens in the scope has a small crack in it. I’ve been told that this this can be fixed and does not seem to have any effect effect on the optics. The IR screen switch still still works and fresh batteries were put into the scope and the reticule lights up just fine. This is a great chance to get both the scope and box to fix up the scope or use it for  replacement parts on your own scope. Shipping: $18 Starting bid price: $175 Russian PSO Title: Russian PSO-1 Accessory Pack SVD Dragunov This is a new accessory pack I bought back in the late 90’s and never used. This includes and extra not usually included, an extra battery cover for the scope that’s installed on the


cold weather module. This would be great if your scope is missing missing the cover or if you have one of the scopes that was converted converted over to AA battery. Included in this package is 4 replacement light bulbs, two rubber rubbe r switch covers, amber night lens, cold weather   battery module so that you can put p ut your battery in your pocket, and bak bakelite elite case for the small parts. Great replacement parts for the PSO-1 scopes that seem tto o now be on the market or extras for your Tiger or SVD. Shipping: $6 Starting bid price: $50 Samson Rail Title: Samson AK Quad K Rail Model 1 This is a brand new unit u nit that has never been installed on a rifle. Made of high qu quality ality hard coat anodized aluminum and fits together in a unique clamshell interlocking design. This is the best quad rail system made for the AK rifle rifle and counts as a US part. Will also work with AK74 rifles, Saigas, WASR rifles and many others. These retail new for  $250, this is a great chance to get one for less. Fits most AK-47's. Two piece design clamps to the barrel trunion area. Low upper rail with clearance slot for use of iron sight. Four 1913 mil spec rails for mounting all popular lights and accessories. Lower rail cut out for underfolder stock. Side clearance for side folding stock. Shipping: $15 Starting Bid price: $100


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